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Acer reveals Intel arc Predator BiFrost GPU.

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  1. Mines in better nick but going that way. I will be wearing it on the day I can answer the call!

  2. For real though, it’s kinda weird how much we’ve normalized getting revenge on guys just for breaking up.

  3. In the context of this post, It's not weird for a young 10 year old boy sticking up for his crying sister. That's natural. In my eyes its mandatory.

  4. Google 5800x3d owners club and you will find an post . That's your bible on this CPU, read it.

  5. This just made me think back to the list of bullshit Russia has done in recent years:

  6. I don't know I if would be dropping a 1000 on a RDNA2 when RDN3 is month away.

  7. Not had a problem windows 11 latest system fully updated

  8. Meanwhile, they added a new "Feature", adjusting all other ground vehicles to be slower than this just before it goes on sale

  9. Learn to understand why they are doing this - rather than seeing it as an attack.

  10. Zen 4 3D V-cache is less than 1 year away from your 2 year guess.

  11. I said I that five months ago. When everyone knew less. Point still stands.

  12. Tell you what mate, you can stick that right up where the sun doesn't shine and get a life. Twat

  13. I would like bombs on ships with external missiles like the Gladius. Would love to have the option to become a fighter/bomber at the cost of missiles.

  14. All ships, that have missile racks, should be able to mount bombs, as well as rockets and any other type of rack-mounted fuel/weapon/ewar pod.

  15. multi tool (3 attachments tractor, cutter) med pen, & flares?

  16. They should make challenges or missions strictly in one mode.

  17. hey! on the second tab of the pbo tuner 2, what are the default values? Or there's a way to reset?

  18. You can see original values once you're in the app. Write them down

  19. All these comments when it's just there. Raw.

  20. That's some deal 32gb ddr5 free with your CPU. Never get that in UK

  21. Thanks for the advice. Do you think upgrading from the rx 6700xt is worth it? I’m getting lower fps then desired in a lot of titles.

  22. Before you buy an unnecessary upgrade . Also remember RDNA3 is round the corner. next month

  23. Incorrect, these are the codes for with and with out box

  24. Okay so I live in Central/Eastern Europe and found tons of these CPUs for sale in local shops.

  25. There are a good amount of SC ships which are "straight rips offs" as you call it of other ships from elite and eve. Many take influences from the SCIFI genre.

  26. No you can't. ECO mode isn't available for the 5800X3D.

  27. You can set limits in the bios and also use PBO Tuner

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