1. Search youtube for videos on anger management. There are a bunch out there.

  2. A few years back I was in a new league, on a new team. As I got set up on the approach, a team member noticed the 5 pin was missing. He yelled for me to stop and hit the reset. I was focused on my shot and didn't register his warning. Just as I released, the fence came down. Man, hitting the fence is one strange sound. Taught me to look real close when I am setting up.

  3. Why is your user name deleted? Why don't you want us to know who your are?

  4. Our local alley runs a couple of practice leagues in the summer. Each player gets 45 minutes of free play every day. Prize money is minimal, but the big draw is the free play.

  5. 1- Get a coach to identify problems. It's not too expensive, maybe about $60-70 for 1 hour, and can often be split between 2 people. Get at least 2 lessons, maybe more. And practice between lessons.

  6. Sounds like the bowler knew damn well he was in violation, but tried to hide it by using the thumb hole when setting up, but taking it out just before his delivery. Is he hoping no one would see? Kind of like a golfer who marks his ball on the green, but then replaces his ball closer to the hole. These are the same people who roll through stop signs or run red lights if no one is coming.

  7. My wife and I got back into bowling in our mid 70s, about 5 years ago. She started with an 8 lb. plastic ball, but in a year went to a 10lb C300 Beast. I just got her a 10lb Roto Grip Hyped for Christmas that hooks a little better. At 80, she still throws a decent hook with a 10lb ball at about 10mph.

  8. Perfect QB rating in football (158.3).

  9. Yeah, I guess a QB that every pass is 99 yards for a touchdown could be considered perfect, but would that apply to to the game, or just to the QB? If the QB threw only one pass in the game, and it was a 99 yard TD, his rating would be the same as a QB who threw multiple 99 yard TDs with no interceptions.

  10. It's kind of goofy math to be honest: "To qualify, during a single game a quarterback must attempt at least 10 passes, have zero interceptions, have a minimum completion percentage of 77.5%, have a minimum of 11.875% of their passes score touchdowns, and have a minimum of 12.5 yards per attempt."

  11. Sounds like a made up stat to me. A 300 game is just what it is. Can't do better than that.

  12. I've been bowling for almost 30 years, been on this league for 4. This particular league is a scratch, head-to-head league.

  13. As I understand 'head-to-head', that means you are bowling against the person on the other team that is in the same position as you in the line-up. Are you the lead off or anchor? If so, maybe you can change the line-up so you are in a less stressful position. That might help you get your game back in shape.

  14. First off, I am not a 2 handed bowler, so I may be somewhat off base here. However, I see what could be 2 problems with fingerless bowling. First, without finger holes, you would lose some grip on the ball that could reduce revs. Second, finger holes ensure your hand is in the exact same position every time, which would improve consistency. Without finger holes, your hand could be located slightly differently each time and cause slightly different reaction.

  15. I'm not sure you need to do anything to 'convert' bowling shoes to street shoes. Just wear them on the street. They are basically the same as a regular shoe, except they have a somewhat slippery sole on one or both shoes. Wearing them on the street will quickly make that sole not slippery. I'm not sure just how long they will survive, but at only $8 even if they wear through, it wouldn't be much of a loss. Just remember, once they are worn on the street, they can't be used as bowling shoes.

  16. Lanes must be really dry. Too bad he didn't take an ass sit.

  17. Not sure an old theater would be a good choice. Most theaters have a floor that slopes down to the screen. You would need to either tear out the old floor or fill in to make it level. Of course, a floor sloped down to the pins would really increase ball speeds.. BTW, do any cruise ships have bowling alleys. I would think the slight roll of the ship would make for very challenging bowling conditions.

  18. Fine pieces of work like him are the reason why I bowl at 9 AM as soon as my center opens.

  19. The lanes look empty. Either just opened or closed, or it's a REALLY slow day at the house.

  20. It's better than a 62. I'm sure it will go up from there.

  21. Adding to the surface could violate USBC rules and adversely affect the ball's action. Maybe letting some soak into the holes could work.

  22. The big thing to me is the quality of the wheels. They will be carrying 30-40 pounds across parking lots, up and down steps, etc. From the pictures, the KR wheels look much better. Roller blade wheels are made to carry a lot of weight over a variety of surfaces. The pyramid wheels look like they may be plastic, and could break down pretty quickly. Also, the KR wheels are a larger diameter, so should roll easier. Other comments about getting a 3 ball roller are also worth considering.

  23. Amazon Fire Sticks are notorious for loading up their memory with old stuff and needing an occasional reboot to clear it all out. This might be a good use for a smart plug to shut down and restart on a weekly schedule.

  24. Everyone should hear the ancient ballad known as “The Pill” by Loretta Lynn. It really helps illuminate life in the before-times.

  25. "The ancient ballad" that's kind of funny. She made it in 1975, so 42 years is now ancient.

  26. I mean I’m really just joking about how little people remember what things were like for women not not even that long ago.

  27. Yeah, I know what you mean. It is funny how 20th century can be ancient to so many now. Makes me feel really old, but not elderly yet.

  28. I understand that. I'm struggling with my equipment so it just adds to my frustration but I don't want to put more money into it. My grip feels different with all 3 of my balls which leads to inconsistentcy in my release. I was at 211 avg and over the last month I've dropped down to barely 203. Just can't seem to get things straightened out plus I have tendonitis iny forearm so just need a break.

  29. Maybe take a break for a few weeks to let your arm heal. It may also get your mind back in the game.

  30. I'm a little ashamed to say it, but way back in my younger days, in the 60's, I was out driving during a heavy rain. There was a guy on a bike just going through a deep puddle. For kicks I sped through next to him and soaked him. In the process I soaked the ignition and the engine died. As he passed me I got a well deserved one finger salute. I sure learned about karma that day.

  31. Gotta be hearing a shotgun rack behind me while I am on the firing line.

  32. It's kinda funny how speed will come when you slow down. I was throwing fast but inconsistent because I was muscling my swing. My coach had me focus on just letting my arm fall naturally, which slowed down ball speed for awhile. But once I ingrained the natural swing my ball speed actually came up higher than before.

  33. "he got pricky about it and said something about “My uncle gave me these to try, said they would help” but acknowledged they were illegal."

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