1. You look like the kind of girl a billionaire leaves his wife for

  2. Reminds me of Madeline zima's stint on Californication.

  3. I’m just hoping I can get my dick sucked at bonnaroo this year!

  4. Here's to hoping. Things can get sexual at roo but in my experience it's too and and dirty for the full deed. #MakeOutBandits

  5. I’m just really hoping I can get my dick sucked

  6. This week is trash. T-Mobile Tuesdays is supposed to be gifts that say "Thank you for being a customer", not coupons. Would you give someone a $5 off coupon for their birthday?

  7. Som eof these "coupons/discounts" are rock-solid. The 50% off a face blanket was great. 40% off croc's and free shipping was also top-notch discounts. If the deals are good enough, i'm happy.

  8. You still get free things from time to time like I got a few of the freezer bags which I use as Togo bags for my kid.

  9. I'm trying to figure it out. confusing website

  10. NO knowlege but I'd be hoping it'd be like years last with a Go5G twist

  11. Swarm is a non-profit, not a business. And my understanding is the NCAA did pass rules allowing athletic departments to put players into contact with collectives, which is what Iowa has resisted doing. The people other universities are hiring are specifically facilitating that contact and nothing more, which does seem to be NCAA-compliant, so yes the fact Iowa refuses to do it puts Iowa athletics at a disadvantage. And The Swarm covers all sports, including women's, so there should be no Title 9 compliance issues regards NIL at Iowa.

  12. I haven't seen any proof/fomentation that Iowa isnt getting staff to have players using NUL deals. There's a software and service the players utilize. My understanding is they "off-shore" it.

  13. My understanding of how The Swarm works, according to the man that runs it, is they provide a basic compensation for all players in every sport regardless women's or men's, and then for the more popular players they have additional opportunities for making deals with various organizations/businesses. Check out From the Hawkeye of the Storm's Youtube channel, as he regularly has interviewed the head of The Swarm on these various issues, including what is allowed under NCAA rules and that Barta has refused to allow. And yes, there's plenty of proof, as Iowa refuses to designate any person in the athletic department to inform and help put players in contact with The Swarm, as several other universities have already done. My understanding is the temporary AD was strong on interaction with NIL collectives when she was AD at Ball State, so hopefully she'll do away with Barta's deliberate distancing policy that can only hurt recruitment going forward.

  14. That's where the rundown comes in. I've listened to Swarm CEO several times as well and they create "spots" that anyone can join but the spots are limited. Let's say they need 20 spots for football players for a charity clean-up. There needs to be 20 spots for women's softball, basketball, and lacrosse to be pick from.

  15. I'm dumb. Why do people need to switch sim cards on phones? You can phone swap with the same card but who needs to change phone numbers from one sim to another frequently?

  16. Was refreshing at the second it opened and didn’t get tickets…

  17. Man, this is why we need fegulatij on ticket brokers. Frustrating we don't know how many are presold to 3rd parties.

  18. Welp, that seemed to sellout shortly

  19. Dow we have a list of Iowa's bettors?

  20. Sorry I prefer older cars I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️ I don’t need to watch educational videos because Ive already seen it before. I just prefer when cars weren’t made poorly and from junk materials. Modern cars aren’t designed to last, that’s all I was getting at.

  21. If you want to argue Lasting vs not lasting. Stick to that argument.

  22. I certainly don’t disagree that the features are better in newer vehicles with them having more/better placed airbags and what have you, along with other additional features and certain technologies.

  23. If it was for a less an 19 year old..... I'd be iffy. Drive safely and you should be safe.

  24. Thanks! All out of reddit points for rewards

  25. As much as I was sick and tired of Lonzo's dad and the BBB b/s with the Laker's. He seemed to focus much more on the game when he went to the pelicans. He fully earnedmy respect as a fan (not that means a thing, but i was happy with who he was and enjoyed watching him again).

  26. Barta brought iowa success not seen for decades. Would another ad fire kf after the Alligations

  27. Not seen for decades.... Barta came in 2006.

  28. Barta did not try to get everyday citizens to pay. That was sand trying to stir up shit. They wouldn’t have lost the case because the liars backed down from their lies. Anything that’s hurts Ames is good. Honestly should be made a private college and all money they were given from state is now sent to Iowa. Also there should be no retirement packages for anyone. They can have their ipers. Oh yea, fuck ames.

  29. - Barta chose not to front the bill via the athletic department for their mishaps. Wanted it to get split.

  30. Closing out tabs. Thought about this recently after game 4 of Nuggets-Lakers. It comes back to James' gameplan to stay relevent is to get lot's of stops with fouls and gets lot's of FTA's. If he doesn't get the FTA's his team loses.

  31. We can say that he doesn't deserve a jersey retirement in MSG without having to shit on the guy.

  32. I get your point. He was an elite scorer when those were in few supply. To me, it says more about NYK's feeling like they need to get more ROI from the trade since it never got them to a conference finals.

  33. This is correct......... weirdly if you transition to the new Go5G plus with next line free to get to 9 It'll be $180..... LITERALLY exact same scenario.

  34. 1st Photo - Tried using Remni and it actually did a decent facial reconstruction but wayyyyy too much graininess everywhere else for an amature button clicker. Backstory, my mom works with local vetrans and this is the only known military photo for this guy and they want to have his picture next to a plaque.

  35. I don't know if it's divorce, but it's divorce. Kansas is a community property state so his wife is entitled to half of everything created after the marriage. This is why he is selling the fleet. This is also the reason he took credit at Omega for the citron.

  36. Made me think that the credit could "hide" value. as repairs probably don't help value but it's a place to store future value.

  37. hoovie is selling a lot of his cars because he's going through a divorce (confirmed, its been filed in the kansas courts). he keeps saying he needs to sell off cars cuz he needs the money. also got a vasectomy

  38. Did you confirm this yourself using sedgwick county court search. Looks like it's $1.50 a search. If you did it, i'd rather not spend a coke (bottle of, not line) on it.

  39. it doesnt matter that game will be reversed as the nuggets cheated non stop the whole game and paid the referees also. so they will be disqualified

  40. True but idk - does Mencken really think he’ll be better off under Mattson than he’d be under Kendall/Roman? He does need ATN’s positive coverage but maybe he thinks he’d be better off with a Mattson/Tom ticket?

  41. Mattson can give him what they are offering + GoJo tech info on Americans.... It's a better deal with 0 issues.

  42. If they overpay on the backend for Reaves + Rui. They could have some really dark years with no flexibility post-LBJ/AD. They don't own their picks. Could be a dark 5 years.

  43. That's the exact point. Lets say Reave's big pay prevents getting a Lebron replacement in 2025. Here is the status of you're picks til 2029. Also imagine someone tosses a No Trade Clause on The Reaves signing... That has him as an untradeable asset post-LBJ years.

  44. Lol Lakers just created this team in the trade deadline and managed to reach the conference finals. If they can make sensible moves and improve the team, he can load manage in the regular season and he'd be 100% come to the playoffs. It's LeBron James

  45. Most of the team is in line for a large pay raise. What world are you on where the cap doesn't destroy keeping key cogs

  46. Only bad call I can think of is the Schroeder carry, what others were there?

  47. Foul on jokic when reeves pulled him down

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