White South-African students who were randomly allocated to share a dorm room with black students were less likely to express negative stereotypes of Blacks and more likely to form interracial friendships, while the black students improved their GPA, passed more exams and had lower dropout rates.

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  1. MMLP I am curious to hear the better version of Stan

  2. 4,5 light years away actually. We are relatively close to the edge of the Milky Way. Near the centre everything is much closer together

  3. Is this one of the moons from Goblin Slayer?

  4. He was credited because his song was sampled, completely different than writing for Nas.

  5. I might continue on with my career for five light years...

  6. Eminem - I like both the humor and the shock factor. Plus he has more flows than anyone it seems

  7. I even make the bitches I rape come - Eminem

  8. Those dots are stars so I highly doubt that

  9. The Firm with Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown

  10. How could we take a picture of ourselves from so far away...

  11. Cheat Codes, MTBMB and Mr Morale

  12. Is there some sort of law that states in every article or video about black holes, it has to be mentioned that “nothing, not even light, can escape”?

  13. People here saying how were lucky there’s not one too close, but this little guy was here before we discovered it. For all we know Voyager II could have just been lost to a small black holes just a couple of minutes ago.

  14. Planet 9 could be a low mass black hole

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