1. That 2003-04 drawn series was the first time we did not lose a series in Australia after a very long time. It really brought a lot of confidence that this team can actually travel well. India would have actually won that series if not for that fantastic innings from Steve Waugh on the last day.

  2. Yeah. Congratulations U19 Women's team. So proud of them. The future is definitely bright.

  3. Well! Their selection committee shakes faster than my blender. Nothing new.

  4. Intha tension yendhuku? Ask Chat GPT3 :)

  5. Just started 10 mins ago. Give me a couple of hours, will post my opinion :)

  6. Already comment petta ee kala khandam gurinchi :) Devuda. That was 2 hours of my life that I am not going to get back.

  7. Not the same, but Dennis Lille would actually walk up to the batsmen and point his head and tell them that he is aiming for that. You can see him visibly pointing in the documentary "Fire in Babylon". Cricket used to be such a gentleman's game those days :)

  8. Aapadbhaandhavudu lo kooda ee range emotions convey chesina scenes vunnayi but unfortunately the movie didn’t work out well. Chiru the actor always took a backseat in the process of becoming Chiru - The Mega Star. Even in his many routine mass movies, you will still see sparks of his acting prowess. Alannti output in extract cheyyadam director pani.

  9. Not that I hate PK but knowing the guy, is he really going to accept 40-50 minutes of screen time ? After seeing the remakes of Pink and Ayyapanum Koshiyum I have my doubts.

  10. Yeah. PK has slowly shifted to T20s and skipped ODIs in Cricketing terms. Easy gaa dates adjust cheyyachu and still gets elevated footage during his screen presence.

  11. Insert Balayya Babu dialog - "nee intikocha, nattintiki ocha". Lol.

  12. That SKY sweep shot went really close to the leg umpire and I love his reaction. He just basically shifted and did not give any expression at all. I guess international umpires develop the same awareness and sharpness as the players themselves (they need to be).

  13. The one day I decide to watch some Cricket and shit post here ,,,, fml. But this is good stuff from NZ.

  14. Because you mentioned Mani Ratnam movies, I'd say start with "Nayakudu", "Dalapathi", "Roja", "Geetanjali", "Anjali", "Mouna Ragam". Heck - all his movies were classics. He did lose his way towards the end of 90s where he did not update to the sensibilities of millennial crowd. Of course, we do have "Sakhi" which is another very good movie.

  15. Lol. Ee cinema OTT lo start chesi aa glorious graphics filled song choosthunna. Naa koduku vachi oke okka word - “WHY” ani adigaadu. Konchem mohamaata padi kattesaa. Malli saahasam cheyyaledhu :)

  16. Naa chinnappudu “Magaadu” ani oka Rajasrkhar cinema vachindhi. Home minister gets kidnapped and he rescues them. Aa rojullo out & out action entertainer ante adhi.

  17. I thought there was water under the bridge :)

  18. “Abba dabba jabba” = apology. Fans r happy :)

  19. 2004 Super Bowl live telecast lo Janet Jackson incident ayyaka TV channels intentional gaa oka 10 seconds delay add chesaaru live telecast lo. High time they do that for all future Balayya live speeches.

  20. In the history of Indian cinema, there is no scene that beats this elevation. No fancy explosion, no shirtless exposure, no big budget setpieces.

  21. Man! That was the OG elevation scene. Copied one way or another in many other movies to follow. Eg: Master (same director) has a similar scene.

  22. Have watched okadu multiple instances in television but courtesy the re-release, the cinematic experience during the mentioned scene , peaks bhayya nijam ga, makes me wonder first time scene chusina valla reaction ela unde ani

  23. Yeah. Appatlo YT, Insta, Twitter levu, online review ante Idlebrain Jeevi review anthe. Memu adhi kooda choodaledhu and minimal expectations tho vellam yendhukante Bob previous movie (Bobby) flop ayyindhi, and more importantly Guna Mrugaraju ane oka kala khandam ichaadu. But my God, that sequence set the tone for the rest of the movie. Sahasam Swasa gaa song ki Mani ichina BGM/tune ayithe ultimate. Ee cinema ki Mani Sharma silent hero.

  24. ngl, SRK ni ee Pathan movie lo choosthe Salt Bae gaadi laaga vunnadu :)

  25. Early 2000 lo Chiru Daddy cinema chesthe andharro yemi age ayipoyindhi Boss ki ani reject chesaaru. Ventane formula ki velli Dayi Dayi Dama ani Indra tho vasthe bumper hit ayyindhi. Inka Drushyam cinema lo Venki age appropriate gaa 2 ammayila thandri gaa chesaadu and it worked. Basic gaa heroes try cheyyaru ani kaadhu, vache directors same mass masala stories thechukoni vasthaaru or safe ani remakes pick chesthaaru. I blame the script writers too and the producers demanding repeat formulaic movies to play it safe.

  26. Face ni cgi cheyalsina paristhiti vasthe movie cheyyakunda undatame better.

  27. Unfortunately, ee cgi technique vachaaka inkaa bhayam vesthondhi. Our heroes in TFI will be practically ageless. 2030 Sankranti clash kooda NBK (Veera Samara Puli Reddy) vs Chiru (Kakinada Katraaju) madhyane vuntundhi ani naa gatti nammakam.

  28. And a clone of a clone (from LaabuBot).

  29. Inb4 TV9 will call him to their studio to discuss these Tweets.

  30. Lol. My son didn’t even realize she was in the movie until he saw the end credits song :)

  31. Actual gaa ee thread title ni reverse chesthe inkaa baaguntundhi. Like “which movie romantic track in Telugu movies did you feel natural & heart touching”? I bet you will find fewer than these routine mass/college based love tracks.

  32. Basically all Puri Jagannath movies.

  33. Yeah. Puri has wretched sensibilities when it comes to portraying love or romance. Annoying ani koodaa analemu, actual gaa konchem disturbing vuntundhi.

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