1. “Even times that don't seem like much will be your only crutch when you're alone. Time moves slow when you're seventeen and then it picks up steam at twenty-one. Pretty soon you'll remember when you could remember when you loved someone”

  2. Think I blocked just a park away, but I can't really say, it's been all night.

  3. My undergrad is CS so I wanted to diversify a little.

  4. Anyone who is a fan of his would’ve known about the tour anyway? So not sure what point you’re making

  5. It’s absolutely completely unrealistic to expect JOHN MAYER to play small venues. The demand for tickets is already through the roof for stadiums/arenas. A small, personal venue would have all tickets over thousands of dollars and be completely out of reach for normal fans. It’s wild that people are trying to say he’s going for a “cash grab” when he’s just trying to be able to play music for his fans.

  6. God he’s so handsome and talented

  7. Judging by your name I wouldn’t expect you to be a Mayer man, but now I respect you even more. Keep it up my guy.

  8. No. N1 was rough to start brushing off rust. N2 was insane and N3 was otherworldly. Stop being that guy.

  9. Disclaimer that I am mostly talking about John, Jeff and Oteil. I think Bobby is struggling in his old age despite being a legend and Jay can make up for Billy and Mickey on his own. If a new band made up of John, Jeff, Oteil and Jay was formed I’d fuck with it.

  10. Do we get a “listen to Chimenti play”?

  11. I’m in the “motherfuckers crime” camp. Just seems funnier to me

  12. I’d venture to say almost all of them.

  13. Math is for losers. You’ll be fine

  14. Keep playing and using different builds.

  15. Kings bible. Period. Get it and upgrade it asap. I didn’t get my first stage clear until I used the Bible

  16. Worst podcast ever. I used to love the show in the beginning (when it was Sofia and Alex, but Alex backstabbed her supposed best friend and made a deal with Barstool behind her back). I can't stand Alex Cooper. She's a bad person. John carried the interview from the clips that I've seen because Alex is a terrible interviewer. I refuse to give it an actual listen because the host is so morally bankrupt. I am disappointed that John did the interview but understand that he's trying to win over a younger crowd who probably hates him because of Taylor Swift.

  17. I don’t think it has anything to do with him trying to win people over, and he also addresses in the interview he doesn’t care about the randos on the internet that spew garbage. This interview happened bc Alex is a good friend of Cazzie David who is a good friend of Johns. In the interview they say that Alex had to beg him and that they debated about it for a while before John agreed

  18. My main point is that Alex Cooper is the ultimate pick-me mean girl. I'm disappointed that John would go on her show.

  19. I get it - I don’t like her either, but it seemed like a favor for a friend which is not something I’m surprised John would do

  20. Justin Herbert. Absolutely fucked me this year with multiple less than 15 point games. Had at least 5 losses by less than 10 points that can be solely attributed to him, including first round of playoffs. Maybe he’ll end up QB1 next year but I will never go near him again

  21. Holy shit, hiding in an unlisted YouTube video. Great find thank you for sharing

  22. Fuck Justin herbert he fucked me all year he’s on my blacklist forever now

  23. Yes, John Mayer is very, very good at writing songs.

  24. Which 2 out of Pittman, DPJ and Chris Moore?

  25. I have the exact same tree topper. Every year since 2013

  26. Don’t be sorry Dark Star sucks

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