1. Totally understandable. Not every ball comes in 10lbs. I believe the tropical surge does. I also liked the recommendation of a defender but I’m not sure if that comes in 10lb or not

  2. I was looking at the RotoGrip Hyped. It sounds like it might want be good. I know the 10lb just has a pancake weight in it, but it may still be better than the old Beast. Any ideas on solid or hybrid or pearl?

  3. Solid coverstocks see friction earliest, so the ball starts to lose energy earlier. If the ball loses energy earlier, it has less left over when it reaches the end of the oil, and the overall motion is smoother and more arc-like. The additives in pearl coverstocks make the ball skate on the oil longer. When this happens, the ball retains more energy to "spend" when it reaches the end of the oil, which usually results in a more angular motion. All else being equal, solid = earlier and smoother, pearl = later and sharper, hybrid = something in between. So with your wife being a mid 100s average bowler I’d probably recommend a hybrid. I wouldn’t worry too much about coverstocks unless you were bowling at a competitive level. IMO you only need to worry about coverstocks when you are bowling in tournaments and events like that where you bring multiple bowling balls. If it’s just a normal league on a typical house shot, buy a ball you like and find the line that works for that ball and the shot/line will be roughly the same every week

  4. Thanks for the help. Think I will have PSO can get the Hyped in all three covers and take her there to pick out her choice. Hopefully the PSO won't have a problem with that. Not sure if he would want extra 10lb balls lying around, or maybe he could return the ones she doesn't want.

  5. I try to focus on my target and maybe on whatever part of my technique is weakest at the time; elbow tucked in, good follow thru, etc.

  6. That's a Halloween pin. It's headless.

  7. The Dark Web is a strong ball. How is his ball speed down the lane? If he is on the slower side, then that ball might be too much for him in those lane conditions.

  8. Try bowling. It is a fun social activity, and you get out and get a little exercise.

  9. Ever thought about the military? Air Force probably has the best technical training, but other branches also have tech fields that can lead to good career choices later. And you get paid while doing it. It also gives you 4 years to figure out what you want to do.

  10. This is the nice thing about our center. When practice times out, we have 30 seconds to clear the deck and then it automatically starts the game

  11. That's like our house. The lanes go dark at end of practice. When play starts, they light up and rerack, and the auto scorer starts.

  12. It was raised at the start of the league by a couple folks who thinks this fun league is way more professional than it is. The argument was that they didn't want people not taking it seriously and just coming in and screwing around - annoying the people who actually cared (which is apparently them). It's separate to the lane fees, I've already paid for the season, but if we had a sub they'd still charge him $15 for my spot. The money does go back into the prize fund, so their team should give them a cut I guess?

  13. Our league charges subs $10. This was done some time ago because there were a number of people that just wanted to bowl and not pay. The extra fee was to encourage them to actually join a team instead of just showing up each week and filling in for any team missing a player. The money goes in the prize fund and the sub does not qualify for prize money. Regular weekly charge for lineage plus prize fund is $17, so it is really worthwhile for subs to join a team unless they really are just occasional bowlers. Personally, I would rather take the -10 pins hit on the score than have a truly occasional bowler fill in. Who knows how they will do?

  14. That's the Arnold bull. Might need a chain saw to cut it.

  15. Using keeping it on the lane as the goal, the approach is the key. Limit the number of steps you are taking. Since you are left handed, 4 step approach start on your right foot, 5 step start on your left. You want to end balanced on your right foot and your left leg out of your way.

  16. Four step approach for a lefty starts on left foot, as in left-right-left-right, so you finish on right foot. Also, when starting out, you may want to just stand at the foul line with right foot forward, left foot back and behind you. Just swing the ball back and forth toward your target, then just let the ball roll off your fingers toward the target. Once you have that movement down and are hitting your target, back up one step. Swing the ball back, then step forward with right foot and let your arm swing forward and let ball roll off your fingers. Add steps as you get more comfortable with the process and are able to hit your target.

  17. If I'm having a bad game, I will just walk away for a minute and have a good talk to myself. It only takes a minute and usually helps clear the bad out of my head. I always keep an eye out so I get back when it is my turn to roll again.

  18. Is that a real pumpkin? Wouldn't a pumpkin just break up when it hit the lane? Also, it rolls so clean with no bounce. Still a stupid thing to do.

  19. You might try looking at the JustWatch app you can download. It might suit your needs in keeping track of the multiple shows on the various services.

  20. Just Watch, or Reelgood, seem to be pretty good. The biggest problem is they don't track shows that you open directly from the original app. For example, if I have a Netflix show in Justwatch, but I watch an episode directly from Netflix, it doesn't update in Justwatch. Also, I have a mess of shows in my playlists in various apps, but Justwatch doesn't sync with the apps. I suppose if I really always use Justwatch, it will work out over time. Just kinda frustrating now. Thanks for your help and listening to my rant.

  21. If you select “all” rather than “favorites” you can see them in your guide at 190, 192 and 193. Frustrating but unfortunately no way to favorite those channels. I just had to memorize them and punch the channel number in the remote. If you have scrolled the guide and set your favorite channels, once you select favorite on the left side of the guide it will always default to that until changed. I keep my guide set at sort alphanumerical and only show favorites.

  22. OK, thanks. I finally got 190, 192 and 193 to show up. Not sure if I will use it that way. Too bad you can't favorite them. I may just scroll through the apps. Too bad you can't set them up in a preferred order, like on the firestick.

  23. There is nothing wrong with being a straight bowler. However, some hook will improve your strike ability. Also, a hook can also help with some spares. By having some angle on the ball, you can get the pin and/or the ball to deflect into other pins that might be more difficult to hit with a straight ball. For example, if you have a 2-8 combination, you need to hit the 2 pin dead on with a straight ball, otherwise the pin will deflect one way and the ball will deflect the other way, and the 8 pin will be left standing. If you hook into the 2 pin, you have some wiggle room. If you hit it light, the pin will kick back to the 8. If you hit it square, the ball can still get the 8. If you hit it heavy, the ball will deflect back to the 8.

  24. So, this is gonna need some basic concept.

  25. Good job describing the doppler effect. Just saying wiiiii and wooooo, you can hear the different pitch. With regard to airframe wind noise, I wonder if the canards (I think that is the right term) just in front of the main wings could cause some turbulence that would cause the whistle.

  26. That doesn’t mean you should, you need to read ball motion and adjust to what it’s doing. Going too long with lane shine, try 3000 then 2000 etc.. until you get the look you need. Bring pads to the lane and adjust in practice if needed

  27. You are right. I should have been a little more clear. I tried several different grits, and found 2000 worked best for me. YMMV

  28. I got the GB4 a couple months ago. I played with surfaces a bit and found it works best for me most of the time at 2000. I generally take it back to 2000 when it starts getting lane shine.

  29. New USBC rule. All bowlers must wear white shirt and tie.

  30. Shooting your age in golf has long been a crowning achievement, along with a hole in one. Both of these has been made easier with advancements in equipment. Any sport that uses equipment has increased scores by advancements in equipment. This is true in all parts of life. It's called progress.

  31. Let's get you the information you're looking for.

  32. Hey, I really want to thank all of you who responded to my post. I am learning a lot. I did have a couple more questions, if you could help me out.

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