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  1. Wtf did her plastic surgeon do, put two basketballs under her chest? My god that looks awful.

  2. "Just hoping someone here would be horny enough to buy my Only Fans."

  3. Did you just edit "This is what a feminist looks like" onto a picture of Emma?

  4. Why would anyone need to do that? She is one of the cringiest feminists around. No need to add it to her, she wears feminist apparel all the time.

  5. Some implants would definitely help her look feminine!

  6. That's a big 24 carat level NO from me. Why mess up such perfection with plastic??

  7. Are you actually suggesting that disagreeing with communism makes me a Nazi?

  8. Thank you for that comment. I now know not to engage with a troll as pathetic as you. At least get some better material next time you decide to try again.

  9. First off, "mocking" is by its definition offensive. Do you mock your family. Do you feel the need to call out your family anytime they do something that could remotely be offensive?

  10. Damn I really want to understand people and not judge and everything but that the kind of thing that makes it hard af.

  11. There is absolutely nothing wrong with mocking and belittling people's beliefs because beliefs have no rights. Just don't do that to people. Judge people based on their actions.

  12. That's true, but Heard's lawyers are absolute clowns. Even if the roles were reversed and Heard was a victim, they're still garbage lawyers.

  13. Jordan Peterson is cringe. Modern society's celebration of obesity is harmful.

  14. Oh, so it's like those "the future is female" shirts. Cringe.

  15. 2, I have a soft spot for redheads, plus 2 has less makeup.

  16. I mean, the objectification of women is a global political issue, so… 🤷‍♂️

  17. Women: "Hey I am perfectly fine on my period! Stop insinuating that I am somehow a nutcase during this time. I'm just bleeding some, so what?"

  18. Some vaginas just look gross. However, all dicks look gross.

  19. Tell that to my wife and watch her unleash hell on you lol.

  20. Okay so, let me get this straight, there are two unknown people Here being straight up weird and rude a bit as we try to explain how circumcisions isn't good. Yet, they come here and explain a different thing that makes shit sense, calls most of us gay, even though we all have a preference in genitalia. And then just straight up be rude. Either you two calm down and try to be human and not annoying. Or you leave. Easy.

  21. How exactly was I being rude? I was attempting to make a point, while trying (and clearly failing) to be humorous while doing it.

  22. Or "People from my country can't be racist".

  23. Or even more basic, "You can't be racist against [insert group you dislike here]."

  24. Using "I can't be racist, I have a ________ friend" as a genuine argument.

  25. Since when did war-mongering pedophiles like Muhammad deserve our respect?

  26. Dude, You Are an insider You dont know it yet Welcome home

  27. Yeah in none of those examples do I see anything resembling "denying someone's existence." You're gonna have to go into more detail than just "the one I linked" if you want to prove your point.

  28. Do I really have to explain this to you? Are you five? The guy straight up said that anyone who’s trans is “living in fantasyland” to directly imply that being trans isn’t real. My guy it’s not that hard to understand he’s just a transphobic asshole

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