1. Awesome! I still own my green ranger figure but i lost the dragon shield

  2. To be honest, the original can't be copied. I was glad they didn't include them

  3. He can be revived, like with magic, or something like that

  4. I almost regret that i watched it entirely. Worst than ghost tbh

  5. You should write an essay about it and show it to your teacher

  6. What country do you live in? As for europes i've seen plenty of stores with those sizes. Too bad i'd need one in XXL and can't find it anywhere worldwide..

  7. actually i've already found a store in europe that has all sizes i can dm you a link

  8. I used to collect autographs from Football (soccer) players and i got them for FREE. I was kind of shocked when i discovered that american actors actually charge you something, but i've never seen it to be THIS high, this is just insane. Most other guys charge you like 5-30 bucks

  9. If he was smart he still gets royalities

  10. I guess they would have recoloured the falcon zord just like they recoloured the white kakuranger zord to be pink

  11. VLC runs all of the subs i am watching without installing anything more additional than that

  12. Always a pleasure to be there :)

  13. There were presales and now is the proper sale. I am sorry to hear you don't get to see them at least standing, this happens, especially with big bands.. I am still thinking of buy some but i don't want to sit either, so i guess i wont see them next year or anytime soon

  14. There are bands out there claling themselves metal but sound less metal than slipknot though

  15. I remember when there were entire stores just for bootleg stuff out there in my hometown and we used to buy bootleg pokemon, digimon and dragonball stuff because it was goddamn cheap

  16. Red Flag, Hive mind, Prelude 3.0

  17. They don't seem to care anymore and just want to milk as much as possible

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