1. Simplify. For typical retail investors/savers, more than 5 mutual funds is very questionable. The generic basics might be:

  2. Casa Gold is very slick and easy to use, you can set it up yourself in less than an hour. They have plenty of educational material about best practices, about how to create backups, where to store them, how to write a letter to family so it can be recovered if you die. There are instructions on how to rebuild your wallet if you lose / break your phone.

  3. how do you calculate exp ratio on the vanilla bogle 3fund vti bnd vxus

  4. I have a long way to go still.

  5. I’m not sure if this is a troll or not but, you do know you aren’t getting whatever, a flare token is right? (Unless you held the asset for the Flare token in a custody account, that’s a gray area) If you he’d the asset in Earn (which is like a 95% chance), the judge ruled a couple of months ago that, “as spelled out in the ToS”, Celsius holds title (or owns the actual crypto) to any cryptocurrency held in the Earn Accounts. That means that any rewards, interest, airdrops etc. earned by those coins are Celsius’s property as well. You are just an unsecured creditor on some line of an excel spreadsheet.

  6. Either, troll, bot, or brain dead. . .

  7. Terrible idea. Don’t do it.

  8. I love this game. . . 😄👍

  9. This is a good beginner lesson. Go and fight for those runes. Figure out how to beat him. Re-think what you are doing and figure out how to win. And Come to terms with, and Accept that runes will be lost sometimes.

  10. True. For what it’s worth, I wised up and pulled out of Earn 11 months ago. Now 100% in self custody (no shit coins). After the GBTC trade died, all these yield companies started taking on a lot more risk to stay in business.

  11. Cricket. He’s had so many gangbangs with thousands of street dogs.

  12. He almost went suicidal a few months ago. Live streaming himself atop a 6 story parking deck talking about throwing himself off. He called 9-1-1 due to suicide and his mental stage, and they basically ignored him, and he backed down.

  13. It’s called ‘socializing losses’. If an exchange or a network gets hacked or incurs losses which can’t be tied to specific users, they could distribute the losses over all accounts, so everyone gets dinged.

  14. Oh how times have changed.

  15. swan Bitcoin for sure is the cheapest and free withdraws.

  16. Swan is a good company, but it’s not the cheapest.

  17. Always be sure to include your anal beads when doing a wist wach check.

  18. Trezor is simple to use, and it’s open source.

  19. With that subdial layout, I suspect it’s a quartz chrono. Possibly Swatch Irony chronograph. They’ve been making those since the 90’s.

  20. If I wanted a reason to end myself, first thing I’d do is buy a $9 watch box on Amazon and fill it up with shitters, then go on Reddit as an esteemed “watch collector” , to share my talentless hobby.

  21. It could simply be they are not interested in learning ... yet ... in part due to them being skeptical. Remember they have good reasons to be skeptical.

  22. Basically agree but here is my advice, don’t call Bitcoin a “project”. A project implies a start and finish, and it is also a part of crypto / shitcoin lingo and jargon. Bitcoin is not a project.

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