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  1. You’d think with the imaging at our disposal we’d have a pretty good idea what is on/in the damn thing.

  2. Because China wants us to shoot it down. The balloon isn't a spy balloon. US almost certainly knows that. It is a commercial balloon like China said.

  3. Do you know what polling period means? Apparently not. That's just the timespan they asked people. The question is did you participate in a protest against police brutality. Which spans far more. Like even with just basic reading skills you can see the polling period only lasted a few days, not the span of the protests should give you a hint to what it meant.

  4. LOL! Apparently you're also too lazy to actually read the document that you've posted?

  5. That's not what the survey says. And it's not one question. It's a compilation of questions that includes have you heard about it and using that to determine how many are protesting. God I don't know why I'm trying to explain to you how statistical analysis works. You know what, your retardedness wins. Your complete lack of understanding how statistics works is unbelievable.

  6. They are actually Chinese arms being passed through N Korea. N Korea is a laundromat of chinese weapons, since China won't dare arm Russia directly.

  7. And China is passing Ukraine weapons through Pakistan. It's very clear China is neutral if neutral means making as much money as possible from both sides. I mean the other thing China has been busy doing is refining Russian oil to sell to US and Europe. To China's credit they declared this at the beginning of the war. They stated they are against any sanctions that would interrupt business and they are not a party (read participate) to the war. So they already said they won't stop selling whatever they can and aren't going to help negotiate a peace or anything positive. China's been following that to a T, such that neither the US nor Russia has been able to accuse them of much. But don't misunderstand they're absolutely war profiteering, as they promised they would.

  8. I mean, the reason men do this is because we all hope it will be reciprocated. Hell I even ask for it to be returned. But no, no. :(

  9. You know, that logic confuses me. Propeller planes won 2 world wars as well. The last thing on earth I would want to use to defend myself or my country would be a prop plane. Just because it was good when your grandfather used it, doesn't mean a god damn thing today.

  10. Again, that's assuming Putin doesn't just kill everyone. Not intentionally of course, but if they mobilize enough, there simply isn't anyone to man the factories. And again, this assumes there isn't a revolution that over throws Putin, puts Russia into complete chaos with their own bombing their gas supplies. Which totally could happen.

  11. Huh? I'm saying after he dies, it's likely that the country goes into civil war and they'll attack infrastructure so the other side doesn't get it. I mean I literally said:

  12. How come you don’t need a license to sell these but you do for the stuff sold in dispensaries? Assuming because it’s hemp but that seems like a big loophole if you can get high.

  13. Yup, it's a loophole because it's hemp from the 2018 farm bill that says any extract from hemp that is not THC Delta 9 is legal. THC Delta 8 is a sister chemical to THC Delta 9 and is extracted from hemp. I'm simplifying it but I don't want to go into the exact science. The crazy part is if eaten, THC Delta 8 metabolizes the same as THC Delta 9, to a point we aren't sure there is a difference.

  14. Delta-9 is also legal in some states based on the total dry weight of thc. Without the full spectrum it doesn't feel the same, but it's much closer than the delta-8 FEELS at least.

  15. This is correct. There are some products that are filled with delta 9 thc that have less than 0.3% dry weight. This according to the farm bill that's legal. Of course to do this they are still extracting from hemp.

  16. From what I understand these are aircraft Russia built to be sold. They’ve been trying to offload these for a while now. Iran is giving drones, drone components and support in Ukraine so this deal is likely a handshake for the I doubt Russia will miss on delivery. The Su-35 is still a very capable aircraft and should not be underestimated in the hands of a good pilot. However, since these birds were built for sale they most likely don’t have the hardware and other things built into them that would compensate for having non experienced pilots. These aircraft with Iranian pilots won’t really make Iran any more capable than they already are.

  17. That's just not true. This will make them multiple times better than they are now. The deliveries won't materially change their situation because well, a squadron of Su-35 surrounded by a sea of F-16, F-15 and F-35 isn't going to be able to do much if anything. However, compared to the dilapidated fighters Iran is using now, it's a massive improvement.

  18. This is the confusing part. USA should want China addicted to our stuff. But instead we are just addicting ourselves to their stuff and weaning them off our stuff. And no, tik tok isn't the big one, just gets the most attention. Vapes, fentanyl, electronics, batteries, hell even their chips right now for all the pufferring the chip ban is doing. All these things the US is addicted to. All our attempts to change that have backfired spectacularly. We buy Chinese solar panels at a higher price through Vietnam and Thailand. We buy over priced batteries through Ford, Tesla, GM etc.. we pretend we are not addicted because the final products have American labels but no American technology. They actually have our population addicted but we think cutting them off a little bit is going to do?

  19. There's no pension fund system I'm china.

  20. What are you talking about a quick Google search has dozens of articles about their pension system.

  21. Russian debate tactics are so circular and silly. I’ve encountered them a few times on this very site. It’s like talking to a brick wall, pretty pointless. They don’t make anything resembling a good point but they’ll talk in circles until your brain turns to goo if you let them.

  22. I'd imagine that'd be a terrible idea. Wagner isn't useful because they do things well, they're useful because they're insanely brutal and don't mind losing men. In countries like Syria, they were incredibly successful at doing their job. Though obviously at a huge cost to life.

  23. I’m sorry but the optics would be pretty terrible if China had to resort to some Russian bloodthirsty mercenaries for protecting their own people abroad. What does that say about Chinese defense capabilities? That China can’t defend itself.

