Two pitbulls attack a cat

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  1. Just ordered mine, will be here next week. Can’t wait!!

  2. I already planned on taking it to my local bike shop so they can put it together and tune it up.

  3. How is withholding sex from the person she loves, The person she married and the person who loves her back going to fix this shithole we call America?!

  4. I won’t watch this, I’m a cat Lover and those dogs are lucky I wasn’t around to see it, Because I would throw them in the ocean for the sharks.

  5. Back Garden Light is extremely underrated and fits the sound you’re looking for.

  6. Man, These guy’s are on a roll. Loving the video too!

  7. Not a fan of their processed pop sound, but they put on a fucking great live show and are much rawer/heavier. One of the few bands where at the start of the set I was like "I hate this" and by the end I was like "yeah they slap". Great showmen, they have that early Lostprophets confidence but less rapey obvs.

  8. Colorado will win in 6, But anyone who thought this was going to be a sweep hasn’t been paying attention.

  9. I wish I could like this album more, I really do. I keep trying, but I just can’t do it.

  10. I would like to see a WR & TE signed before the season starts. We need depth if we’re going to roll with what we have now. What we have now is decent, But if any of them get injured, Then we will have a problem.

  11. Will “I’m basically Parris Campbell injured” Fuller is the only starting caliber WR on this list that isn’t 30+

  12. He’s actually a pretty good goalie, but was stuck In Toronto. Their D was terrible in front of him. I’d take a chance.

  13. Loving the Album, I’m sad they’re not talked about more on here.

  14. Is the album good? I checked out a few singles and was kind of put off by some of the hip hop elements.

  15. Only one song has the hip hop element. The album is definitely good and worth a listen.

  16. Love Elwood Stray, but i feel like they are disappearing.. they haven’t put out much other than some singles and an ep. I need a full length!

  17. Thornhill - Will never be added to my playlist again.

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