1. Stock VS flow - a strong pipeline of work but not much being added to that pipeline

  2. WFH might be a good thing, but not too many will agree that inflated house prices, and shortage of rentals is beneficial to anyone.

  3. People in Australia don't want to raise families in apartments - and that will always be a psychological issue

  4. No - think about what is causing the current housing issues and notice it is happening around the world.

  5. Yep - And election after election, Australians vote for the party which promises lower taxes and then whinge about the roads/hospitals/police being under funded.

  6. Everyone wants more taxes as long as they don't have to pay them!

  7. Nah, just Australia over-inflating our artists. Which on the whole is a good thing for the industry but for Flume to win with such a basic song, by his own standards, says a lot. The lack of the most played songs on the radio in Australia in 2022 or most streamed shows triple j listeners (and voters) are a small segment of all music listeners.

  8. Does that really matter in a countdown? I fully acknowledge that I’m not a triple j listener or a listener or a listener of 90%+ of the artists/songs but since Jack Harlow, Beyoncé, Drake and 21 Savage make the list it isn’t only based on local acts. Again, as much as I think much of the music is mid, it is good for the Australian artists and the Australian music industry. I just don’t see or hear many you people listening to these indie (or indie-pop) acts. But it’s probably just me and my circle of friends (and radio, bars, clubs).

  9. I think the 25 and under are still listening to them and going to see them live.

  10. Hasn't moved it in any of my social circles if anything, the change has led to a bit of a groundswell against Australia day.

  11. Yeah how about not wasting my time doing bullshit standard units

  12. My advice is for everyone to make noise at your local politicians to do something about the renting situation, and fast. A fair whack of pollies also own investment properties, so they’re not gonna change the rigged system without considerable pressure, because it currently works in their favour.

  13. The only thing that can be done is more supply on the market - which means building more places.

  14. There are just very few sellers. Period. And people have been holding on for longer over the last decade as they prefer to renovate and are also living longer.

  15. Eh what I'm finding is that basically everyone took a long time off over Christmas (finally covid free) and listing's were super dry around then

  16. Unfortunately it will be in a similar position, if not worse in other cities. As people get older (but before retirement) there social circles typically decrease and become a lot harder to break into. At least in Canberra you have a tonne of people coming here each year that are new.

  17. Still tonnes of new grads and workers starting in the coming weeks.

  18. The term "win" is scary and sad. Like renters should feel special theybwere selected to live there. I know it's reality, but hearing it seems weird

  19. I actually live in Canberra so I speak from first hand experience.

  20. Mental health is a main reason many people can’t participate, being in poverty/lack of money is a main reason for bad mental health, I wonder if give the people more money will be one of their solutions?

  21. Well take money from some and give it to others is what you are suggesting

  22. Why the hell would people leave bikes unsecured in an apartment building?

  23. Why the hell do we accept this shit fucking behaviour. Work hard for something, have it stolen and yep its his fault for it being unsecured.

  24. Well after Japan sent our iron ore back to Darwin in the form of bombs in WWII, Australia should seize all of Rinehart's mining assets and nationalise them too.

  25. I know. I just felt like it was an injustice I let slide. I wanted people to know that this still goes on in this day and age.

  26. Of course it goes on - venues often discriminate who they do and don't let in by gender.

  27. Hahaha fuck off with that nonsense, WA has zero tolls and we can travel the entirety of the Perth greater area relatively quickly.

  28. Found as though the private sector culture, particularly a lack of work life balance can be much worse

  29. My husband mostly WFH in the public service. He works too many hours and goes to bed long after I do. Don't be like him. No one cares if you worked weekends to get something done, they were off enjoying their weekend. If you are doing your hours and the work isn't getting done then more staff are required. This isn't a lowly employee's problem. It isn't your job to work 1.5 or 2x harder, it is managements' job to provide appropriate staffing. My husband has always been like this, WFH just enables him. Years later nothing has changed, the project is still understaffed and overtime. Its systemic, don't let it get to you.

  30. Well there are times where you aren't proud to be Australian - but it is all on a spectrum

  31. It's pretty hard to effectively soundproof a room when you're living with people in the same home. Can't you ask them to keep their loud activities down? Failing that you could try a white noise machine.

  32. I don't think it's the noise of others OP is trying to keep out.

  33. Anecdotally, my family members who left Canberra said it's much easier to find work in Sydney and Melbourne

  34. No way to get ahead in the public service, can do that so much quicker in Canberra

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