Fantasy Football is a Crapshoot

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  1. jtww says:

    Lets hope hes a Roch guy and here to add further depth in case of injuries. If so this is a good signing. If he takes a roster spot from a young kid then I hate it.

  2. You have no idea what you’re talking about and it’s funny you think you’re the educated one here.

  3. Why was this post removed?

  4. It's a shame because he is a very good 4th line defensive forward. I would have taken him to give us more C depth. Good luck Larry!

  5. Good job. You just got yourself on a list.

  6. Completely agree with everything you said. But the stats only take you so far. You can be a great fantasy player and still not win. Isn’t the championship all that matters? There’s no pot besides the “all in” pot like poker.

  7. You just aren’t understanding. If I make the playoffs on average more then you then I have a higher percentage/chance of winning more championships than you do. That’s it. It can still be a 15% chance to win (because of all the luck, yadda yadd) but you have a 6% chance of ever winning because you make the playoffs on average 4 out of 10 times. But I make it on average 7 out of 10 times so I have 3 extra seasons every 10 seasons where I have access to a championship and you dont. Just extrapolate that.

  8. Everyone sleeping on the Sabres. Its okay, we're fine :(

  9. Marco Rossi above Jack Quinn is just criminal

  10. I realize that tipping is not a thing for a lot of the world. That’s completely fine. Most places in Europe don’t pay their servers minimum wage and instead they get paid pretty good but like mentioned 100 times over you aren’t saving money because it’s much more expensive to eat out. But apparently you don’t care about the price.

  11. A lot of service is just based on preference. But I would say generally from my experience I’ve always enjoyed the service in North America better. I will say that the food in Europe is generally better though.

  12. My fault for assuming. You answered the age part but not the relationship experience part. Regardless of your age you still come across as someone who is not experienced in relationships at all.

  13. well, your condescending "explanation" made me feel so educated so i didn't really felt the need to engage with further conversation with you on that topic. but rest assured, i am eternally grateful for being able to bask in your wisdom.

  14. You still didn’t answer the question and it looks like your dodging it because you know there’s only one right answer.

  15. Buncha Dad’s who pay for Utilities and don’t want a skyrocketing bill cause you can’t figure out how to buy a fan or get a blanket/hoodie.

  16. Make more money so you can live at a comfortable temperature.

  17. Thats the most entitled statement I’ve heard about this situation

  18. Came from a poor family, worked hard to get to where I'm at. Promised myself I'd work hard enough so I wouldn't have to worry about how to pay for gas or groceries or even things like AC. You can call it entitlement but everyone should be striving to make enough money to live comfortably in their own homes and if they can't do that right now then fix it. Wont be easy. Wont be done overnight. Nobody is in the same situation or on the same path. But everyone can achieve making enough money to live comfortably.

  19. Boston is the nicest city I've visited in North-America, I try to visit every year.

  20. Kareem hunt is another good one to target.

  21. Oh shoot good point! Totally forgot about him the past few days lol.

  22. 12 team PPR. I'm aiming for a player that can be the top WR or RB this year.

  23. Holy shit between Matip, TAA and Henderson I don’t know who was more dog shit.

  24. At that ADP he'd be a steal on that offense. What's your take on Gabe then?

  25. What site do you use for players ADP?

  26. What site do you guys use for ADP?

  27. This is great. Do these rankings get updated as injuries/new/etc get released? I just got my sheet and was wondering if I need to do this again in a few weeks because the rankings could change?

  28. I kinda want to set and forget about poltapov. Let him do his stuff in Russia for the next 3+ years and then come to America Kaprizov style

  29. Or we just let Poltapov play in Russia and bring him over whenever he’s ready. If that’s in 1 year then so be bit, if it’s 4 then great. No reason to put any type of time period.

  30. It's a made up point though. Nothing in the post suggests she's driving miles to release cats into the wild. 2nd comment down this thread and people were already fantasizing about how evil she is and how they can justify murdering her.

  31. How is it made up? Someone in this comment thread said she was releasing them 45 min away In the wild. I assume the people commenting about her live around the area and aren’t making shit up.

  32. I think the point that guy was trying to make is capturing the cats and then releasing them back in the wild literally does nothing. If she was taking them to the shelter then that makes sense. But all she’s doing is keeping those cats in the wild but now turning them into feral/wild cats because they are too far from home.

  33. (1) Olofsson is better on the right side with his insane shot; (2) Not sure if Krebs is solidifying himself as Center right away, maybe rotate him with Girgensons; & (3) Yes.

  34. Rather have Okposo/Girgensons/Asplund be on the 4th line. Especially considering 2 of those players are UFAs at the end of the year and might not be part of the future Id rather give Krebs and Peterka more playing time/better line mates.

  35. Nope, he woke up at the far post with his stick down and Thornton scored 56 using his blade as a wall.

  36. I mean how many wingers have scored 56 on Thortons wing? This is such a bad take.

  37. Sorry for asking too much but do you have those links as well?

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