1. LGSs aren’t really a good place to negotiate. You’re probably dealing with an hourly employee who has a strict percentage they can pay based on the current price.

  2. As a buyer at a used shop you expertly articulated exactly what is happening. I want to print this and tape it to the counter so I can point at it when people get mad at their offers.

  3. Buddy idk if you know this, but Stonecoil serpent literally has a dick and balls on it in the center of the fucking card.

  4. Sadly the dick and balls got too much attention and WOTC has removed it from the card, because they hate us and don't want us to be happy.

  5. The set actually released at LGS's on Friday so any store that can do Pre-release sales on TCG has opened and listed singles

  6. All the people who preordered on Amazon haven't received their product yet though, I will guess that is a significant number of people. A lot of product will be hitting the market this weekend when the set is officially released everywhere

  7. I bought a grip of singles for a quarter apiece today, so it's not all pricey, lol

  8. What if renumbering for dungeons was such a pain in the ass that they just said "let's not do that again" and put this one at the end instead.

  9. My brother does the same thing for card kingdom. I get him telling me these things all the time. It is very interesting hearing the things they do. And heartbreaking to hear what they do with bulk.

  10. I only wanted it because of the impaled guy, can I cancel my order?

  11. Tag yourself, I'm on the left. Also, delet this.

  12. I don't understand the chart part of the meme, so I'm probably the chud on the left.

  13. What makes this store so special that they get an exclusive product like this? First I heard of them was with the Here Be Dragons set and now this. Are they manufacturing it too?

  14. If you offer WOTC enough money they will print you 7,000 copies of a promo card.

  15. if im being honest, im not counting on my LGS getting a whole lot of them anyway. WTOC keeps fumbling these promos for stores

  16. I thought that until I found out my LGS just doesn't give the promos out.

  17. It's hilarious to me that the 50% commander-centric brains think they are going to turn her into a $50 card. It's not going to happen. She's headed into a steep fall. Which will even be accelerated if all the alt versions cause her to be more frequently pulled than other mythics. Which, judging by all the premium box openings so far is a definite possibility.

  18. Meathook is banned in standard and is still $40

  19. I actually think the Phyrexian book is somewhat cool but not enough to want to buy this. Maybe it will help people finally be able to fully translate Phyrexian.

  20. I hope that the language nerds who are diligently working on cracking the code are able to get their hands on it.

  21. 7th is for mass market places that don't host organized play like Target and Walmart.

  22. Nah, someone let the fish onto land and now I have to work and pay rent, I'm killing every fish I see.

  23. no wonder I feel like I spend so much more time reading cards...

  24. if they remove the dick from the final card I hope they at least keep the guy getting a stick shoved up hiss ass and out his mouth.

  25. people get very salty about my sliver deck, but it's not even that good, lol.

  26. I once played a [[pack rat]] deck at a GP. There is no pack rat token, the token it makes us a copy of the card. I made a bunch of photo copies of the card and whenever I activated the ability to make the pack rat token I put one of my photocopies on the battlefield. I got a judge call every single round of the GP for using "counterfeit cards".

  27. Is OP saying you initially draw 12, put 5 back and that's it? no further mulliganing?

  28. The LGS does all the work to sell the card and assumes all of the risk. At a certain price point it is not worth it for them, if they think 50% is reasonable, so be it. If you don't think it is reasonable sell the cards yourself online and see how it goes. Maybe after a few hours of listing things for sale, or a few days of mailing cards you will change your mind, and if you don't, then you made extra money.

  29. You shouldn't be optimistic about "high value reprints" because they've already been squeezing those.. hard. And it's not infinite.

  30. It's not infinite but it can go for quite a while. Plenty of recent expensive cards like The Great Henge or Meathook Massacre can be reprinted and plenty of recently reprinted things can creep up in price in the meantime.

  31. Open a LGS across the street and put them out of business.

  32. I would like to see the description that the art director gave to the artist of this card.

  33. I once sold off everything that wasn't in a deck and didn't regret it too much. I would say keep your decks, keep your mana base, keep your reserved list stuff and part with the rest without worry.

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