Linus's take on Backpack Warranty is Anti-Consumer

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  1. I think the echo chamber/pitchforks continues on with Reddit no matter what news comes out. Honestly, Linus put it right ‘at least this is the scandal that I have to work with…and not something worse’

  2. Well I think that's understandable when he states himself that it will not have a warranty multiple times. Until, because of the backlash, he writes a tweet that vaguely states they will have a warranty but not what the policy will be whatsoever.

  3. I am zero expert but can't you use flexible hvac hose to run it? Doesn't mean its as good as copper, but can't it be done for code?

  4. Its soft acr copper that comes in rolls you have to unspool, not hard unbendable copper piping like for water supply etc.

  5. If he stood behind his product he wouldn't mind offering a warranty. It's as simple as that. Might be cancelling my order if he doesn't change his tune on this.

  6. Yeah not super excited about this. I've made a conscious effort not to let Amazon into my home so I guess I'll be getting rid of my i7s. Frankly, the roborocks are miles ahead anyway especially if you have hard floors.

  7. Modern dacs on mobos are more than suitable for those headphones. Not sure why people are telling you to waste your money on an amp. Especially the apple USB C ones, those won't be much better lol. Everyone saw the crinacle video on those and completely missed the point.

  8. If you want to actually calibrate, it's not too difficult. lookup calman home for LG. Our TV's have test patterns generators built in which makes them very easy to calibrate. All you need is a colorimeter and a computer with calman home

  9. I think what's most frustrating is that they half baked some of the features from inbox into Gmail then flooded Gmail with ads and clutter. Why does Google hate us? Praise duarte

  10. Yeah c2 in a heartbeat for PC monitor. For straight tv/movie content probably the sony

  11. Comments are recommending the c wire adapter that comes with the ecobee but I'll tell you as an HVAC technician I have had nothing but problems with those. I would rather recommend to use your g or fan wire as your c wire as another comment suggested or run a new wire with 6+ conductors.

  12. If they don't bring back auto flash I will be done with Google. They are so busy sucking their own dick about night sight (which might work in low light, but simply does not work in no light) that they have the ability to do auto flash. Really. Auto flash, a feature from the 80s. Get your head out of your ass google

  13. Get a decent and never worry about wanting to upgrade again.

  14. Yeahhhh I think you guys are insane, there won't be a cyberpunk game for a long long time due to how it was released and handled after release.

  15. Yeah just get the third party stuff. Not sure why people are saying it's not worth it, you get like 4x the amount of stuff compared to roombas very expensive components. If you find the right brand it is EXACTLY the same as first party

  16. You might want to look into wall overlap settings or something along those lines, that's strange

  17. If you have compressed air you can blow them out. Works fairly well

  18. Tbh I'm done with pixels. 6 pro is sooo disappointing I'm looking at the new Asus phones

  19. Man you have a few issues. I think most of the blobbing / under extruding is going to be caused by your extruder motor. The stock one is notoriously crap, but try to mess around with the tension. You may also need to calibrate your extruder steps/mm

  20. +1 can't wait. How is the insulation on the 32 oz? I'm hoping it's at least as good as a yeti.

  21. My experience with silk PLA is that if you're using the stock extruder, it's not happening. The stock extruder just doesn't grip the smooth pla enough to create enough force to push it through the extruder. Prints fine on my microswiss but on the stock plastic single gear, it doesn't print well at all.

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