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  1. Ok… so I think a “warm cheese danish” is what it should be called when geriatrics creampie.

  2. What a terrible day to be literate

  3. I guess you assumed that the wires to the heating coils are easily accessible and there's no black box hidden in the cushioning? Not to mention you'd need a separate button that would definitely stick out in the visual appearance.

  4. They're probably referring to hacking the computer that turns it on as opposed to hardwiring it to some new controller.

  5. Wow $300 a reading, glad you are questioning it! What are they doing, a 16-hour session?

  6. $300 is the normal going rate for experienced and highly rated psychics in major cities. Especially the ones who pay taxes.

  7. Gracious, makes me want to consider offering spiritual counseling.

  8. Took me a few tries, but I think you'd fill in the blank with "issuing this citation" or "booting whoever's car"

  9. The other commenters here have already done a decent job explaining the issues here regarding overdrawing a power strip and causing heat; if you’re looking for a more encompassing and in-depth explanation, here’s a great video on it:

  10. This is from one of my favorite channels! Alec is great

  11. I've seen this video. As long as he dons't pull more power than that cable is rated for, it won't cause a fire.

  12. It gets tricky with longer runs and that many junctions..the voltage drop is going to make those amps more expensive.

  13. Please stop ushering users to your profile. If you wish to offer services on

  14. I'll speak with the other mods as there is a misunderstanding. If you feel this is a negative interaction, please consider your intuition may not be accurate.

  15. The sun is a thing too. Take some inspiration from the middle east: light loose clothing that covers basically everything but still allows good airflow.

  16. This is only really effective in arid/dry climates

  17. Yeah that's true, I'm thinking the full-length thawbs that cover the arms and legs people in deserts wear. Do you know if they generally wear full sleeves somewhere like Delhi?

  18. If you're willing and capable of doing the work yourself, they're not bad. I imagine it's kind of like having a horse - fun but expensive

  19. would jeans pants have helped anything here? Should they be wearing something else?

  20. Shoes and pants for sure, but the amount of clippings on their legs and feet suggest they were edging with the debris coming at them vs away - which is an accident waiting to happen.

  21. Did you have any luck with this? I've been using a USB raid enclosure attached to my router to work as a NAS, but this morning plugged directly into a computer since it's faster that way and now I'm dealing with the exact same thing.

  22. I found a short clip..I don't know the timestamp from the full hearing.

  23. My feeling is someone held up their hand signaling to wait and he saw five fingers and said 5

  24. lmao I felt the same thing, it took him 5 seconds to come up with the answer

  25. That's illegal as shit in Europe. Can't even use it in hotels

  26. Are you sure about that? R600 is used all over the world for residential refrigerators. Where in Europe is it illegal?

  27. Perhaps I'm thinking in terms of air conditioning. Could have sworn we need to use a3 class.

  28. Ooh you're probably right about in HVAC. The refrigerant charges would be in the pounds vs an ounce or less for a fridge. The last thing you want is a lineset full of flammable gas underneath or inside your house ready for something to accidentally drill or cut through it :shrug:

  29. I have had many cats, and I don’t have kids, so I am very tuned to my cats, my only kids. They are Just playing. I’ve run out my underwear at 11:00pm to break up real fights. You will know, the sounds make you run out of your house in your underwear, if I didn’t say that already.

  30. Literally did this morning 😂

  31. Right. It ain’t autonomous. That being said if the machine were to lose power mid stroke, momentum and gravity could cause a fatal skull to cement collision.

  32. The brakes on each motor will lock up if power is lost.

  33. How is asking for a second opinion asking for a reading?? I already did the reading myself

  34. I can give free readings to whoever ask but I can’t ask for an opinion?

  35. We recommend contacting a reader actively offering readings if you are seeking help with a reading for yourself.

  36. Ramp probably wasn't rejecting the cards, but rather your card issuers. I've been under the impression they treat it like online gambling, for which they decline the transaction in most US states.

  37. It is usually an oil compound. It's not the fluid itself that's dangerous. It's that the fluid is at several hundred PSI and likely very hot. It could cause severe burns and the pressure could cut her or inject the liquid into her body. This kills the Karen.

  38. this. But if she truly did cut a hydraulic line, there’d be a huge spewing mess. I think she cut something else.

  39. There's probably a fuse valve that keeps the cylinders from running out of oil in the case of a major burst. They're common on forklifts

  40. This shows up almost(?) every day for the close price shortly after 4pm close in fidelity ATP. $125.73 is the same price as close.

  41. It was a story from vin wiki. About a greenville water company worker who was in the right place at the right time.

  42. Yep that's right. The guy's who speaking last name is Pitts - in my memory the guy telling the story was one of the sons, and I remembered Pitts.

  43. Even GPT-2 can make some pretty great stuff every now and then. My favorite from the gpt2 subsimulator is

  44. Thanks for letting me read that again, that is just true hilarity

  45. Inflation numbers to be published tomorrow, we were probably dumping of riskier investments

  46. Yes I have worked with both of these systems. The one in the video is an active heave drawworks.

  47. Thanks so much for answering questions - what happens when the compensation system fails unexpectedly and becomes more or less stationary relative to the rigging?

  48. It's the ability to trade NFTs on multiple marketplaces

  49. Ooo that answers a question I've had. Thank you friend 🙏

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