1. Read “Rap on Trial” and you’ll have your answer coupled w/the idea that Black people en masse don’t understand metaphor, simile, hyperbole etc. thanks to systemic racism seeing Black people en masse as uneducated. Doesn’t help that a small percentage of Black people embrace ignorance as a badge of honor.

  2. It does work in favor of rappers who actually do share true stories in their raps then. Still seems very racist to me as a Dutch man.

  3. I feel like he fell off after GKMC and TPAB, I hope he bounces back

  4. DAMN. Is actually quite good, I've just recently started to realize that. Still kinda inconsistent and imo incomplete

  5. The inconsistency is my biggest issue, I listen to his first 3 (mostly GKMC and TPAB) albums front to back, of DAMN I listen to a couple songs

  6. Black Thought dropped a better album than Kendrick as well

  7. 6 or 7 I think, also who is Anthony Fantano😅

  8. Dead and Gone was the song that got me into hiphop

  9. It is my favorite skit of all time

  10. Listen a lot to rappers who manage it like Eminem and rappers who don't usually manage it like Nas and see if you can find the differences in styles between the choruses

  11. Eminem said "Call me Yeezus, I'm f'ed in the head" on a song with Kanye on it

  12. I'm European and I still don't care

  13. Why do females get assigned higher risk patients? Is it because they are better or do the males not want them (and have the power to decline)?

  14. For real all these posts about the first this and the first that annoy me because they aren't really about space

  15. Who wants to get on a ship and go on a kickass pirate adventure

  16. Is it Hawaï that dot in the middle ?

  17. Hawaii is to the left it looks like a streak (because of the underwater mountains/volcanoes)

  18. Indians discovered thousands of years ago

  19. Webb can capture images and spectra with the spectral resolution needed to study short-term phenomena like dust storms, weather patterns, seasonal changes, and, in a single observation, processes that occur at different times (daytime, sunset, and nighttime) of a Martian day.

  20. “I can double my density from 360 degrees to 720 instantly, 6 multiplied by 5 by 4 by 3 by 2 then 1, go ahead and calculate the sum” - Canibus

  21. He could have said 6 factorial and be done haha

  22. Yelawolf's newest album is just him singing

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