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  1. Vancouver gun club is a shotgun shoot range only for members and guests. No firearm rentals. Shotgun only shooting #7,8,9 target loads only. They have an excellent clubhouse with a classroom that offers non restricted and restricted PAL courses. This is a great place to get your pal and core lisence. And a great place to practice shotgun shooting sports such as trap, skeet, 5 stand, sporting, and Olympic skeet including doubles. Memberships are expensive but cheaper then paying daily drop in rate

  2. How did u see that!? So cake day is once a year ?

  3. Is there a version of this that lets you switch to red light if needed?

  4. Not a function of the UC35. But as commenter before said the color lenses are not great but available

  5. PETA against skateboard. Also did u tell that guy what happened or nah?

  6. It's Rosales's soul in the brief case.... Note the bandaid behind his head and that's he's a stone cold G. Very dear to him.

  7. That my people is a simple stage gerb. No report. All spark.

  8. In Russia head shoot bullet this is simple bullet jam.

  9. You gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.

  10. You'll get so good you'll just jerk it and think about the bullets

  11. **8round mags tehe includes two with purchase if u find the two pack deal on sale for 69.99$buyyy it


  13. Go tenda uses drop shipping. they have been known so sell stock at great prices to only find out they never had one in the first place.. they want your money so they make you wait and hopefully they get it for you or they have offered exchange or refund. It is how tenda stays competitive.

  14. Me neither. But I always question how I can get something sent to my door in BC all the fucking way from Ontario.... Cheaper then if I go drive to my local store and purchase it.... And my local stores won't price match outta province.... And Ontario has less sales tax. Free shipping... Tenda ftw

  15. Chuck norris doesn't shower he sparks.

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