1. Yeah, that weird whiff interaction is more common than you think.

  2. Still no mention of the future VR plans, so that continues to lock me out of the FX platform as I have no desire to double/triple dip on releases. Hopefully the hint of news for a future platform release in this video means PSVR2, but I'm thinking it'll be Steam instead.

  3. That's some tremendous work there. Does the technique require too much mastery of just-frame timing in a real match?

  4. Agree with everything except the swing through. You absolutely MUST give the offense a way to punish the defense in this manner. Otherwise the best way to defend any player is to put both your arms extended out in front of you to either side of the player, making it pretty much impossible to raise the ball up to shoot.

  5. Strong disagree. The swing through serves only one purpose: to create contact.

  6. So if the defender can put his arms on either side of you, and hold them stiff, it becomes impossible for the ball handler to rise up to shoot without making contact, drive by without making contact. It’s not “more difficult” lol. It’s impossible. Nba players are strong. You’re saying basically you want holding to be legal (because if the defender gets his arm to a certain spot first, he’s allowed to hold through any contact there)

  7. Huh? The question you first asked here is easy to answer: it's impossible to keep the ball handler from shooting, lol. You act like the defender is some kind of dome completely surrounding the offensive player (who can still spin on his pivot foot before shooting, dribble away if he hasn't picked up the ball, pass it, etc.). As I stated, it's harder for them to do so, but it is not impossible.

  8. At least on the PS5, use the predictive text system.

  9. Thanks. I dloaded the PS Remote Play App and keyboard input worked perfectly.

  10. His snake edge is so slow and kinda pathetic, ive seen alot of Bryan players just give up when the only snake edge they attempt in the entire match get blocked and punished.

  11. Lol, the only way 99% of the non-Bryan players out there will agree to this is if his new i15 snake edge didn't knock down, only did 10 damage, and the opponent is +3 after it hits them.

  12. Hopefully the game doesn't force us to unlock characters for multiplay. With that said, I'll knock out the single player mode first, then hit the lab testing out stuff with my favorite characters.

  13. Anybody can call a timeout on a dead ball. Only the team with possession can call a time out if it's a live ball.

  14. Nina landed just as the low's hurt box made contact.

  15. Which character do you use? If it's one that can parry or reverse her unblockable kick and you are eating it after tech rolling, wake up with that defensive move instead to stop it.

  16. It has nice properties, but I'm not sure it executes or recovers fast enough on block to be as spammable as you may think.

  17. 18 free throws? Steph 17 free throws total in the last four games.

  18. Three point shooting Curry vs. three feet attacking Reaves.

  19. You must not watch the game if you think Curry doesn’t attack the rim.

  20. Maybe he should watch Austin's game for tips.

  21. One interesting thing is that his throw game becomes a mix-up. Typically, you can break throws by looking at the leading arm(s) of the throw and pressing the corresponding buttons. From back-turned stance, however, all throws look the same, so your opponent has to guess.

  22. Your entire post is based on pre-Tekken 7 gameplay. None of it applies in this game.

  23. Nerlens? Not eligible for a playoff roster since he wasn't cut in time.

  24. Why not sign Nerlens Noel who just had a 10 day with the Nets? Bad blood with Klutch?

  25. He was on another roster after the early March deadline to be playoff eligible.

  26. The sales number is important because you are using Tekken Tag as a justification in your arguments about why Tekken 4 wasn't popular as Tekken 3.

  27. I'm using TTT1 as a point of comparison because it was well received by Tekken fans and T4 wasn't. Harada backs me up in the quote I linked. Why is this so hard for you to understand? If the developer themselves learned lessons from T4's problems DESPITE ITS SALES, why can't you?

  28. Cause it's not a great comparison. The devs of all people understand that a mainline Tekken game cannot have a huge roster like a Tekken Tag game. Sales is a huge measurement of success for devs, also. Particularly in Tekken 4's case as they'd want to figure out why on earth it sold so badly. And in 2002 they have very little avenue for fan feedback beyond the competitive scene. Why it didn't succeed in the casual audience which makes up the bulk of appeal and sales.

  29. So you choose to ignore me, ignore Harada, ignore the majority of fans that hated T4, and you think Phantom Menace was one of the most beloved sequels of all time. Got it.

  30. Yeah that is the way it is right now, but it would beneficial to new players to at least see them in practice mode

  31. It would be beneficial if the DLC or even the full game itself was free for everyone. That's not the real world.

  32. I mean people would still have to buy it to play the real game with so it'd be a win win

  33. To Bamco, people paying to access DLC characters for any reason at all is win win win.

  34. Nice strat contribution. In the future though, you might not want to post the text tips in white on a purely white stage with a font size of 2.

  35. TLDW: the second Xiaoyu couldn't block four consecutive lows. =/

  36. "Warner Bros. will also sell a new, higher-priced subscription for about $20 a month, offering better video quality and possibly other features"

  37. Eh, Smush Parker once put up 26/4/5 with three steals in a win for the Lakers back in the day and I didn't apologize for calling him terrible for most of the other games either.

  38. It’s very easy to keep both eyes open when using holographic/reflex sights. It’s harder but still doable with irons. It just takes practice.

  39. What's a holographic/reflex sight?

  40. Also commonly called a "red dot" sight but that's kind of a misnomer because they aren't all red, or even dots. It's a sight that projects a kind of hologram of a dot, crosshair, or circle onto a transparent screen such that when you're looking down it it appears to be hovering in space some distance away through a trick of perspective.

  41. Ah, I guess that's why I was amazing at aiming with the DS4 gyro in Resident Evil 7 VR (it had a dot) while I am terrible with VR aiming so far in RE8.

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