1. we loose more birds due to cats tho. If it was really about the birds we'd focus on cats

  2. I need to print something out to show my doctors. Pretty sure they're only scared of liability because otherwise there's no reason I need to wear a mask.

  3. They are scared of the state medical board, especially in California.

  4. I'm not in commiefornia though. But I'll check on the medical board for sure.

  5. You can park in front of the police station and have it stolen.

  6. Takes only minutes to hack through the pipes and off they go to the next victim

  7. Is it not racist to assume all or most looters are PoC?

  8. Denomination just means we have a name. I understand the protestant connotation, but there's no need to dismiss the term entirely.

  9. It doesn't have to have all that though, does it? I'm sure many people would be thrilled with some sort of small apartment setup with a few shared bathrooms per floor, sort of a dorm room setup with a kitchen (or not?). We need more dense housing that is also affordable.

  10. Straight up horrifying. One wonders if there are actual bribes involved. What are the parents thinking/doing when they walk those nasty streets, smelling urine, weed and excrement and seeing addicts wandering around and the homeless population laid out on the streets??

  11. They're not gaffes. He doesn't understand what he's supposed to do and say. And not do or refrain from saying.

  12. Very true, but based on recent events even supposed "valid studies" are often questionable.

  13. The data just isn't trustworthy. We're missing a few numbers and we'll never have them. Such as the people who had the virus, never had symptoms and never sought medical care. Nor will we ever have the number of people who died WITH the virus but not FROM the virus.

  14. The Pope chilled out in France for a long time. He's what matters.

  15. It is only a small question whether all of them were chilling, or really only the first one.

  16. I don’t disagree with you but wouldn’t the other side say the same thing about us? I guess I’m kinda in the middle when it comes to politics. I’d be all in on republicans if it wasn’t for the religious BS that’s shoved down our throats.

  17. I never said the church should change their rules? I just said you could argue that maybe a priest should’ve done someone if someone said they were, for example, going to commit a terrorist attack. Completely hypothetical and extreme. You can have that opinion while also considering what the church says.

  18. You don't go to confession for things you haven't done. You go AFTER you've already done it.

  19. Uh…yes. I agree. I was using hypotheticals…because OP did…

  20. Very sad and tragic story. Why doesn't God intervene? I don't know. Why do children get cancer and die? Why do people die from accident or murders?

  21. This is worse than cancer or getting murdered though. We all die one day, but we aren't isolated in a dark room for 25 years living in our own feces and bugs crawling everywhere

  22. It's okay to just say, I am not sure how many times, and make your best guess at a number. Everything you've said is nothing new or unique to the priest. Start with the sin you're most afraid to confess, the porn and masturbation. The rest will be easier. Not to downplay your sins but some of us have done it every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for years. So don't think you're a hopeless case or something.

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