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  1. Can’t even tell what graphics card it is except for the fact that it’s a 2000 series or lower card.

  2. "Don't mind the graphics card", what's wrong with it? 😂

  3. I actually remember responding to the boy friends post I think, saying it would only take a day or two to repair

  4. A moment of Vroom for those who played with one of these 😞✊

  5. I love the way they edited this lol

  6. I mean where I live people usually donated the to Boy Scout troops and we would retire them if that where old and tattered

  7. Side/Bottom should be intake, rear/top should be exhaust. This current config of all being exhaust with top fans missing is baffling.

  8. I was about to say it was odd that they where all exhaust

  9. I mean the worst she could say is no

  10. I actually think I might 3d model this for practice

  11. Btw this comic is edited. The original had men catcall other men making them uncomfortable. Also catcalling isn’t going to reduce any suicide.

  12. Honestly that is not at all what I got from it. I just thought it meant it was nice to get a complement once in a while

  13. Put it in my collection of miss prints

  14. Punch a little kid in the eye after he had just learned to shake hands

  15. Maybe start by putting out the fire

  16. I thought he was having a heart attack

  17. Just line the fence with cinder blocks or large rocks

  18. So basically their trying to stop nature

  19. Can’t get over the camera being inverted from how it usually is

  20. Did you make sure to plug-in all the case cords correctly

  21. I didn’t and I found cpu was not plugged into psu. How do I mark as fixed or whatever

  22. Probably just put it in the description

  23. Blood Upon the Risers (Gory Gory What A Hell Of A Way To Die)

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