1. That looks absolutely delicious. Could you give a little more info on how you did it? What all went in the IP? Time? Any other tips? Thanks

  2. I've updated my comment above to include the steps I took. Let me know if you have any questions and thanks!

  3. Hey, thanks. I guess I have some cookin' to do. I told my wife and she got excited. Of course, she always gets excited when I say I will cook. She does most of the cooking, but the IP and grill are mine.

  4. One option to avoid conflict and a ruined evening would be to talk with league president at end of night so he/she can address the issue before next league night.

  5. I know it sounds a little silly but I’m a bit skittish to do them despite needing to. I’m new and feel like everyone stares. I’m also always afraid the staff are going to say something but I suppose that’s also silly considering there’s a few teenagers lobbing house balls next to me while I’m overthinking the entire situation

  6. Yeah, it can feel silly, but it really helps. A few years ago I was in a casual league and one night my timing was totally screwed up, and I just couldn't get it together. Anyway, for maybe 3-4 frames I just did foul line or 1 step drills. The other bowlers looked at me a little funny, but it got me back where I wanted to be, and the rest of the night was good. Don't worry what others think; do what helps you best.

  7. If you strike or spare you get a fist bump. Those are the only time youll get acknowledged by my friends hahaha

  8. We generally give 5 for strikes and spares, and a fist bump for misses.

  9. We like to marinade chicken with either Olive Garden salad dressing or Kewpie Sesame dressing from Costco.

  10. Wife and I were getting in some practice when a kid from 2 lanes over launches her ball all the way over into our lane just as I am making my approach. It really messes up your shot when a ball comes flying into your lane. The house was nice and moved us to another lane.

  11. They are called ferrules. Used to decorate show tack like leads, bridles and reins. May have been saved from a broken piece of tack or she might have gotten them for a project.

  12. Thanks. That's the answer we were looking for.

  13. She may have used these to dress up a braided mane for shows- not horsehair jewelry, but jewelry for horse hair.

  14. That makes a lot of sense. She was in a number of shows over the years. Thanks

  15. I use the cheapest real "deer skin" chamois I can find off Amazon.

  16. How do you clean the towel when it gets too oily? Or does it?

  17. Proper 3D does require two cameras, but you can cheat it somewhat with a 3d-ifier device which can simulate turning 1 video stream into 2. Lots of maths and video processing and the results are okay-ish - good enough to slap a 3D label on a DVD, but limited, with some shots behaving better than others.

  18. Weber makes a fine product, but for my money it is overpriced. I have the Char-Broil 3 burner Amplifire Commercial grill. It comes as a propane grill, but includes the necessary parts to convert it to natural gas if you want (I did). One of the best features for me is that it has special infrared grates that prevent flare-ups and grease fires. Granted, it is made from lighter gauge stainless than a Weber or Napoleon, but unless you plan on dragging it over rocks and dirt, it will hold up fine for many years. For $529 instead $819 for the Weber E-330 at Lowes I think it is the much better deal. They also make a 4 burner model for about $100 more if you need more room. If you go with Char-Broil, be sure to get the infrared model. The Performance series is cheaper, but doesn't have the special grates.

  19. Sad to hear about your cancer issues, but good to know you survived and are doing better. Anyway, I just finished a casual summer league with two disabled bowlers. One had only one leg. He would go up to the foul line with his crutch and a team mate would bring him his ball, then he would stand and throw. It worked for him, and didn't really slow things much.

  20. We usually get the frozen boneless chicken breast packages at Costco because the price and quality is pretty good. When I grill them, I like to marinate in either Olive Garden salad dressing or Kewpie Sesame dressing for an hour or two. It adds flavor and helps to keep the meat moist. If there is a major difference between the thickest and thinnest part of the breast, I will wrap the breast in plastic wrap or in a ziplock bag and pound it to even out the thickness. I do this before marinating. This also opens up the fibers and allows the marinade to get into the meat. On my grill, I generally flip the breast every 3 minutes for a total cooking time of 12 minutes. This produces a breast with nice grill marks and cooked to a just done level. Good luck with your cooking adventures.

  21. Yeah, I wouldn't base I'm a good bowler off 150 avg. Js. But if that works for you. I will say to myself. Why am I a 220+ and not have a PBA card. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it is all relative. A 180 bowler in a league with a 150 average would be considered good. But the same bowler in a league with a 200 average would be only so-so in that league. The same bowler in pba would be down right sucky. Gotta compare apples to apples, not to oranges.

  23. Ultimate issue here is people using your stuff w/o your permission. Sounds like you would be okay if some stranger took your car for a spin around the block so long as they didn't damage it, or went in your garage and borrowed your tools. It all comes down to its your property and people shouldn't just take it w/o your okay.

  24. What action did you choose? There are a few ways to do this but the easiest is choose the “send announcement” action and choose all devices.

  25. Ahhh, thanks. I was trying to do it with 'Alexa says', instead of 'send announcement'.

  26. The shoe doesn't matter if you heel plant. All bowling shoes have a non skid heel, so you really need to practice your approach without a heel plant. As someone else said, start with practicing a one step approach w/o a ball and progress to a full approach. You can do this at home if you have some floor area w/o carpeting. Once you feel comfortable with a slide approach, add the ball (probably not at home). I have 3 year old cheap Brunswick shoes in good condition, but the slide pad is pretty shot. The shoes are so comfortable, I don't want to get rid of them, so I added a slide sock from Amazon and it works fine. When it wears out I will buy another for $10-15.

  27. I'm sure there is a difference. My new red GB4 hooks a lot more than my old green Tyrant. Some might say it is because of different coverstocks, cores, etc., but I am SURE it is because of the the different colors. LOL

  28. Are you trying to play the same line or are you moving?

  29. I've tried several lines, moving right, I'm a lefty, and even flattening my hand to straighten my shot. This ball will take some work to learn. I hope using a higher grit will give me more control.

  30. That is SO rare, hopefully, it will never be seen again.

  31. Sounds like me. My strike ball can whiff just as good as any plastic ball.

  32. Interesting. I am also left handed, but almost always cook on the left and use the right side for buns and stuff.

  33. Sounds like my old DI from the 60s.

  34. AITA? Yep, you sure are. And a little crazy too.

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