Kid and husky, the worst combo

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  1. It doesn't attract men. It attracts power hungry manipulators. Those are statistically more likely to be rich men, though there are batshit ladies who fit that bill such as Kat Kerr.

  2. If this injects any confidence into your interactions with them, think of it this way:

  3. The same people who think Americans are irrational and crazy about our football, probably.

  4. Hey man, it’s life. At least it’s not an apartment building and is a single-family-home so they can run around outside and be tired enough to be quiet at night. They are outside using their outside voice.

  5. "Being children" doesn't mean letting them to annoy the fuck out of everyone. Not the same thing. Since when was "outside voice" screaming at a pitch no opera singer could reach at max volume?

  6. Damm I'm so sorry to hear that your speed metal band could only practice at your house between 1-4am on school nights dude!

  7. If men can't walk around a school with their dongs out, then women shouldn't be able to walk around a school with their tits out.

  8. It's never obvious on the internet without something clear like an emoji or /s.

  9. Someone needs to sauce this. New York Post is not reliable so I need to see the original.

  10. Cultural relativism has always been, and will always be, bullshit.

  11. Nope, looks like Mikael didn't do vocals on that particular record,

  12. I can't keep up, these puns are scrambling my brain.

  13. I'll always go for the original Scholastics, top left. Too much nostalgia.

  14. My head canon for this is that, when Hagrid's name got cleared, they upgraded his crib.

  15. I will give the devil his due. The movies, when they were done properly, brought the magic to life in realistic ways that were, at times, truly special. I remember absolutely adoring the scene when Harry received his wand when I saw it for the first time in the film. The films also improves upon some things, particularly Snape's character (thank you, Alan Rickman).

  16. It's not even the clothing for me. Kinda made it feel more realistic to have teens in sweaters instead of the same thing all the time. I can forgive any one small detail.

  17. Your parents didn't told you not to talk to strangers on internet? Pop your bubble the world is a sick place

  18. People are good, on average. I'm usually a pessimist, but even I will claim that people generally just want to live and let live. Yes, individual persons can be grotesque piles of garbage (as we've seen), but that's not the norm.

  19. The one on the right is at least 50 million times worse. She is gorgeous exactly as she is.

  20. The only thing shittier than an easily offended person attending a comedy show is when the comedian actually sucks but believes wholeheartedly that they are in fact being entertaining.

  21. "Winning The War In Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life"

  22. The entire Cursed Child nonsense isn't canon and should be (probably is) rejected by everyone.

  23. As someone who is a regular Opeth subreddit participator:

  24. The moment someone starts spewing "white privilege" in an argument, it's safe to say they have lost the argument and might need security called on them.

  25. The “men needing women” sex market is much larger than the inverse.

  26. Women need sex, too. This difference is not based in biology, it's sociocultural. We shame women for wanting it while shaming men for not being "man enough" to get it.

  27. Ok she is hot but good fucking lord her shorts are cringe.

  28. I think that strict height preference, specifically from women, has somehow become a toxic thing. I don't know how or why, but in almost every case, it reveals a level of shallowness that itself functions as a turn off.

  29. Size absolutely matters, but having good physical health and fitness matters even more.

  30. People who let dogs run off leash are asking for trouble. That's not a threat, that's just a fact.

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