1. Nice chonky shapes! Love the bottom R one in the 2nd pic. Looks like a barrel.

  2. Christmas is in a few weeks. Put out the call before and after Christmas, for cardboard boxes. Post on neighborhood forums and other boards. You’ll have enough cardboard boxes to cover a city block in 24 hours.

  3. stunning work! What do you charge for one like this?

  4. Near Dark too! Most of the crew was in that movie.

  5. I wish it was available in California. Need better friends 😬

  6. I have never, ever had this kind of conversation (salary being held back until hire offer) where the salary ended up being adequate. Never. I’m literally here for the money because food isn’t free. 🤷‍♀️

  7. Deep, Portuguese and had that side scooped clean from surgery, opened all the sinuses ect, when I blow my nose boogers come out my eye. :)

  8. I had sinus surgery (which was awesome) and now I get air into my eye when I blow my nose too. Almost makes me want to take up smoking #CoolPartyTricks

  9. You’re all amazing! Wish you were in California!

  10. That’s fucking hysterical. 10/10 would buy from your store just because of this review 😂

  11. How is their mastokhiar and borany? Those are my Persian crack choices. I could eat them everyday.

  12. I bottlefed him on that blanket!

  13. I used to bottle-feed him on this blanket ❤️

  14. Fabulous! We just did a Mexico cruise, and it was perfect!

  15. Same. I bought my son one, and got myself a hot pink one too. Haven’t picked up my guitar since. It’s so much FUN to play!

  16. Happy upcoming holidays everyone!

  17. So much gaslighting she’s got Chevron on speed-dial.

  18. That would have paid off my mortgage, ensured my medical insurance for life, paid off my kids colleges, let me go back to teaching workshops, and let me retire early. And also start a few scholarships and finance other community projects.

  19. So, you live in a single wide mobile home, have short life expectancy, kids have one more semester in college and you already close to retirement age, like 60 y/o?

  20. I chose a mortgage over an expensive wedding. 😊

  21. One time I had a girl hit on me at a bar, friend of a friend. I was waiting for one of my female friends to show up. When she did we sat at a booth - I was on the wall looking back towards the bar.

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