1. Looks pretty sturdy, except the two layers on the sides. How did you connect the upper to the lower?

  2. Yeah, I said hubitat cause it sounds easier to learn and should do what I want, but HA would work too. How hard is HA to set up and use as compared to hubitat? I am not a programmer, but am generally comfortable with tech. As far as zigbee vs zwave, they seem about the same. Any really major benefits to zwave?

  3. When I got started in home automation a couple of years ago during covid, I just went with wifi for switches, sensors, etc. I now wish I had gone with zigbee from the start. The wifi stuff is much slower that zigbee because it is always calling home to do anything, while zigbee is all local. I have an entry light set up with a motion sensor and light switch. It does the job, but the light doesn't come on until you are almost across the room. The sensor reacts as soon as you enter the room, but it takes a couple of seconds before the light finally comes on. I like zigbee because it works with the new echos, although I plan on adding probably hubitat to get better control.

  4. Thanks for the quick replies. I currently have two pieces of tape on the front of the hole and none on the back. My thumb feels snug, but doesn't release easily, even though I feel a need to grip the ball. I guess I will discuss with th PSO and see what he can do.

  5. Our winter league name was Flyin J's. All team members names started with J.

  6. I have hit 0.10 mph on the gun. I didn't even think I would get a registered speed.

  7. Man, you must have had time to finish your beer and get a refill while watching the ball mosey down the lane.

  8. Not really. The gun was at the pins, and the only practical way to get a shot that slow that far down the lane is to give it some initial speed. So you would throw it maybe 8 mph with a ton of backspin. The backspin eventually negates all of the forward speed, giving you the low speed at the gun.

  9. No backspin on this ball. She could barely hold the ball with two hands, and just let it roll out of her hands and down the lane.

  10. There is a lot of misunderstanding about alcohol and oil. Alcohol will dissolve oil. Check out

  11. I like to do chicken breasts, then chill cut up and serve on ceasar salad. Also, IP pork butt or baby back ribs and finish on bbq or under broiler. The IP keeps the meat moist and drives in the seasoning.

  12. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

  13. Didn't mean to be brutal. Those tops are just thin sheet metal, and can rust through pretty easily. You could try a wire brush to remove flaking rust and scale, then treat with a rust converter.and repaint with high temp paint.

  14. Remove the rust and there might not be anything left.

  15. I got the Mealthi Air Fryer lid for my IP. I am very happy with it. It takes up less room in my cabinet than the IP lid, and it is nice being able to see through it while cooking. Here's the link:

  16. Looks great. If you build it, they will come.

  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/bowlingsports/comments/u4rhne/how_to_hook_a_bowling_ball/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  18. Oh, now that's funny! It reads like an instruction manual for a Chinese product. I never knew you had to swing your arm. LOL

  19. Oh probably not due to surface smoothness, but I want to try out the thin metal and see if it heats faster and all that. Its a total for fun sort of project because I know a machinist who owes me

  20. Interesting project. How thin would you go? Heat retention would probably decrease and pan may not heat evenly. I wonder if there would be a danger of cracking due to uneven heating. I look forward to hearing the results.

  21. If you are ready to throw your first ball and person next you is ready with their second ball, let them go first. That is, spare shooter goes first, if both are ready to go.

  22. This is everything close currently on the market. All of these are going to be in the same ball park as the Tyrant.

  23. Thanks for the input. It gives me a good starting point.

  24. There's no real match in the current Columbia line. With Brunswick owning so many brands now, they've cut back a lot lines to specific reactions, rather than each having a full lineup. I would say the Brunswick Defender would be the best match from Brunswick in general.

  25. Thanks, any suggestions for other makes?

  26. Assume you are talking about repainting the engraved parts. I would take a small sharp tool like an ice pick and carefully scrape out the old paint, then spray new paint on the engraved parts and lightly sand off the over spray.

  27. That's a baby steak. Lucky kid.

  28. They are definitely pulling a profit. I understand they were shut down for Covid for 18 months, and I am sure there is a lot I don't know about their SPECFIC situation, but I do know, they don't pay their staff well. They raised the price of food to the point I will not eat there anymore even though the food is pretty okay. They are just pulling their estimated 22 lane profit and fucking us over.

  29. Had that once in a new league after not bowling for a long time. Anyway, my rhythm was totally out of whack. I finally used a one step release for a few frames until I settled down some, and slowly worked back to my normal 4 step release. Felt a little foolish, but it all worked out.

  30. I was unable to watch live because of prior obligations. So I set it up to record, then watched last night. Got to the very end. Norm bowled his 9th frame and set up for the 10th. That's when my recording ended. I couldn't believe it! Wanted to throw the tv out the window. I finally went online to get the final results. What a disappointment to see Norm lost.

  31. Throw it underhand, like tossing a football.

  32. He basically works for them. What do you think he was going to say, "Hey, everyone. Storm was intentionally manufacturing balls to the absolute hardness limit and then polishing them, knowingly making them illegally below the limit. This includes my Belmo Trend 2, which is illegally soft when polished."? It's PR. Pay attention to the facts rather than bandwagoning Belmo and therefore Storm. This also happened with the purple hammer. Companies can't keep manufacturing balls as soft as possible and then polishing them. All balls are sent to USBC at 500 grit for testing. That's why the balls were initially approved and then failed field testing. Polish makes a ball test softer. So if you knowingly manufacture a ball to the lowest limit when sanded at 500, you then know that it will be illegal when polished. This is why the field tested balls all tested under. They knew what they were doing but were playing a game of inches and lost.

  33. It seems really odd that USBC would test unpolished balls when they know the production ball will be polished. They should test the balls as they will be used, not at some arbitrary grit.

  34. I think this might be so that all balls are at the same finish when tested for approval. The USBC manual says sand to 500 for surface roughness test, but I was told by a source at Storm that every ball sent to USBC for approval is sanded to 500.

  35. That makes sense for a roughness test, but not for hardness. Actually, wouldn't all balls have same roughness if sanded to 500?

  36. Only problem I have with the whole issue is in sports that depend on strength. It is ridiculous to allow a male trans to female swim or wrestle or most any other sport against real females. If that is fair, then it was also fair for Russian female athletes to use male hormones.

  37. Hmm interesting it’s in my house, see the other comment if you have a chance, thank you!

  38. A few years ago I had my house phone system rewired (old house with bad wiring). Anyway, the work was done by a friend who worked for a commercial electrical company. He had one of these punch down panels handy, and used it. It looked really odd with only a few wires in it, but it did the trick.

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