1. In arx you can buy tea leaves at a certain place and if you brew it into tea you can use to lower your ap cost of abilities. If one of you is using it and the other isn't then they will win, it's dumb overpowered

  2. TIL that the tea you brew with Lady Kemm can reduce AP costs

  3. You can’t redistribute or assign skills when you respec. Each character will have to learn new skills with skill books. Think of it as the “cost” for respec-ing

  4. He went 1k/1k and still didn’t win OPOY

  5. I love how every time someone brings this up, there’s a large crowd of people who are learning it for the first time lol. There’s so much awesome shit in this game that everyone’s always learning new stuff regardless of how many hours they’ve put in

  6. As others have stated, you want to take advantage of your extra moves by CCing the next character in the order so they can’t move.

  7. ND vs State. I was in the stands to watch that glorious shit show.

  8. And then there was that game between Kentucky and Georgia that was not too different

  9. Is it even worth saving him? Only thing it does is Hannag gives you a source point but you have other options. Besides, doesn't Hannag take away your Pet Pal?

  10. She does, but if you don’t have Pet Pal on your main character, then it doesn’t matter. She won’t take it away from one of your party members.

  11. Glass Cannon + Scoundrel + Polymorph + Warefare.

  12. When was the last time Luka played in NBA Finals or lead his team to NBA Finals?

  13. Did Luka play alongside a 24 PPG co-star, a DPOY, and a double-double center?

  14. PG is 10 years older than Tatum and Tatum is still 2-3 years from prime. So this comparison is lame. Tatum has already achieved what PG has achieved in his entire career in the first 2-3 years of Tatum’s career.

  15. PG has had a higher TS% in 3 of the last 4 years, and has a higher assist rate than Tatum every season. I have no idea what makes you think Tatum is “far better scoring and playmaking wise.” Not to mention PG has made 4 All-Defensive teams and had a 3rd place MVP finish.

  16. People sleep on instant mashed potatoes. If you get Bob Evans brand microwave mashed potatoes, I’m telling you, they’re phenomenal. We don’t make homemade mashed anymore because of Bob Evans

  17. Thanks for reply but I’m asking about Outlaw and not Villian. I’ve had a number of play through a but this is my first as Ifan and I can’t understand why I have not gotten the hero tag yet.

  18. You can have both. I’m playing as Ifan currently and have Outlaw, Barbarian, AND Hero

  19. Elf Paladin, rolled a 20 on his death saving throw, and got back up in the fight.

  20. This is amazing. I bet it was so hype at the table

  21. Is this really a championship level team, or was it really a flash in a pan? Can we overcome the SB hangover?

  22. Shhhh don’t let my fantasy football friends know

  23. I think of him for LOTR first but I just want to point out (because no one else has yet) that he was also in Troy and not only was he great, he also survived!

  24. If they give you a warning, just keep attacking them and it will initiate a fight

  25. I already tried to go there but everything is full with Deathfog and I don't have an undead character. I tried to run through with living on the edge but it does not last long enough. I also can't replace the fog with steam. I'll try to find a way tomorrow, there has to be one

  26. Buy the Aero skill book Tornado. It can clear out the Deathfog. I’d also recommend going into the Arx prison and talking to some people down there beforehand as well. Just a hint

  27. Missed the game tonight but holy shit Toppin went 5/6 from 3? I’m so excited for this season

  28. I’m not sure what you’re asking here. The goal of the Lady Vengeance fight is to keep Malady alive and you’ll get XP for anyone/thing you kill during the fight.

  29. Actually, if you down them to 400hp, they retreated. Did it for Dallis(?) but not for her accolyte so I got the 5th turn timer end. Got 10K xp for the event but I don't think my two dead men got it.

  30. I believe lizard specific ambushes are tied to The Red Prince. If you mean the demon ambushes, those are tied to the Doctor. If you killed the Advocate in Act 2, then you will get ambushed in Act 4 by “citizens” who transform to demons when they spot you

  31. This. Just to add; for me those demons always appear on the playground in front of the school.

  32. The first time they appeared to me was near the docks by the scoundrel vendor. When it seems like you’ve got the advantage, they retreat. Then I saw them in front of the school and the same thing happened. The third time I encountered them was over by the Kemm’s garden (this time I attacked them though). And they were not able to retreat and I finally killed them all

  33. 48 hour dry brine with Maldon smoked sea salt on an amazing cut, brought to internal temp of 120 in oven, finished on my gas grill (this may be where I messed up. Should I have used cast iron?). Was shooting for med-rare which I hit, but the end product just didn't have the same depth of flavour I'm used to when cooking entirely on my grill or cast iron pan. Advice?

  34. If you’re looking for depth of flavor, I would recommend either finishing it in cast iron with butter, garlic, and herbs

  35. Here’s my honest advice to both of you:

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