1. Yes I have Airtv anywhere and you can pause live tv.

  2. OK, thanks. One more question, or maybe two. Do the ota channels merge with the streaming channels? Also, can you set up the guide to show just your favorites? Any complaints? Thanks again

  3. Sounds like a problem with the batteries. Are the batteries good? Are they properly seated? You might try removing them and either replacing them or just reinstalling if they are new. Make sure they are installed properly, positive toward the top of remote.

  4. There are lots of really dumb arguments for presearing.

  5. There are bacteria that can survive at temps below 140 F:

  6. Interesting article. Seems like a good idea on very long baths. I like the idea to first bag and seal the meat, then put in boiling water for 20 seconds. I'm not a fan of boiling meat, even briefly. I think the water can leach out some flavor. Being in the bag would protect against that, just like sv does.

  7. Not sure if this would, never tried it. But what about a regular motion sensor mounted behind the curtain. When curtain is opened, the sensor may respond to the change.

  8. Is the cable company also providing internet? If so, you will need to leave that cable connected to your modem. You will need to identify which cable is for modem and which are for tv.

  9. Could someone post directions on how to do this, apps used, etc? i have been trying to do this, but have no success using ES file manager. Thanks for any input.

  10. I've got an old Coleman ice chest. It's about 16x12x12, is waterproof and insulated, and can also be used as a cooler. I've seen them at garage sales and thrift shops for cheap.

  11. It looks good to me, BUT, if you made it for your wife and she thinks it is underdone, then it is underdone.

  12. First we are going to take your Sonos out of it's current location. Alexa App>Devices>Groups>Room Sonos Is Currently In>Edit>Untick Your Device>Save<

  13. OK. I finally had a chance to work on this some more. "Family Room" isn't a group. It is a name associated with the Sonos. If I click on it, it shows the Sonos, but it doesn't offer any settings or other options. It simply shows as an Alexa Devices.

  14. Thanks. I thought I tried that, but must have missed something.

  15. Yeah, you may be right. Think I will shop around for a good price. Someone else posted that there is a wifi module that can be added. I will look into that as well.

  16. I had an infinity system in our old house - loved it, but all the brains of the system is in the thermostat, so by replacing it, you lose a lot of the features. There was a wi-fi module that we could add to ours that was only like $200-$300. I never got it, but see if you can get just the module.

  17. You can get a nice 5.1 system that is meant for tv sound for 150usd or less. The studio blows the echo away even the show 10 first gen blows them away. I tried the studio for a minute in my av setup it 1 will suffice but it only works with a fire tv device no other input or apps/ota/cable/satellite.

  18. Thanks. That is probably the best way to go.

  19. I used to have a Sceptre TV and always had problems with it. I think they have a goofy proprietary system that does not play well with other systems. Mine only worked with the Sceptre remote, nothing else.

  20. Thanks all for your suggestions. You have given me a lot to think about. I need to do some more research on Channels.

  21. For me, can't get much better than a baked potato and either broccoli or a ceasar salad.

  22. I would suggest zigbee. You can ease into automation with an Echo 4th gen. that includes a zigbee hub, and is able to provide most basic automation. Then, if you want more control, you can add Hubitat, HA, or similar hub. My experience with zigbee has been overall good with little problems.

  23. Do an amazon search for "automatic vacuum switch". I think these are what you are looking for. I have one for same purpose as you. They run about $30-40.

  24. It does not work like that… You can’t have your cake and eat it too..

  25. Too bad. That would make it just about perfect.

  26. Unless you are watching an IMDB show, the only ad is right at the beginning of the show. One click and it is skipped. If it is an IMDB show, you are stuck with multiple ads thrown in. IMDB is owned by Amazon, and they seem to be taking over more and more of the shows. I know of no way to avoid those. Pain in the butt to be forced to watch multiple ads on a paid service.

  27. It’s relatively easy to cultivate botulism because the spores die around 126 degrees F.

  28. ...because the spores die around 126 degrees F.

  29. I'm not big on garlic, but I've read sous vide ribeyes should be done at 137F. Personally, I like Montreal on steaks Cooked on Barby. Not sure of final tamp. Just cook em til they look and feel right. Rare to me rare is perfect.

  30. I have had YouTubetv for several years and this just started happening. Not sure what’s going on but probably going to cancel

  31. Thanks. I'm thinking about trying Sling with OTA DVR. Some extra cost up front, but might give me more control.

  32. Not sure why this was removed. I am just trying to get some information.

  33. If you play a show recorded earlier on the YTV virtual DVR, it should skip ahead 15 sec for each press on the >> button.

  34. Okay, thanks. I looked again, and it may be I am watching a VOD rather than a DVR show. Would that make a difference? And how can I tell which I am watching? Using the Windows app, it shows options for different show sources, but I don't see that using the firestick.

  35. I've got the same issue. I have Youtube TV and recorded CBS shows. They seem to have more commercials and regular tv, and you can't skip them. I got youtubetv thinking I could skip the ads.

  36. I don’t know about watching shows offline but mainly people use the extra storage for recording. You record one movie or show and the firestick storage is used up.

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