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  1. For sure but I wonder if the people who don't resell to make profit will go or not

  2. I’d imagine it will be at capacity. It’s a huge game even if the Hawks aren’t likely to be good.

  3. Let's hope I want russ to be on the receiving end of the 12s

  4. Heyo im looking for a new charger for my alpha flex2 laptop does anyone know where I can get one that's like an actual Samsung one or just something high quality.

  5. I always come back to Killshot, never gets boring. I guess it's a little tradition I have lol

  6. Same here its honestly a great song plus it's nice hearing Kelly get ripped to shreds :)

  7. Jamal plays his ass off. He is asked to perform tasks he isn’t skilled at. He excels at crashing the goal line, not covering receivers. I’m excited to see him in this new defensive scheme where they will allow Jamal to be Jamal.

  8. For sure and apart from being a good player his attitude and energy helps the while team so much.

  9. Know what’s worse than a bad trade? Cutting a future hall of fame MLB and him finding out via twitter.

  10. Fr man I hate that bobby is such a good dude too they fucked that one up.

  11. He won't ever leave football. He is only 70, his contract runs for 4 more seasons. He will be doing football things until he dies I am pretty sure.

  12. He was a high draft pick plus he been in the league for a bit

  13. That is so true man Ima be honest i don't rlly ever pay attention bcuz it never makes sense

  14. Hell yea we can't have russ back lets go baby seahawks country, let's ride

  15. Are you using the Broncos twitter slogan to root for the Seahawks? Cringe.

  16. Burn it...... now! I ain't needa see that shii

  17. I reckon it's gonna have an impact. The neck can rotate on all three anatomical planes. You can shake yes, no, and tilt your head sideways. Each type of movement has its own set of joints doing most of the work. Having studied biomedics, I'm in no way a doctor but can easily re-familiarise myself with the relevant anatomy.

  18. Yea I don't think paralysis is worth a few years of play but that's just me.

  19. All due respect, but a nurse is not the same thing as a spinal specialist. Especially one that is on the NFL Preferred Providers list.

  20. She's not like a floor nurse she works management and all kinds of different positions she's not a spinal professional which is why I never stated that she's just been in the field for a long time and moved all over and she also worked in the er for a long time and generally has a lot of knowledge. I was just putting it out there that if he plays again he really risks paralysis which I don't think is worth it maybe he could come back as a coach and be a rb coach yk?

  21. Classic toxic sports fan behavior

  22. Hey bruv ik u posted ur Vids using v.reddit how does one find other vids that use v.reddit aswell, also u should start posting more you got good shi bruv.

  23. YK87 says:

    MATT CORRAL. Needs more hype he has the release of Aaron Rodgers, throws the ball so effortlessly, and has the quickness and agility of kyler Murray

  24. For sure after willis kinda showed up and showed out he got swept under the rug

  25. I completely forgot Ryobi ONE + 18V Cordless 10 played for us that year. How did we not sign him long term?

  26. For real dude was a powerhouse if a receiver got open over the middle of the field he drilled them

  27. Browns fan here…I would legit feel terrible for you all if this were to happen (which it won’t…we are going to have to pay someone to take baker)

  28. I’d rather have a healthy baker than lock, I think. But, yeah, definitely not worth DK

  29. Yea agreed but I definitely think lock has potential he's athletic as hell just doesn't have the mental side of it yet

  30. I must be sped cause I can figure this out lmaoo

  31. God dammit he took us for granted at first I wanted him to do well but he doesn't have my respect anymore after all of 7 words and really a highlight reel of himself I can't root for him straight up forced his way out fuck him man imagine how different he would have been for him if we didn't draft him coulda been awful cause he damn sure had a good team to build him self with

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