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  1. I wouldn't say these are the countries people in Brazil want to visit the most in Latin America, but a lot of us travel to either Paraguay or Argentina. Paraguay to shop for themselves or their stores, and Argentina because, besides being close and somewhat cheap, as a destination, it has a lot of things that we as a people like and enjoy: good food, wine, and some pretty cool places to visit.

  2. Both of her album covers are my absolute favorite of all time. Ctrl's captured its visual and sonic identity perfectly. Now SOS's is just breathtakingly beautifully. I can already tell my bedroom will be looking just like that ocean with all of the tears I will be crying to this album.

  3. Lugar muito gostoso mesmo. Não sei porque ficar comparando a praia, devia ser normal só poder tomar sol em praça.

  4. Azealia banks do your thing

  5. R&B singer August Alsina apparently came out as bisexual and introduced his new boyfriend to the world on Surreal Life.

  6. Literally the only time I’ll bring this fucker up, but Elon Musk will reinstate Trump after being banned from Twitter-after he committed an insurrection by the way.

  7. Maluma - who is featured on this year's FIFA World Cup anthem - walked out of a live interview with an Israeli news station.

  8. I hope his career ends with this. Of course you can enjoy soccer and the World Cup as an event, but not at the expense of people's basic human rights. Qatar still has slave labor, laws that keep women, LGBTQIA+ citizens and other minorities from having the littlest bit if dignity, etc.

  9. She sings for some reason with andalusian or caribbean accents depending on what song. She speaks 100% northern spanish when she is not singing though.

  10. She just as much of a homophobic nut bag like her brother is so why are people surprised?

  11. Right?! She has been outspoken about her religious beliefs for a very long time. In fact, when it comes to LGBTQIA+ issues, I remember her opinions being given while she was a co-host at The View and they were as conservative as you would think. She and Raven-Symoné always argued on that very topic, so this does not surprise me at all.

  12. Could this be considered a holiday song? If so, I have never listened to a Christmas song this modern, production-wise, and so fresh-sounding before. It is definitely the coolest I have ever listened to and my favorite now.

  13. I actually like this. This is a really good idea and I love the shade of green you chose because it goes well with the other colors.

  14. The nomination for Ice Spice's Munch as Song Of The Year is definitely coming. That's for sure.

  15. Nah I’m good on fillers. So many anime and shows I’ve tried to watch but never finish because of the insane amount of filler lol

  16. One Piece, for instance, could have, at least, two seasons put together from filler episodes alone.

  17. Drake could become a rapping youth pastor at a mega church without changing a single thing about himself and yet here he is again trying this dumb shit

  18. I’m sorry but GloRilla was NOT needed for this, at all. Not even that she’s necessarily a bad rapper, but she doesn’t fit the vibe of this song at all. The song is already fine on it’s own as a collaboration between two R&B artists, but if they really wanted a remix it would have made more sense to add someone like Kehlani or Victoria Monet.

  19. The way Victoria Monét is overlooked in R&B and just music in general pisses me the fuck off.

  20. Always here for more Ciara and this song definitely deserves to have its moment. I don’t know why it’s not popping off (besides it coming out in Autumn/Winter instead of Spring), but I feel like not adding another female r&b singer instead of a rapper for the remix was a missed opportunity.

  21. I have to agree with you. Also, GloRilla's verse and cadence sound way too aggressive and almost do not fit the mid-tempo, laid-back, feel-good energy of the song. She is very talented and maybe she could have elevated a song like Jump, but not Better Thangs.

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