1. RAM holds no storage, so this is fine if i dont see it

  2. First assignment was Kunsan. When I got there I was told to watch out for staff cars, I'd know if I saw the license plate and they didnt go into detail beyond that. So walking down the street to work I see a car, see a single large number on the license plate and salute... turns out it was a K-9 unit car, had assumed it listed O-9 at first.

  3. Can change the official AF nomenclature to "spinny HD?"

  4. the real name for the spinny wheel is "throbber"

  5. Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?

  6. Have you heard of Max Impact? Their early work was a little cringe, but when American Airman came out in 2015, they've really come into their own artistically.

  7. tell him you have a ssgt not shutting the hell up distracting people so you understand

  8. Is it better on comm's computers? I understand this meme, can't help to think that they've got it better.

  9. In some cases we might have it worse

  10. Right after the Air Force cuts off all my limbs and dunks me in lava.

  11. if you want to go into the city at all, take the tram. super convenient

  12. what's the diff between blocked and locked?

  13. Locked, comm can fix it remotely and takes little effort over the phone. Blocked, MPF has to physically fix your card

  14. It is a group policy setting so it would need to be routed via a ticket above the base… get transferred multiple times… then inevitably someone says they can’t change it… it gets routed back to the base and sat on for another 2 weeks and maybe they will let you know..

  15. our only hope is that enough bases send these tickets

  16. i think i touched the book once, 802 lol

  17. The audio engine does sound better, I wish they would increase the max volume so that I can actually drive bigger headphones without going through amps. The current max volume on + and 2014 are so quiet when compared to other programs

  18. Did you give them this feedback? It is a beta.

  19. Wish I knew where, they hardly advertise such a feedback system

  20. Tucking with side zip boots = master play

  21. Computer get reimaged by comm. Lost all my people's most recent EPR drafts. Had to do some parts over.

  22. Usually you sign a form saying you acknowledge we erase it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. You think so? I haven’t seen the recent Aphra stuff with him in it but the descriptions of Hammerhead make it seem like a new random character similar to Greef. Plus Durge teaming up with Boba doesn’t sound much like Durge. I would love to see him in live action though, ideally as a tertiary antagonist that’s just the muscle for the actual big bad.

  24. yup, Durge famously hated Mandalorians

  25. If you have Verizon you can pause your contract and not pay a dime until you get back. T-Mobile you can migrate pretty easily since they have one in the BX there.

  26. Try your best not to get screwed over by your Finance. Had seen plenty of Guard dudes get boned because their finance wasnt paying all the amenities you should be getting. (COLA, BAH, etc)

  27. 4 years and still A1C? either different times or somethin happened lol

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