1. as an alaskan, we take pride in him. we don’t have much else lol. except like, carlos boozer

  2. JT Thor is looking pretty serviceable for the Hornets now. Daishen Nix though... a bad player for a terrible Rockets. And he had a ton of promise and was born and raised here too.

  3. Wow too bad Oliver Stone couldn't deliver this Doors film for us.

  4. List of advertising actors/characters I would have put to death this holiday season for national morale:

  5. He doesn’t have the money. He wants to put his face on the project for less known buyers.

  6. He doesn't even have MLS team ownership money lol. And that's with his already rich wife!

  7. Last time bear tooth showed nearly every game that started at 10 am or later and it was amazing. But I have yet to hear if they'll be playing anything this time around so it's not looking good. Hopefully they'll at least show the US games or knockout stages. Pretty much every sports bar opens at 11 and games start at 10 at the latest so you'd only get to watch less than a half.

  8. big metro area = large hispanic population that is majorly barcelona. alternatively, the further away from mexico you are, the more soccer = beckham and time is stuck in 2000s. the only surprising one is utah tbh.

  9. That's why I'm surprised that it's all Barcelona and not one Real Madrid state. Anecdotally, most Hispanics I've interacted with were Madrid supporters, which makes sense considering the Hugo Sanchez connection.

  10. No Asian has ever been in top 10? Is that surprising? I don’t know

  11. I understand for footballing purposes that Turkey is Europe, but Yildıray Baştürk finished 9th in voting in 2002

  12. I love Orson Welles hating on Landis, he also said Landis called him on the day he was indicted for killing Vic Morrow on set and still had the nerve to offer him advice. "[He] won't leave me alone. Keeps phoning me and giving advice on how to make the movie. In a very patronizing way. Everything he says is dumb!"

  13. Orson Welles may think he knows a thing or two, but if he really wanted to get away with decapitating two 6 year old girls and a stunt man, who do you think he would call?

  14. Thinking that black and white thinking during conflict is a modern thing would be stupid enough. Simultaneously labelling Marvel movies the reason is impressively r-slurred.

  15. Yeah I was gonna say, 60 years ago the biggest movie was doctor Zhivago and 20 years ago it was lord of the rings, where was this supposed nuance then to stop the us from getting involved in even more heinous and pointless wars.

  16. It makes more sense if you consider that Las Vegas was built more by Mormons than Cosa Nostra

  17. I die a little each time Cory Doctorow gets it right time and time again.

  18. The areas outside of Haines and Skagway are in my opinion the most beautiful place I've seen on the road. I believe it's called the "Golden circle route." It's doable via car but you'd need to take a ferry from Haines to Skagway or vice versa. It also crosses through Canada, in fact the nicest parts are on the Canadian side.

  19. Try again, I don't see one can of sardines or other tinned fish

  20. The problem with octopus is it’s not even that good. If it were delicious and smart, like pig, I’d eat it anyway, but eating octopus seems pointlessly mean.

  21. Coming from subsistence whaling community myself, this is exactly how I feel about whale.

  22. Natives can still hunt cranes up here. They’re supposed to be delicious

  23. Ribeye of the sky. It's open to everyone, I believe you just need a duck stamp but there might be a draw or nonresident limit.

  24. The 2nd largest agricultural exporter in the world and 1st in Europe is also one of, if not the, most bikable countries on the planet.

  25. May Allah awaken the people, and help them to see, the evil-doings of Israel, AND the United States

  26. Baby shark is Korean though. Which I guess when you think about it, they are the greatest capitalist infidels of all

  27. The recent Oscar Wilde movie handwaves the pedarasty thing very grossly too. It shows that Wilde has a relationship with an impoverished young male with a much younger brother that he's taking care of. Before he fucks the older brother he tells the younger brother a bedtime story, The Happy Prince, the same story he read to his own sons. Like the implication is he's helping out this rentboy take care of his brother, and he'd dare not do anything to the child because he's like his own son. Also this is only when he's old and impoverished after the humiliation of his prison sentence. Before when he still had his wealthy boyfriend funding everything in Italy, he only had consensual relations with strong Mediterranean men under the auspices of their wives.

  28. Isn't Grand Rapids super Christian and Republican? I grew up an hour east and remember being weirded out by that. Decent city though, from the few times I've gone.

  29. Yeah if Paul Schrader films are anything to go by, it's a strict First Reformed kind of place

  30. Inupiat people hit their drums on the bottom while Yupik people hit their drums on the top.

  31. In his memoir ‘Hard R Git’ he explains his process of coming up with the slurs first then writing a story and characters around them

  32. And Nathan's always had a thing for Armenians. Seriously every other episode of Nathan for you har an Armenian business owner

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