1. okay WOW this caught my eye & i love every detail in this! the saliva is a nice touch. i also love the floating hands; reminds me of playing Rayman as a kid!!!

  2. Was hoping to see Mora on the album but nonetheless I’m excited

  3. Im on my 2-3 month and I’m barely starting to feel like myself again thank god

  4. Not going to lie I do they upped my dose to 30 mg I believe might be the sweet spot still getting anxiety but not like panic attacks which is better in my opinion how about you ?

  5. Im on Prozac and I’m a carpenter but i usually have high energy already and still have it now

  6. Start work as in, starting a new job after having been unemployed? Or starting your shift for the first time on Prozac? Or do you mean “work” in a broader sense like therapy and medication? Gotta give us some context to work with.

  7. Starting shift with Prozac it’s because same time I started taking Prozac I got COVID so I’ve been off work a total of three weeks now and Monday time to go back and I’m freaking nervous of having a panic attack

  8. Gotcha. As you’ve probably read around here, yes, weeks 2-3 on Prozac can be brutal for some people

  9. Thankyou so much for these words and carpenter pretty intense I’d say but alright thanks again

  10. Take it easy. You’ll get drunker, faster, with less alcohol. Also, if you’re drinking and you don’t seem to be able to catch a buzz, wait…don’t drink more.

  11. I smoke everyday purrr 💅🏻 My psychiatrist lmk there’s no problem there so ur good!

  12. Request to see your doc like right away ! And maybe even ask for medication fast acting short term

  13. I went to his first tour and he didn’t have an opener it was just him but he did take out jhay Cortez for an older song they had together and then he left the rest was him

  14. Damn it’s a shame he doesn’t have anyone opening. Would love to see another artist like Myke Towers or Sech

  15. I take it as needed for panic and anxiety that is bad. I have 0.5mg tabs and I could take a quarter tab and it just takes the edge off without any sleepiness or memory issues (I've never experienced memory loss from it even when taking higher doses). It's very safe and doesn't last hours and hours in your system. Now klonopin was terrible for me - same class of drugs but different mechanism of action and it lasts hours.

  16. Alright maybe I should I cut it in a smaller size because that’s what I’m afraid feeling weird shit because I’m already having a outta body experience as it is

  17. So you're taking lorazepam with prozac? day after having hard time remembering s ol me words

  18. Well I haven’t taken the lorazepam just waiting for a really tough moment but wanted to know what ppl were experiencing with this one

  19. Likely wont be better tomorrow. They sold everything today.

  20. I thought they reserved some seats for tomorrow and Fridays sales?

  21. You must trust the process I promise you’ll be feeling like you again

  22. YES I started a day before I tested positive and let me tell you having anxiety level 10000 while feeling ill is not fun and now that I feel better my anxiety is off the charts and feel nauseous and this is my first week so far on Prozac

  23. I read about you initiating Prozac in your thread last week…the first week for me (I was on 10mg) was the worst ever. I was rife with anxiety that was worse than usual & walked around nauseous all the time. Hang in there, I promise it gets better (~Week 3 for me).

  24. A picture of my husband when he’s near me

  25. Great drawing and very close to reality indeed.

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