1. Looks identical to my MIL old Toyota Corolla

  2. Sry of this is a dumb question, will her situation be investigated by anyone?

  3. My grandfathers name is Boyd, and his brother is named Guy. I’ve always thought it was funny

  4. My MIL maiden name is Boyd (she’s Irish) and it’s one of my husbands middle names

  5. Grew up with a boy named Monday Have a relative named Dorta A friend who’s sons name is Beowulf

  6. I’m desperate to get my prescription for my meds filled. Thank you for your kindness❣️

  7. I have a Zoë Lynn Shiloh❣️ Congrats mama!

  8. This would help me get my medications that I desperately need but have no money for. I posted a few days ago asking for help but all I’ve gotten is requests for nudes and spam 😔This is such a kind offer, thank you for being generous.

  9. Wow, they did a fantastic job! Can I ask what size you were and what size you went down to? This is on my bucket list someday, sigh!

  10. I immediately thought of it as the chorus from the OutKast song “hey ya”.

  11. Agreed. I tried giving him some cold medicine, Tylenol, throat lounges. Offered to make him tea with honey for his throat. Told him he should go to urgent care. He didn't do any of it.

  12. Also too sick to get the kids to make some homemade cards! NTA! Sorry OP HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎁🥂

  13. Not quite NSFW. We once had a dude who left his room naked in the middle of the night and wandered the hallway for 5 mins before entering the wrong room and climbing in to bed with a 12 year old boy. Mother comes down to the desk screaming at us. Cops rock up because obviously it's incredibly sus. Pull up the CCTV and you can just tell from the way he's moving that something isn't right. Turns out he's a terrible sleep walker and is meant to take medication but had forgotten it this trip. Never have I been more out-of-depth in my customer service career than when that mother came to the front desk.

  14. How did he get into their room without a key?

  15. Thank you, I did look into filing separate but CRA works differently and I can’t until previous yrs are filed

  16. Have you tried the GoodRx app? It has coupons for medication that most pharmacy’s take. Check it out if you haven’t, it’s legit!

  17. Thank you, I’m in Canada and it’s not accepted here

  18. Time to unfriend her, that’s completely unacceptable behaviour!

  19. Does anyone else see the face & hand of a baby in the blood on her shirt in the 2nd pic?

  20. Did he murder them for the contents of the safe? What was in the safe that was in the fire? Another excellent post, thank you!

  21. NTA! It’s not like she’s going to be there long term. Realistically she may do the stairs 2-4 times a day? It’s good exercise (since she has no issues). And as you said all this Was mentioned before they arrived. Asking you to switch makes them the assholes!

  22. YTA! It’s a small friendly dog & it’s only for a week! Your child will most likely have lots of fun playing with the dog and I’m sure dog dad will have his own dog friendly plans and places to visit solo.

  23. Looks like they deleted the image. I saved it, but can’t post pics in this subreddit

  24. You must have chat turned off, and when I went to your profile and tried to DM you, it only lets me include a link. No way to upload a pic from my phone.

  25. January 20th, 2020. I was 14 and staying with my mom for the weekend. My mom and dad had split custody and she was taking me back to his place the next morning. I went outside around 2-ish in the morning to get my phone charger out of her car (you know, very important for a Barbie movie marathon) and heard something rustling in the bushes. We have feral cats everywhere outside her house (seriously, I think we took in over 10 during my childhood, I still have one we rescued when I was six). So of course, I'm like ok there are probably cats in the bushes, but it sounded much larger than cats, so I hurried back inside worried it was a bear or something. Never told mom about it, because we were both safe inside. Anyway, the next morning we go out to the car, and she drives me back to my dad's. I spend the day at my dad's, and when I wake up the next morning there's a cop at our door. My mom had been murdered the day after she dropped me off at my dad's. The "bear" or "cats" in the bushes was my mom's ex-boyfriend, who had been hiding in the bushes for DAYS at her house. I think the worst part of everything is that it was so targeted. He could've killed me, but he only wanted to kill my mom. Who, by the way, was 4 months pregnant with his kid. Still can't get over that one.

  26. How horrific, sry for your loss❣️

  27. Ok I have one. There was once this long-abandoned Winnebago next to a really cool rusted-out Beetle (engine missing) off the side of the road. My GF, her sister and I took some pictures with the Beetle on my digital camera, just having fun posing and whatnot.

  28. I want to have an animal rescue 🐾♥️ Thank you for your kindness!

  29. Does she not have any family (other than her 2 kids) parents, siblings, anybody?

  30. Getting a mammogram! Having your tit squashed completely flat fucking hurts bad!

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