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Men of Reddit: What are some immediate red flags in men that women should look out for?

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  1. True. I had a dead bedroom, did all the so-called right things. Talked, therapy. Turned out the DBR was symptomatic of bigger problems. Wound up sticking around in that marriage way too long and pissed away years of my life. OP, you do you, but that's my story.

  2. Good advice, but what happens when that doesn't help.

  3. All I wanna do is zoom zoom zoom in....

  4. Why is it racists now? Do the eyes of asains not typically look different then Germans for example.

  5. God I hope not. We need somebody less controversial that might actually be able to get stuff done.

  6. I think Trump got stuff done.

  7. You made it. That was all you had to do. Just realize you didn't want that any more.

  8. https://www.kbb.com/vehicles/path/condition-quiz/?showgenericquiz=true

  9. One asked me how my teeth were, then stuck her hands IN MY MOUTH to check.

  10. Oddly enough, the second one seems more normal

  11. The only acceptable response is 'no'

  12. Do any of these have 1080p support? for the bpi-m2 zero?

  13. lol - I think I might not like that :D

  14. Hmm .. the GOP and everything today MKE is doing such a great job of keeping the war zone / murder rate down? Please .. don't throw rocks in a glass house .. fix your shit and then run your damn mouth .. oh and yeah .. put your stupid signs out

  15. Interesting how one of the most factually correct comments on this thread gets down voted.

  16. Not sure how this is a politicaly neural title.

  17. It's worth what someone will pay. Would I pay that for a spark? No way.

  18. You proved your point - and can talk about this topic, with no prep. Credit to you!

  19. That's where I can find 3 salewa's?

  20. The name is missing the Q infront of it

  21. Saying 'im a nice guy'. Talking trash about everyone but you Blames others instead of finding ways to improve self

  22. From a Christian, non-democrat / independent, this message doesn't represent me. Just makes people look bad. Just like when John Kerry took a gas guzzling private jet to accept an environmental award. Its just bad.

  23. But you wouldn’t download the gas for it would you? I mean you aren’t a total monster right?!

  24. But would your pirate the heated seats?

  25. Now I want ice cream... But i have to work.

  26. Yup - this is the way. Not a rude comment, just an honest one. There are so many keys, you just have to put time in to learn which are valuable.

  27. Playing music in a YouTube video if it's in a game or background music while being talked over.

  28. Leave employees alone. They’re just working the grind like anyone else.

  29. Hopefully you aren't using Unity engine, because John 'dickhead' Riccitiello has some words for you.

  30. we are currently working on a game in unity, but we are four years into the project and it would be insane to start over now. I really hate the stuff that unity is doing recently and it has been a trend for a while. I am definitely looking at Godot for our next project

  31. That's a bummer, but I would do the same thing, wouldn't change all of that now. Plus, I think they are getting so much backlash, that i hope they settle down for a bit. That said, cool to hear you are 4 years into a project, that's exciting!

  32. that's the sound of da beast!

  33. Eating seeds without an ash tray

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