1. The lip and tongue tie affect reflux (can’t latch well and swallows extra air) and the head tilt etc. I would see a pediatric dentist for another opinion! But your not doing anything wrong, it’s a very common thing.

  2. Prepare for big emotions from both of you. My girls are almost 16 months apart. I cried the whole first week postpartum bc I missed it just being me and my toddler. It took about a month for a new routine to form, it was easier for us to go from 1 to 2 kids. Be kind to yourself 🤍

  3. I know you have the app but their Instagram is very helpful with more videos and other information @solidstarts

  4. My first baby also didn’t enjoy taking steps with help, until after 11 months for sure. We got her a push walker toy, and she walked a week after her first birthday. I never wanted her to be in an actual walker toy knowing that she will when she’s ready

  5. I’ve had this with both babies postpartum! For different reasons but it did pass with some time. The first week was extremely hormonal for me

  6. I changed my toddler into a “big sister” tshirt and just waited for family to notice lol

  7. Yes it comes on suddenly and then leaves. I’ve been doing a lot of self work and trying to learn to calm down. My ADHD also plays into this. I do mindful exercises with my 5yo every day because I can see my lack of coping skills in her as well and it makes me sad. I think I’ve always been someone with big feelings and my parents didn’t know how to help me learn to cope. It was never an issue until I had kids. Now I have 3 5 and under. I usually get rage when I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

  8. How long is your flight? Will you need a car seat at your destination ?

  9. Flight is 3.5 hours and definitely will need the car seat. Moving across country and my husband is already there starting work. I was going to check it but now I’m worried about safety.

  10. Hmm it is safer but it depends on your kiddo too, will they be ok to be sitting for majority of flight ? If so I would check it. We just flew with two kids, two car seats. Pain in the ass but there was two of us. My almost two year old was content and slept fine in there

  11. I just follow babies lead but it’s so hard! Have a seven month old who only drinks formula now but she is still waking every couple hours at least for a bottle.

  12. I started with goat milk holle (Swedish) but found it to be constipating for my baby. I’m using kendamil now which is actually sold in the US now it’s baby has been doing better with it! It’s also pretty clean ingredients.

  13. I only ever used it for water because I'm way too lazy to clean a straw on the daily. But make sure that when you replace the straw after cleaning you give it a little tug to make sure the little flappy thing (I have no idea what to call it) is securely in place and so that the straw is snug. I think that part is to de-pressurize the whole bottle, which might help with the spewing issue.

  14. Yes this! There’s a little rubber component that needs to attach inside for it not to leak. Who knows what it’s called 😂

  15. Both my kids had posterior ties lasered with pediatric dentist. My first became boob obsessed afterwards lol she wouldn’t take a bottle til she turned almost one. My second I’m glad we released it but she’s formula fed now! Listen to your gut. Pediatricians don’t know much about them tbh and don’t seem to care to learn more.

  16. A lot of car seats come with bases, so purchase two bases and your good :)

  17. Lots of infants don’t like them for multiple reasons. Most grow out of it. In our case we ended up switching to convertible seat around 5 months. Infant bucket seats cause a bit of strain and if they have reflux it can make it worse since it’s a C shape seat. Convertible seats are a bit more comfortable because their body is at an L shape. Hang in there! When baby is bigger toys will help too

  18. Look into European formula. Kendamil was just approved to be sold in the United States, I’ve been able to purchase from target. My organic company is a legit online store that ships to United States.

  19. I had oversupply with my first baby. Once she got her lip and tongue tie corrected she only wanted to breastfeed and I swear that first week my supply leveled out, I quit pumping and she breastfeed until almost one year. (This was at five months)

  20. Sort of depends on how your baby tolerates the car seat? With my first baby It was doable with frequent stops. With my second? She’s seven months and most days still doesn’t like the car seat so no way would I ever consider with her.

  21. Start slow. I’m talking sitting next to each other without phones and maybe snuggling for a bit or random acts of affection with effort during the day throughout the week. The rest will follow.

  22. The fact that you are there with her, she knows 💕 if it gets to be too much for you, you can set her down and leave for a few minutes to take a deep breath and chill out and come get baby again. It does pass. Hang in there!

  23. Kendamil is a European brand that has just been approved to be sold in the US. Target sells it with fast shipping. I’m using that now and was previously using Little Oak from New Zealand it’s a goat milk based formula.

  24. I found that millie moon runs a size large. Both my kids were tall and skinny though!

  25. If wife is trying to primarily breastfeed, let baby nurse or you can bottle feed and wife would pump for that “missed nursing session”. It’s exhausting in the first days and weeks getting the hang of it all

  26. I have a almost two year old, seven month old and a dog. The second time around I’ve found it to be easier to accept lived in as normal. I declutter twice a day. Sometimes during nap, always before I go to bed! These Instagram bloggers just post picture perfect lives - not real life! You are normal.

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