[Charania] 2020-21 NBA Defensive Player of the Year: Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert. This is Gobert's third DPOY.

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Historical anomaly - greatest in eternity.

  1. Inflation has peaked and we will likely see deflation going forward =stronger USD. So sitting on cash isn't too bad. In the meantime I'd consider buying undervalued assets if there's an opportunity. It's a good idea to explore opportunities overseas too perhaps in Europe or Japan.

  2. Dude brings 17 ppg on low usage, is pretty clutch too. I think he can improve ANY team because he is a damn good player.

  3. I was following the NBA in general without rooting for a particular team so had information about pretty much all the fan bases. Jazz fans stood out as the most intelligent, passionate and knowledgeable of them all. Same with the people of Utah actually. Funny, because Utah in general is often looked down upon across the USA while it seems to have less idiots than anywhere else. I'm not much into history or social sciences, hell I'm not even from the US but it's probably all about them being Mormons.

  4. Those are some damn good brakes.

  5. Otokar's Kent series are something else:

  6. that's beautiful. I suppose you would like Faroe Islands too.

  7. I know Gobert has been impactful, but can we at least wait to see what we get for him before we throw all hope to the wind?

  8. What difference will it make? Utah will still have no real star in the squad. I want a full rebuild.

  9. Isn’t it more about wanting to win in the playoffs not just make them. This team has proven it can’t win big so it’s time to do something to change that.

  10. I totally agree. I wonder if they are planning to move other pieces besides Gobert. If they don't Utah will lose some years on the treadmill.

  11. what a great play from both teams but damn VB´´ s libero was so good this match

  12. Yes, Aylin Acar was sensational this game.

  13. been there. one of the best volleyball games ever played it was.

  14. Cheapest asset in the world? + potential to be #1 company worldwide

  15. This is what you get when you spit on people's shoes

  16. Q's team starting to pick it up after a slow start to the season once more. They should peak right before the playoffs.

  17. If you have a car available definitely go see Tjørnuvík, Gjógv, Elduvík and Gasadalur (another honourable mention is Oyggjarvegur, the old road to Tórshavn in the mountains! My favourite spot is on that route at the top of a tiny one lane mountain road :)

  18. Solid suggestions! I'll stay four days actually so perhaps I can do more, e.g. take the helicopter ride from Torshavn to notsurewhere, Klasvik perhaps as it's bigger than others and the return is easier with bus.

  19. That’s very kind of you, I’m good though ;) I filled up the car with stuff before leaving Denmark and still have quite the stash :D you can get most stuff up here but the catch is just that it’s more expensive :) my friend took the trip to Klaksvík and said that it was great(the bus ride as well). Do it on a clear day and aim for the left side of the helicopter to get the island view :)

  20. Made the most of your helpful tips including a trip to that mountain road and clinching the best view in the helicopter, thanks again.

  21. About time someone innovates those century old tires

  22. I'm a Jazz fan overseas, one day I'll also do that and watch a game at Vivint Arena or whatever the name it'll be called then, won't care if it's John Lucas III or Bryce Cotton on the floor.

  23. I'm overseas so this game started at 5 AM. I hardly woke up right before the second half. Wow, 22 points, that's more like it!! I thought I could get back to sleep when the deficit is 30+ late in Q3 unaware of the bizarre things about to happen.

  24. Strangest elimination game ever. Is this real life?

  25. Never seen him play so well defensively. To be frank I wasn't aware he was able to defend so well either and I know him since his Fenerbahçe days.

  26. Utah won all four games vs LAC this season, this will be fifth.

  27. Now his teammates will start calling him "three time".

  28. Utah missed 21 straight FGs in the first half due to LAC playing strong P&R defense and Utah missing shots they normally make. They were rusty again in similar fashion to G1 vs MEM.

  29. How many blatantly incorrect calls this game, 20?

  30. best crowd in the NBA this season

  31. No one seems to be aware of the miracle Snyder's doing in Utah. His best player is a lanky French dude who can't score outside of dunks.

  32. Do you have a GPU? You could mine for a couple days.

  33. Yes. Not sure which pool or whatever to try, I need direct payments to ETH.

  34. Thanks. İts over a hundred USDT. Thought i needed a little ETH to move it because MYCELİUM says insufficient funds for transaction fee regardless of the amount I'm typing.

  35. Surprisingly such a fun and quality game so far.

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