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  1. I’m working in surrey bc i got orders but not a single tip all night

  2. I WISH governments were a reflection of the general public. Nmore often than not thats not the case.

  3. They hit someone, they go to jail. Not knowing oops is not an excuse to murder someone or hit someone's scooter. What kind of analysis is this? You will get away with it abroad? Leave alone driving for hours not knowing a giant sack of meat is under the car? Driving drunk? Prison. Multiple counts of criminal code this is.

  4. If I were you i’d edit the ‘giant sack of meat’ out of your comment..seems distasteful

  5. I did a specialized masters and then applied for a general visa in three months. Wait for your notes and check the reasons carefully. I don't think it's the double masters issue

  6. When did you click this? Is it safe to go to manali now?

  7. People posting random ass comments thinking it's cool to s post something totally unrelated on someone else's post to look cool seems like it's very difficult to have a serious conversation in this sub tbh

  8. I just got “accepted” in Canada. However I’m confused because my interview was conducted via Skype messenger and never talked with someone via phone or video chat. Just wanting to be sure before giving them my SIN number

  9. I was very vary of this place. Ab toh no chance. Bullshit management.

  10. Can somebody tell me what kind of filter this is where the video is moving? Thanks!

  11. I work at Amazon. We do not 'deactovate' accounts even if there is suspicious activity. We put a hold on it. We send an email informing you about this (not text) and then once you verify the details, the hold is removed. We do not deactivate accounts.

  12. No funds for National Football team and very less support compared to cricket team but now things are changing and more and more fans are coming in support of National Football team.

  13. Yeah man I hope so. I remember when we used to play for our school team, we had names. I know it's not a big deal but yeah... :/ I'm so happy for our team though :')

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