1. When I lived in Anchorage I grew microgreens and leaf lettuce all winter long in the window and Basella all summer. Costs were pretty minimal. A bag of miracle grow soil, the cheapest 4' shoplight HD sold, and some closeout seeds. I don't even think I was using proper pots, I'm pretty sure I filled a bunch of used bussing tubs with the soil, threw on seeds, and just called it good.

  2. Buy secondhand! The thrift stores and FB marketplace here have so much available. And bonus, better for the earth.

  3. I can relate to your sentiment, they are such huge animals! (Also a recent transplant, from TX.)

  4. We took the train down and back last May and I vote ride Anchorage to Seward in Gold Star so you have the awesome windows, we loved it. The views were incredible. Also then you’re fresh for the trip rather than tired on the way back in the evening. I agree with whoever suggested taking a bus back, if that’s cheaper. We ride back Adventure Class and really just slept and ate because we had already seen the sights. We had a blast! I recommend it to everyone!

  5. I like it alot, it's quite fast, but both fins are necessary, I do recommend carrying a pillow with as rest because the backseats one is quite uncomfortable

  6. I like to switch them to “secret alert” when needed so that I still get a notification in my timeline that a window was opened or closed, but it doesn’t trigger the alarm. But you can open the windows before arming the alarm and the system will still work fine. I have had an alarm trigger from later closing a window while it’s armed though, so you might test that with your system before relying on it.

  7. I follow this person. All the dishes they make are chefs kiss super satisfying

  8. I missed it the first time around, but the video states it’s coconut milk and white (maybe plain?) gelatin. You’d just mix to the ratio on the gelatin packet, adding less liquid if you want it to be more firm. Then put it in the fridge!

  9. I think I heard it but didn’t feel it. Granted, I’ve never felt one before. 😂

  10. Thank you, I swear my brain just couldn’t sort it out last night. I ended up using meters/second over mph fractions to solve for the unknown mph.

  11. That’s what I got the first time too! But it’s not correct. I ended up figuring it out using meters/second over mph fractions.

  12. Ohhh, that’s where those sort of rings on the base come from

  13. The endless hiking, the crisp cold air, the views from any point in town, access to the water or the mountains, the food, the people. 🥰

  14. I just moved here a month ago and this list is pretty much all of my favorite things so far.

  15. Not any more or less than I didn’t before. :)

  16. Thanks for the suggestions, we will check those out. Which would you pick if you had to go with just one?

  17. This post doesn’t seem to have gotten as much attention as the last time it was asked but I think Benji’s was the overall favorite then. Have tried since then and it has my vote.

  18. Yeah I searched and ran across the old one but it had been a while so I figured I’d ask again. We tried Benji’s bc of it but didn’t really love it so I was wondering if things have changed since then. Their bahn mi was delicious though!

  19. Hey - I remember when you originally posted. Welcome to Alaska!

  20. Thanks! All helpful information. We're only going to bring what fits in our c-rv and want to rent a furnished place. We've noticed the rental and housing market is hot are still looking. No kids so schools aren't an issue, just need to be within 20 miles of Alaska Regional hospital. May I ask how you found the place your living? We've just been using zillow and trulia for the most part.

  21. I downloaded like five different apps (realtor, Zillow, Trulia, homes, apartments, etc) because some properties would show on one but not the other. I also found calling the listing/managing agent directly to be the most effective way to get information.

  22. my uncle is having the same issue since he has a pitbull. he’s trying to go from alaska to new york but the breed restriction doesn’t allow him to fly with his dog.is it possible you went to a vet in anchorage that filled your paperwork out?

  23. Hey I’m so sorry, I just saw this. No I was coming to Alaska from out of state. Now that I’ve done it I can say that during check in I had to sign a form affirming that he wasn’t one of those breeds, which I felt comfortable doing since he’s a mutt, but nobody verified anything. I’m guessing it’s a liability thing so that a passenger can’t hold the airline at fault if the dog were to have issues while flying.

  24. Seriously?! We’re moving up to Anchorage right now and I just cancelled my HF account last week because it wasn’t available lol

  25. Those black and yellow Costco containers are the best. They actually have a nickname “Alaskan Samsonite”

  26. No problem, I randomly stumbled upon it yesterday. Can’t help on what specific containers work best as I’m not a member of the club. I often see the heavy duty black totes with yellow tops from lowes/Home Depot. I’ve used the same type of tote in the past with GoldStreak. You can zip tie it which is nice, I leave extra new zip ties inside on the very top in case someone has to open it for inspection they can re-zip it after inspection.

  27. Oh nice, good call on the zip ties! I was looking for something with latches so it wouldn’t pop open but zip ties on a tote is genius. The totes are much more affordable and come in a wider variety of sizes.

  28. yeah i get you, the way i use my alarms is have the wake-up one on the stock alarm app so i can turn that off on my watch but deffo know it’s time to get up soon, then i have 15 mins before the actual alarmy one goes off, so i have the option of chilling in bed til then, or getting up and skipping the alarm if i’m fully awake - you’ll find a way that works for you!

  29. Wow, Alarmy is annoyingly effective lol. Thank you for the suggestion.

  30. Ah I like that suggestion, I’ll try that out for tomorrow morning and see how I like it. Thanks!

  31. i've been out of the game for a while, but where i worked if they lived within a certain number of blocks and did not have to cross a major road, there was no bus service, which was most of the school boundary. Kids need their snow gear for recess anyway. Most years they would send home some reflective tape to put on coats and backpacks.

  32. Oh that’s a good point about the snow gear. So wear it to get to school, use it for recess, and put it back on to go home.

  33. I walked all during elementary school and we lived about a mile and a quarter away.

  34. Oh wow that’s a decent hike. Did you walk with other kids or parents or anything?

  35. I wear my smartwool socks with short rain boots almost every day in the winter. you don’t need super warm snow boots unless your playing outside and plan to be out for hours, just waterproof shoes or rain boots. I do love my smartwool socks for everyday since they aren’t bulky and thick but keep my feet super warm.

  36. Oh ok thanks, good to know. I haven’t heard of smartwool, I’ll have to check those out. We got some 100% merino wool ones off Amazon and some of the thin sock liners to go under them.

  37. Oh! Haha! Well thin sounds nice because the ones we got are pretty bulky so I might still check them out haha. Thanks, that’s reassuring! We’re excited!

  38. Oh, maybe they thought your comment was racist.

  39. What’s racist about that question? I never said anything about “family owned” being a Mexican family (although it is), and the guy who replied to me never said anything about families owning Mexican restaurants obviously being Mexican.

  40. I didn’t take it that way but when I went to re-read it I could see how someone might misread it that way, as a generalization of Mexican families. I just commented to offer up my theory and possibly dispel the confusion.

  41. My overarching goals in life are to make an effort to leave things better than I found them and to enjoy life. To me this means to try and have a positive impact on people, places, and things regardless of the manner or magnitude of the impact, and includes myself because sometimes I’m the thing that gets a little better. And also to appreciate the people, places, and experiences life has to offer.

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