1. You can create custom clan tags using special characters. A lot of them have been removed but some still remain. You have to go out of your way to enter them though.

  2. Lol, I play with my US friends a lot and I'm in Australia so dealing with 200-250ms and still able to play and keep a decent 1.6k/d in WZ1. Honestly, if the difference for you is 40 vs 80 ping I'm thinking this isn't actually the issue.

  3. Facts bro. OP sounds like a 13 year old who just got past his Ninja Fortnite phase.

  4. Homie I live in the middle of the pacific ocean, nearest servers are California. 80-90 Ping for me is “low”.

  5. One thing that actually needs improvement is looting/inventory system. It is slow and clunky.

  6. Agreed. The looting system isn’t necessarily slow, but the issue I have is loot dropping into a wall or Buy Station and being unable to pick up. And don’t even get me started when loot all stacks up on a pile.

  7. If you didn't find one in about two minutes you probably hot dropped, got into a fight and died. These things are everywhere, every other duffel bag has one.

  8. Right? They’re pretty easy to find if you ask me. Some games I find an excess of 5+ and once you have one all the extra become obsolete.

  9. Yes bro it’s the same for me. My scroll wheel up is bonded to Jump/Mantle and scroll wheel down is bonded to Slide/Crouch. Since launch I couldn’t zoom in or out of the mini map and it drive me crazy. I would have to ask my teammates to ping shit for me. However, I’ve found some ways around this to be able to use my mini map:

  10. Ryzen 7 5800X3D is the best gaming CPU you can get for your motherboard.

  11. Are you comparing 5800X vs 5800X3D? The 3D version has lower clock frequencies because it is one-of-a-kind CPU with a stacked L3 cache layer on top of the CPU die itself, so AMD had to lower the frequencies slightly, but the increase of L3 cache helps gaming performance a lot more than the decrease in clock frequency.

  12. I really appreciate your recommendation man. Just bought the 5800X3D. Thank you so much. Happy New Year, Cheers

  13. debatably nas, but it is obviously not eminem lmfao

  14. You can’t say they need to be patched without seeing both sides. I’m assuming you don’t fly helicopters, every game i’m getting locked on by at least 4 soldiers and an AA vehicle. They’re already broken and if you make them better, along with all 64 or 128 players having the ability to equip them, all aircraft would be obsolete. Check the clip below and you’ll see how your statement is flawed, because i personally think they should be restricted.

  15. They’re all kinda the same but the 2004 versions were funky. I’d go for 8/7/04 with the golden years and Lil Jon outro

  16. This 100%. Just watched this version and it never gets old. WHAAAAAT?!?! YEEEEEAAAHHH!!!!!! OKAAAAYYYYY!!!!

  17. This 100%. I played 30 matches last night and i shit you not 22 of them were on Exposure.

  18. 5/30/06 at UMB Bank Pavilion for me. Song was liberated a month prior and was a liberation (last time played was 8/28/01. Crazy show all around.

  19. Agree 100%. The absolute killer JTR, complete masterpiece. Even if they left out everyone’s favorite lyric

  20. Shooting range for target practice. Make sure it’s operated in safe conditions tho and the people are educated on basic firearm safety.

  21. I have the same Gen 3 Ruger Precisin Rife chambered in 6.5 CM and I can’t praise this gun enough. Incredibly accurate out of the box. I also have a Vortex Viper Gen II like yourself and it’s a great scope as well. Like I said, this gun is extremely accurate. There’s videos of it out performing Barrett’s & Accuracy Internationals.

  22. nah, anytime Dave mentions smoking pot the crowd always loses their mind hahah

  23. the fuck ? i asked a question similar to this 2 days ago and it got auto deleted by a moderator

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