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  1. I think this has been official for a while now. The last time a Presidents trophy winner won the whole thing was when the Blackhawks won in 2013.

  2. And wasn't that the Blackhawks team that had the scandal?

  3. Fbref is awesome and anytime some of you see me talk about stats (most recently on the dean Henderson post) this is where I get those numbers

  4. I bloody love it. Only discovered it this year. If there's a better fit start website, I haven't seen it. I do wish they would use some of the data to create a decagon-style wheel for the players. The numbers are fantastic, but I'd love to see more diagram representation.

  5. I also wish when you compared players you could compare their graphs like those you shared in the pictures but it's just the raw numbers

  6. Second rhinehaus. I used to work there so I'm biased but it's the og soccer bar in the city

  7. Ref forgot his cards today apparently. We looked a little sloppy there in the middle of the half but I'm pleased overall. I hope joelinton is alright.

  8. Liverpool supporter at the bar I'm at tried to tell me we wouldn't have any trophies for at least 15 years. Lol

  9. Lol someone on the US soccer sub tried to say we wouldn't be trying (trying to convince themselves Leeds would be safe) since we have nothing to play for. I set them straight and I'm glad to be vindicated by the team sheet. HWTL

  10. I'm waiting to hear if I got into Columbia, if I do I'll be with you guys basically every week next season :)

  11. I mean Jesus Christ dude people don't publish allegations like this just because. Take your tongue out of his asshole for 3 seconds and stop being such a fucking weirdo about this.

  12. Lol, funny that even your wife beating ass is coming in here to milk the drama

  13. Lmao I'm assuming you are saying that because you're a fucking moron and to you, you making unfounded accusations against some nobody (who is neither married or abusive) on reddit is the same as journalists following a story about a famously shitty man who also is the richest person on earth. I am begging you, for your own good and for the good of everyone who has ever interacted with you, to please take a shower and touch grass for the first time since grade school.

  14. He also just caught a Trevor story grand slam ball on the monster a few minutes ago lol

  15. I thought the zone was a little big early on but it's been consistent at least

  16. Anyone got tips or recommendations for someone going to their first ever FC Cincy game?

  17. All bets are off for teams with nothing to play for though. They may or may not make an effort. But yeah the way Leeds have looked them beating anybody is a big ask.

  18. Eddie Howe isn't the type to phone it in, especially when Newcastle can still get 10th with other results going our way. Expect a normal first team and going for it like nothing is different from Newcastle Sunday. I'd be shocked if it wasn't that way.

  19. Crystal palace blowing that match sucks but is definitely good for us. 10th would be miraculous.

  20. Everton because it will be hilarious if they get relegated

  21. I'd rather sign trex boy than Gareth Bale which is to say no fucking chance

  22. If this is a backup with potential to become the starter whenever dubs finally moves on, fine. If this is straight up replacing dubs I'm not for it. Dubs was the reason we stayed in contact with the league before the takeover, winning us points by himself in the dark days of the first 40% of the season.

  23. That’s a bummer. Newcastle is my Premier League team. Would’ve cool to get to see them.

  24. I can see lascelles, Sean, and miggy all moved on from personally but I agree on most of this. I also think most/all of the new signings need to be young guys who we plan to build around as the squad turns over

  25. The young guys thing and the academy are essentials. We should be guaranteeing our future on all fronts and having a good turn out of young players a la Real/Masía/Ajax/Portuguese clubs.

  26. That's where ashworth's value is. He is the infrastructure god.

  27. The only pitch I saw was the last strike on Jose Ramirez. You're welcome everyone.

  28. I live in Cincinnati. I wonder if this is covid related, cases are starting to really ramp up here again and thats one reason I can see it just being scrapped with little notice. Complete guess on my part so take it for what it is, but based on how fast cases are rising here and elsewhere in Ohio that would make sense for me.

  29. Same. Burn, then Bruno who seems to have helped Joe with some Brazilian company. Then Targett. All quality though. Imagine if tripper stayed healthy

  30. Definitely. It would be Bruno no doubt if he came in at the beginning of the window, and even then it's a close call lol

  31. Great backup defender, but we need another wingback/full back on par with Trippier.

  32. I just think attackers are a more serious need and they will cost a lot more. We solidified the defense, now we need the goals to start raining. I think Targett is serviceable for a year at least while we focus up front, but in the long term I agree he isn't good enough to be a UCL level starter. Excellent backup though

  33. My favorite non English language movie ever. It is exceptional.

  34. I live in Cincinnati. It’s a medium-sized city in the middle of the country, generally considered to be a culturally barren part of the US. It’s not particularly exciting (no beaches, and it certainly doesn’t inspire awe like NYC or LA), but it’s a nice place to live and there is a growing love for the sport around here. We hosted Crystal Palace as a part of their summer tour a few years back and sold out a 35k seater stadium as they played our local club.

  35. Well at least it’s a short drive to, uh, never mind.

  36. Cincinnati is within 2 hours of Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Dayton, and Columbus

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