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  1. Fake repost account with darkweb site watermark. Down vote and report.

  2. As shown this fuzzy little grey stick with a fuzzy grey leaf was planted with a few succulents that my girlfriend had.

  3. “I drink a Boost for breakfast, an Ensure for dizzert. Somebody ordered pancakes, I just sip the sizzurp.”

  4. Beautiful. These are legit perfect smash burgers. Regular buns, American cheese, seared thin.

  5. Yup its a german variation on the pizza i think, very thin crust and very tasty if prepared right

  6. There’s no way that’s correct. 1 1/2 teaspoons of mayo? Assuming a can of tuna is half juice that you drain, that’s about 10:1 tuna to mayo by weight. It also doesn’t specify the type of tuna, which makes a huge difference in the end flavor.

  7. Worked in a restaurant that used these to make a shareable grill cheese app

  8. Because of the x’s in the screenshot this thing gives insane moire effect on my phone.

  9. Weird I swear this comes up once a year, out of curiosity how did you find this post?

  10. Np. I just got it for Christmas. I googled bushmaster mpw suppressor removal on google and this post comes up with the picture of the Airgun. Your suppressor is nice and I’m reading it’s integrated which kinda sucks.

  11. Long story short, the suppressor also holds and supports the inner barrel.

  12. I really want to try it. Saw an ad but couldn’t find it locally. What does it taste like?

  13. It’s pretty much just chopped up pickles which is great, but not revolutionary.

  14. There is 1 inactive mod. I placed a request to take over the spot specifically just to stop this shit and delete these posts.

  15. I've been complaining we don't have mods for a bit how the hell does this work?

  16. Alternative perspective… I looked at the Facebook page of my local Amazon warehouse and someone had publicly posted their company-provided holiday meal, being really grateful for it and all of the comments mentioned how delicious it looked unironically. This is a good meal to some people.

  17. What is it like to be at a furry gathering? When you are in costume, do you role play as the animal you are dressed up as?

  18. Check the post history. This is literally just a kid expressing themselves with moth comics. I feel bad for the little guy.

  19. Hey! The mods of that subreddit are currently actively moderating, so it isn’t eligible for Redditrequest at this time. But you can try messaging them if you'd like to help out!

  20. Thanks for submitting this request! It’s been flagged for manual review (not a bad thing!). This might delay a decision by a couple weeks. In the meantime, please politely

  21. Adding link to my message to the current mod, no response was received as the account is inactive.

  22. It's an expensive trailer for hauling a small grill. I suppose it's also a sign, but it's a strange collection of values, to be sure. Not bothered by the gun, and that's not the kind of values I'm talking about. I mean the axles on this trailer are built for serious weight, and the stuff on it doesn't seem to justify them. Or the expense.

  23. Looks like 3 smokers maybe 4; revolver part of gun + 2 back to back on the lower area.

  24. Guys got butter toasted sourdough and a glistening glizzy and calls it shitty..

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