The SEC reports went straight to the trash bin

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  1. They tell lies by omission, which also get picked up by Fox News

  2. So I would love to hear from all the people constantly blaming everything and anyone other than police.

  3. Why you got such a hard on for this Danny Golden character? Seems very personal? Did he jam you up?

  4. He's just another example that cops lie, and it's worse than people think.

  5. The strategy here is to open up websites that give an authentic local newspaper feel. People are more inclined to trust something local rather than something national


  7. There was a recent article that told who was behind the fake newspapers…unfortunately I can recall who published it,


  9. It’s not just the financial and judicial systems either. I think a lot of people have woke up to it

  10. Mine comes from hydro, mainly. Well, the super expensive stuff thats left after we have to bail out the EU.

  11. You can't look at Ukraine now and say some of that concern wasn't plausible.

  12. If you had left her alone you wouldn’t have been arrested and been such a cop hater. Blame yourself.

  13. Keep talking you're showing people exactly who supports them.

  14. It took a vote, to fire a guy over 4 years after it happened. Something is broken

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