1. I'm sorry, your adult brother went crying to mommy and daddy? LMAOOOOOOO NTA he's a whiny c*nt too.

  2. I am the pasty-ish cousin of Casper and Wendy and even I know the difference. Yikes x infinity and NTA.

  3. The same 15-20 people perpetuate this industry in town. They are able to play the legal shell game just enough so that the principals who get nailed continue to make money off the new business that pops up in its place.

  4. https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/2020/new-york-attorney-general-james-and-consumer-financial-protection-bureau-take

  5. That’s what I think happened here or they pried up the leg on the bottom and pulled the lock/cable out and took the bike with the lock still.

  6. Are there any cameras in the common parts of the building or does anyone have a Ring/Nest doorbell?

  7. That's the thing, this was so out of character for him. He's normally so respectful to me, and always keeps his promises to me. That's what makes this so weird, and also why I think his friends talked him into it.

  8. For real? You've never been anywhere but EV?

  9. I think I live near "Still a corner bar" and "Used to be a corner bar"

  10. Not even a corner bar. Those random middle of the block bars.

  11. Santora's on Transit used to be blonde Clarence mom central before the pandemic. I don't know about now, though.

  12. Here's how I see this: Of course this is wrong and really scummy considering the situation. But if 1 scuzzy person takes advantage of this yet it helps 50 other people who truly need the assistance, it's worth it.

  13. It's called that because the street names are named after fruit. The Lakawanna police station is close and Curly's is a great Caribbean restaurant. You will be fine. Also don't forget to visit the Basillica

  14. You're in a whole different city there, bud.

  15. School district cafeteria, bus aide, hall monitor

  16. NTA only because plenty of parents still work from home. Me? I'm starting work in 9 minutes with unbrushed hair tossed in a braid, sweat pants, and a ratty teeshirt since I work from home.

  17. My daughter had a transgender student in her grade and I asked my daughter how she felt about the classmate being in the locker room. She said it's (girl's name) and no big deal, the girl had been trans forever and obviously wasn't in the locker room for the sole purpose of trying to sneak a peek at The Bewbs. My daughter said "there's gay girls in the locker room anyways."

  18. Wherever you go, they will brutalize your wallet. That's how vets are.

  19. Wow, I’ve never seen one before. I can’t believe they actually drive through every street.

  20. I saw it a few years ago while at a red light. Me and my doggo made it to street view.

  21. I saw them going into the airport around 10 am, I think it was.

  22. I work at Starbucks and I’m genuinely shocked when parents let their children have coffee… it’s blatantly irresponsible

  23. My aunt and nonna let me have coffee since I was a preschooler. With cream and sugar, of course, but it's honestly no big deal. I'm almost 50 now.

  24. Can you get out to Depew, by chance? I have some huge body wash bottles that I was going to donate but you're more than welcome to have one. Let me know.

  25. Also heard McDonalds on Union and George Urban across from Tops.

  26. Bullshit. You KNOW someone at Tops had a gun on them on Saturday. The Good Guy with a Gun savior thought process almost never happens.

  27. Yeah I’m done giving anyone who votes Republican cover. They are all racist, they all are seeking to control women and they are all fascist.

  28. Someone who was a friend fosters and has adopted several children of color. I said to her that if you support 45, you are supporting a racist. She said no, I'm not racist. I replied with that silence is acceptance, and supporting him is acceptance. She got BIG MAD at me yelling "Im NoT a RaCiSt, I hAvE bLaCk ChIlDrEn". She just couldn't grasp it.

  29. How easy from airport hotel to Niagara Falls state park without driving car ?

  30. I work for an international utility company. Back when I used to be a phone agent, I figured out a fast and secure way of verifying the caller except the wayyyyyyyyy higher ups didn't like it. The specific verification method was banned for a while. Like, explicitly "do not do this" banned, company wide. Sorry, everyone. It was good while it lasted.

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