  24. I love the city of Pittsburgh. Good food, friendly people, lots of activities but holy god is the roads bad here. Not just the poor maintenance and pot holes but just general layout and design. Shopping malls with no obvious entrance, strip malls that exits out into the back roads, cobble streets that vibrate the car like a cellphone. I mean what is going on?

  25. China wants to be ASML. I think that's what you are missing. They don't want to bother with the final product like CPUs etc... Flood the market with enough production tools for cheap enough and that stuff will sell for pennies. They don't want to control ASML. They're making the tools right now. It's likely 2-3 years away, but their goal now is while they're behind get everyone on everything they make. Then catch up and become the sole source.

  26. LOL. China doesn’t have anything close to the tech to do what ASML was doing 5 years ago, let alone what they are doing currently.

  27. I feel like I shouldn't even respond with how little you know. Before we proceed, if you can't answer these questions, it's quite pointless.

  28. Lmao the moment they seize a Tesla factory for state weapons manufacturing is the day all foreign investment halts.

  29. What makes even less sense with that comment is China has hundreds of factories that are already pumping out weapons. Why would they seize and refit a Tesla plant? They could easily feed Russia with a fraction of their current production capacity. They choose not to.

  30. If the industry that's supplying you is not in your own borders, bombs will do little to disrupt your war effort other than making you more determined.

  31. And while I completely agree the Ukrainian situation is different, I'm so tired of people saying it never works. It's worked many many times over centuries. It's why USA took out Iraq infrastructure before the full attack. It absolutely works.

  32. Yeah you have to otherwise you risk the next skiers potentially colliding with them

  33. Yup, it's not to help the bozos who obviously don't know how to use the lift, it's to protect the ones behind them who are less likely to be this incompetent.

  34. I'm not criticizing it, I'm just saying I didn't find it funny. That's all I've been saying this entire time.

  35. Fair, I suppose you didn't get that across. I think most people had thought you were saying it was stupid and no one should find it funny. But fair enough we all misspeak.

  36. Yeah, I think you're right. People do make a lot of assumptions about other people's positions on Reddit in particular, I've noticed. I can't count the number of times I've had both "you leftists..." and "you maga..." for saying something that didn't indicate my political opinion.

  37. I mean reddit is absolutely an echo chamber with absolutely no understanding of nuance. It's wild how biased people are here. And my favorite part, they say anyone who disagrees is the biased ones.

  38. Like I know it's in discussions but does Kim even have enough bribe money? Because that's how fifa decides on the location. So he'd have to bribe enough to win. I'm pretty sure he can't.

  39. Wow, even China's fed up with Russia. This with China blocking Loongson sales, China's pretty loudly saying to Putin, stop this nonsense that's enough. I was wondering about the Loongson ban as banning that chip made no sense as it's just a mediocre commercial CPU. But adding this Huawei block it's pretty clear China is saying if you don't stop this, even we won't give you tech.

  40. It's a bit weird to do a 1:1 comparison that completely ignores geopolitical reality any war would take place in. I mean, we could then argue that China wouldn't last two months in a war because it doesn't produce enough food to feed itself or enough oil to run its war machine.

  41. It absolutely is a bit weird to do a 1:1 comparison. But I said China is second in technology and production and questionable in doctrine and training. If we were to look at everything as a whole then China kind of falls apart in many ways militarily. Though they do things to make up for that both covertly and overtly. I wouldn't say it's comparable to the power that the US has but it's interesting what they do.

  42. Uh that's exactly what UK, Japan and India is planning to do. So yeah, they're totally about to have their own knock off F-35. However, there's actually a huge difference with China's tech and western tech. And this is mostly because China is sorely aware it's weaker than their western counterparts.

  43. Old cpus are cheaper and still doing the job. One of the first intel CPU Z80 was in industrial use 20 years after it’s prime.

  44. And that's clearly the path that Iran decided to take. All those Shaheed drones and what not are using really old CPUs. So old that there's no way to block their sales as it's basically just collecting our garbage.

  45. Weapons are not just guns and rockets, but computers. My guess is that U.S. is trying to reduce chinas cyber potential. I could be wrong but that’s my best guess.

  46. I think national security is just a red herring to begin with. I think it's much deeper than that. Computer chips are basically the last bastion of American superiority. And I don't mean just against China.

  47. I hate it but it makes sense. China wants to have a safe and consistent source of oil imports and Russia can provide that. Also China dislikes Europe for the century of humiliation, so China is more than happy to take actions that would annoy/piss of Europe.

  48. I mean, China has not broken any EU sanctions, sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine, won't sell military weapons, spoke out against Putin's nuclear threats and refuses to even sell their own microprocessors to Russia.

  49. Well China certainly thinks it's unlawful. That's why they're going to the WTO. It's also why they didn't do anything prior when USA only banned their own stuff.

  50. Does the law guarantee that China get access to all materials and that negotiations between nations to limit access are illegal?

  51. That's an interesting question and yes. That's what the WTO lawsuit is about. To be part of the WTO, you can't just decide not to sell something. That's called trade protectionism.

  52. I'm kinda surprised that they back down. Zero covid is such a big talking point of the party that I expected them to hold it out.

  53. That's because no one understands China. It's not really an authoritarian dictatorship. It's better described as mob rule. Enough people want something it happens. Heck it's why the whole Xinjiang thing is happening. Imagine if USA was mob rule back in the 60s, what do you think would have happened to the African American population back then. This is also why they are so obsessed with censorship. They know if enough info gets out and the people revolt they'll be ruined.

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