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  1. No it’s Mormons. Haha I know one of the guys

  2. This actually sounds really sexy to me

  3. it comes from a sanskrit poem called the Salutation of the Dawn

  4. i understand. oogway got it from the salutation of the dawn.

  5. Nope. He got it from master kung fo magic

  6. This is what happens when you try to defund police.

  7. Conservatives don’t know what a pronoun is, and liberals don’t know what a woman is.

  8. Therapists don’t have the legal right to diagnose nor even do testing OP will need to see a primary care doctor or a psychiatrist (only 2 doctors that can diagnose and give meds) just a fun fact (:

  9. A therapist with a masters degree and licensed by the state can give the diagnosis and development a treatment plan, but not prescribe medication. They provide a recommendation for a psychiatrist.

  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was caused by the f****ing microplastics everywhere 😒

  11. Abortions threaten humankind survival

  12. Only eco terrorist bigots have lawns. Everyone needs to have natural yards and use their own feces as fertilizer.

  13. Howdy, fellow employee at OP’s company! Can’t wait to get to work tomorrow, right! Back to the old salt mines!

  14. Hey guys! Good to see you here. Let’s go get drinks after work

  15. Still blows my mind he walked in and did so much damage within minutes of walking in the door.

  16. Have those “successful new CEO’s” ever been the richest person on the planet?

  17. I suppose long enough to know that the shoes don’t make the wrestler. But I’m in my mid thirties and still wrestling.

  18. Everyone knows the $165 KS shoes make you wrestle like him

  19. As a type 1 diabetic since I was 3... I fucking HATE Eli lily. My costs for all products I need to live is roughly 2k a month. I'm not looking for pity but for people to understand that we CANNOT survive without it. It has nothing to do with how we ate before diagnosis. Our bodies attacked our insulin producing cells and killed them off during a very over active immune system riot. This company is killing diabetics daily by making it impossible for people to afford this life saving medication. "Well then cut down on your insulin intake" not possible. You don't know how much your body produces to keep you alive and it could be a lot more than we take. We have to count everything, measure everything and one fuck up could kill us. Even if we do everything right our bodies can still have hormones fuck with our blood sugar levels. We just want one thing to be simplified and that's costs. All of diabetic supplies are expensive as fuck because they know we will die without them so why not make it a money grab.

  20. My brother died at 26 because he couldn’t afford insulin as a teacher. He was volunteering for “teach for America” in urban schools and getting his masters. From what I understand is he would try to ration when he could. One day he was sick and had a seizure from his blood sugars being to low. He was alone in his room, and seized continuously for 12+ hours before he was found by his roommates dog walker.

  21. Having lost my brother to T1 diabetes because he couldn’t afford insulin and tried to ration it.. Fuck Eli Lilly

  22. 9th: won 1 10th: won 5 11th: qualified for states 12th: placed 5th at states. You just have to stick with it and focus on your why.

  23. I’ve already fucked a PB&J, that one on the left is looking thicc AF.

  24. Is that what you guys would do? Or would you trust the mail in service? For this card. I know it’s unique.

  25. I have a massive collection of 1st edition. We will be taking them to California for PSA grading

  26. That crap on the house looks so bad. No way homeowner is going to like that?

  27. They don’t. It has caused a lot of friction with the GC. This is a massive house on a hill overlooking a pond. Not the cheapest build.

  28. That’s not a loader, that’s a skidsteer

  29. The regret really sank in as I watched it gradually get deeper and deeper in the mud

  30. can you elaborate? Those walls look incredible and work like that is extremely labor intensive & time consuming

  31. Are you thinking I’m talking about the retaining walls, or the stone on the house. I’m talking about the stone on the house

  32. gotcha - I was talking about the retaining walls.

  33. Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in a while. Take my gold

  34. I cool side stop is Cadillac ranch in Texas.

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