1. This reminds me of that scene in talladega nights where Cal calls Bobby to ask how to play music on the stereo whilst the home theater is playing something else.

  2. In all seriousness, I don't think this would do as much as people think. The reason the spray is so bad this season is because of the newly allowed ground effects. W/ the new rules, cars can use their undersides to create a much bigger area of low pressure (suction/downforce) under the car compared to last seasons high rake set ups. Meaning the floor of the car is now acting as a huge vacuum cleaner, sucking up water over a larger area under the vehicle, which then gets shot out of the diffuser.

  3. Plan é̫͓̮̣̰͓̭͢ͅF̨̞͉̠̞̖͍̀͟e̵͉͚̫͖͔͜ͅ confirmed.

  4. Because "realism", bruh. In real life, you to have to do calculus every time you switch round types and pray you didn't forget to carry the 2.

  5. That’s false as someone who goes to the range weekly zeroing is the easiest part you shoot five rounds check where you are after each one and adjust. Switching ammo types in real life will change where the bullet goes. The most is roughly around 2-3 inches unless you are using very heavy grain bullets which Tarkov doesn’t do, so Zeroing is completely broken for no reason.

  6. My guy, my previous post.............. .. It was a joke.

  7. That might be bc nexus 2 is 32-bit only and ableton stopped supporting it around v9 or v10 (memory is fuzzy on this).

  8. I just addressed the parts I could comment on. You said he didn’t have a good race and saying Max would have needed to pass him to win is wrong and I disagreed. I can’t say much about the British sky commentary since I watch Austrian TV but in the end of course the British commentators are gonna be biased to their greatest driver ever. I don’t really think it’s a big issue.

  9. Yeah again that’s not that weird. If you watch a German broadcast the time they spend on talking about Seb and Mick is crazy.

  10. Sorry! I totally misread. I was blinded by a thick cloud of copium from a different subreddit and imagined an extra syllable. Crazy what a difference 2 letters make, eh?

  11. Lol, yeah I just saw as soon as I finished replying. Ofcourse it had to be Microsoft.

  12. What I'm talking about is when you choose to stream your whole screen, people are able to see everything that is going on your monitor.

  13. I see, that's not what you said in your previous response but I get you. I have a 2nd monitor so I don't have that issue since I will do everything on the off monitor for that reason.

  14. How do you forget a fucking wheel?? This is a new low, somehow

  15. Careful there, bud. Ferrari might take your comment as a challenge.

  16. They didn't forget. The 🅱️lan demands sacrifices. It was Sainz's turn this weekend.

  17. That's the weirdest massage parlor special I've ever seen.

  18. I see you are a history scholar and a man of culture.

  19. Lol, if rocketpoweredmohawk doesn't make a joke about this after all of his comments about camera angles during races, imma start calling him rocketpoweredDiResta

  20. No, not all medical professionals are heroes. Far from it. If they're really letting stats guide their decisions, they wouldn't be refusing to perform elective surgical sterilization on women. Several studies have been conducted and the fraction of women who "express regret" ranges from 6-28%. With an average of the averages being 14%. Can you tell me about a few more procedures that doctors refuse to perform because they're "only 86% successful"? I bet you can't.

  21. I'm not going to take that bet because I want to keep this positive and constructive. There's more to statistics than rates of immediate surgical sucess because outcomes are multidimensional across short and long term and not limited to surgical outcome. For example; you mentioned 3 stats but didn't mention how age has a much greater impact on those statistics you quoted and overall outcome (e.g. regret) than surgical success rates.

  22. A vague claim with no explanation or context followed by an absurd accusation.

  23. i decided to not be emotionally committed to this weekend and not really care but somehow ferrari finds a way

  24. It's hard, isn't it? It's like they train to be incompetent.

  25. He should've done like my dad and be british. I must say it's been quite easy for me and been mentally healthy the last couple of years lol:6697:

  26. Not as educated as your husband but have a similar response to people listening. As a child people would frequently tell me to "get to the point" or have responses like "nobody cares dude". Now I shut myself down whenever I start talking about anything for to long.

  27. I feel you man. I've heard the same from people around me. I've given this some thought (especially during lockdowns) and I've started to think that intelligence/education is not the main issue.

  28. If they allow VOIP when you're unconscious, there will be much hilarity/raging

  29. Best grip is the one that fits on the slot 👍

  30. There is a simple resolution to this issue, pay the bill. Nothing else is likely to yield positive results. Not sure why you are insisting your interpretation is "right", the school has told you they believe their interpretation is correct. Is it worth delaying your STEP 1 or possibly having to pay for it a second time to argue your "principle"?

  31. This is something I have considered. Thing is, I have not refused to pay at any point during our correspondence. I have even made this clear in my emails.

  32. "no lawyer can or will help" & "see nothing here the law can help with"

  33. That’s the sound my knees make (I’m morbidly obese)

  34. Lol, if this is the sound of knees, my ankles must be maracas

  35. Salt is also a coagulant and antiseptic, they should let us use NaCl to stop bleeds.

  36. He doesn’t have a video card that supports it, right?

  37. Ah nice, I had no idea. I don't have the 10x series but good to know!

  38. That's my bad. I mistook your quote from OP as your own.

  39. True. What would you do if you were really stupid and wanted to run the M1A on factory lol

  40. Basically trying to get any advantage anywhere possible.

  41. ....................... dude.................... what do you think Comtacs do/are?

  42. Because half the comments here are crying about people blowing their eardrums out when shooting. But they must have the volume on 100% to hear someone farting three buildings away.

  43. Why would they get rid of inertia? It's one of the best changes to the game they've ever made.

  44. I'd say another $60 Dlc will be announced before any of this stuff drops

  45. Has happened to me and my raid buddies a couple of times. Makes you invisible to rogues too.

  46. Honestly, it depends. There's a video on YouTube by hardware unboxed where they did a comparison on 50 games and overall they found that the 6600 was 3% faster on average.

  47. Once again, that really depends on your preferences and hardware. Specially your monitor.

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