1. I saw pepper spray in the pet section at Agway for protection against dogs. I wouldn't want to get sprayed with it.

  2. Wow I hate the offseason. Cool artisinal moustache on the guy though.

  3. I see a BMW, I assume they won't be using turn signals

  4. I can't get it out of my head. I think of it every time I hear a loud bike and laugh.

  5. Have you called Fidelis to ask them what your options are? That would help narrow things down, no?

  6. Absolutely, but you'll have to use the call sign of the licensee which gives them very good reason to supervise you

  7. Nice, how would they use my callsign because I know they can’t say they are me with my callsign.

  8. Stop thinking of your call sign as "you." Your call sign is a radio station. You are allowing another to operate your station. You, the licensed operator, must be present at the control point when your station is being operated whether it's by you or another person.

  9. I only use my FT-60 for recording SSTV passes, but here's what I do. [This] (

  10. Scratch that, it does not work. It ended up with me essentially kerchunking the repeater with no audio picked up by the HT. You're probably not surprised by those findings. I think you're [another FT-60 and Arrow Antenna without duplexer] (

  11. I meant to test this out last night to see if I could record but also get into a local repeater with the mic on the radio but it fell through the cracks.

  12. If you are eligible to yet didn't vote- I don't want to hear any complaining

  13. I built one out of a 6?u shallow gator, ran it for awhile, sold it. It ends up being big, heavy, and awkward. It works fine if your only goal is to go from the vehicle to a picnic bench/etc. Don't think you're going to be swapping gear enough to care one bit about tapped rack screw holes wearing out.

  14. I'm of a similar mind. Seems like you would have fewer trips from your car to the picnic bench with a go box, but beyond that my gear stays safe in apache cases from harbor freight and does take a bit more time to connect in the field but not much. Antenna still takes the most time to deploy and take down.

  15. Anybody know where he stands on the all time win list for American goalies? 3rd right? I'd like to see him get more Ws and move up the list.

  16. 'tis the season for rumors of very questionable veracity.

  17. Let's see, the charismatic GOAT of the game or someone who admitted to never watching the show prior to landing the gig? Who do I prefer? Nothing against her as a person, but I want Ken.

  18. I was just thinking it'd be cool if you got their name correct, that's all

  19. I used to have a J in an old call sign. "Japan" is a great alternative to use on the air when people don't get it the first time.

  20. I like this. I was thinking I could do a star wars planet theme too, maybe ;)

  21. AO-91 and SO-50 are easier to get into in my experience. I've gotten into the ISS with 5 W and you can too, but it's actually difficult. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise- there's stations out there using much more power through higher gain circularly polarized LEO pack antennas, and they get in from horizon to horizon. Operating portable with a handheld, that's incredibly difficult with only 5 W (unless you were the only station trying) and you'll have your best shot when the satellite is 45 degrees plus in your sky.

  22. Post truth? When were we in truth? People have always done things based on how they feel. Literally everybody everywhere is doing that and has always done that. Everybody is trying to be as objective as they can be. We all believe things because we feel we have reasons to. You probably feel like gay marriage is good. Christians mostly feel like it’s bad. Who is right and how do we objectively prove that feeling?

  23. I think it's possible to scientifically demonstrate the point at which a clump of cells develops sufficient neural capacity to feel pain. I do think it's possible to demonstrate that such a clump of cells (until a certain gestational age) is incapable of surviving on its own and developing into what we know as a human in absence of a willing female host. I don't think gay marriage is bad or good, I think it's no more of my business than anyone else's marriage.

  24. I’m glad you think that. That doesn’t give us objective grounds by which we can measure personhood.

  25. What do the objective grounds by which we measure personhood look like to you, "M

  26. Yeah candyass take - I've wanted TB - if the Avs win I want it to be taking out the current champs.

  27. I also have this problem and appreciate you asking. They have a field day template in HAMRS which was great to use otherwise.

  28. What kind of snap-on cores do you recommend? The wire is pretty thick (grey wire).

  29. What makes a radio capable? A big part of it is the antenna. There's several good reasons to put the antennas for the air band radio on the outside of the aircraft and not in the cabin. I'm assuming you're not going to drill a hole through the cabin of a commercial aircraft to run a wire for an additional antenna? We don't expect much performance on a handheld radio inside the cabin of a car, and I'd assume the cabin of a commercial aircraft would also have a shielding effect on radio transmissions and would impact the potential range. Does your cell phone work up there?

  30. You know the Federal ban is coming when the Republicans take Congress in November, right?

  31. Wouldn't such legislation require Biden's signature to enact? It could be coming in the future but I don't see it happening any sooner than January of 2025.

  32. I passed using a combination of Hamstudy.org, Dave Casler videos (used to be Youtube, I think they're now on ARRL website), and Electroboom videos on Youtube for the heavier electronics. [Great video on logic gates!] (

  33. I am a little confused. Why are you going further to use a utility ground? If the closer path can have an 8 foot rod hammered into the earth... add a few and bond them. Going 38 feet to get to a utility ground doesn't make sense to me. Am I misunderstanding?

  34. Have you forgotten the questions on the radio exams regarding the importance of bonding all ground rods together? You're doing it wrong.

  35. If you put out a bird cage with some food, it might fly in. A pet would recognize a cage as a food source.

  36. I mean, who doesn't have a spare bird cage sitting around?

  37. If you're digging deep into injustices against the Sabres in the playoffs, don't forget to show him the John Leclair side pocket goal.

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