1. I noticed you didn’t exactly call for a vote. HAD YOU done so, I’d have voted “no tanning.” I like pale white skin… the more the better.

  2. Yup, and with inflation out of control we have to reconsider the inexpensive brews.

  3. I WANT one of those! …an outdoor shower that is. 😉

  4. I’d be sooooo good at that. Gentle, hard, kind, biting, sweet, ….ravenous. …as the Lady directed, of course. 😉

  5. Your pics have been so artistic lately. Like beautiful publishable stuff! You may have to through in a slutty hot as fire pic just to balance?

  6. No lactation but I pumped for so long that I started leaking a clear fluid

  7. Your post got me researching… forgive me if you already know this. Apparently, if you “suckle” a few times a day repeatedly your breasts can start lactation. Maybe. Wow, women’s bodies are amazing.

  8. Im proud of your clamps and crop work. Press on.

  9. I like everything that Stone makes. This one did throw me a curve. Get it? 🤣

  10. Beautiful pale skin, don’t give in to the temptation to tan them. —I mean, if you want.

  11. WhAt do you look like with that bra on and your blouse up where it belongs?

  12. As the subreddit official nobody, I would like to clarify that tub pics are only acceptable with excellent boobs (or a handsome package). In your case… ✅

  13. Now I will put things one an even higher shelf!

  14. Dude I am so glad you are feeling better your voice sounds pretty good. Your boobs of course look fantastic. I just figured out that you have a man, that makes me very happy I hated the idea of you going through that sickness alone. So glad you are getting better.

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