1. I love how the vanity is something PDK. Letting everyone know he can’t drive stick lol

  2. He’s agreeing because the UFC would never allow a fighter to place a bet on himself like Pereira is suggesting

  3. Haters will say I’m an irrelevant loser that screams into the void on a YouTube channel no one subs to.

  4. qijl says:

    Jfc even thicccmas would be better, how is he so fucking bad at this 😂

  5. On the first day of Christmas, Joe Rogan gave to me….

  6. Gotta love that classic redacted vampire look.

  7. Lol you know Ariel chose that photo of Bapa while laughing his ass off

  8. He approved the hanging of 38 Native Americans after the Dakota War of 1862. Over 300 Native Americans were found guilty of murder and could have been hanged, Lincoln intervened and got that down to 38, saving 265 men. But still 38 was the largest government sanctioned hanging in US history.

  9. While this was bad, people need to start using the context of the time. I’m sure if we dig deep enough a large majority of historical figures did things that would be seen as horrible in todays society. The world was a completely different place 200-300 years ago. I understand the removal of confederate generals who did nothing for this country, but Abe Lincoln cmon.

  10. It’s my go-to for braid. A little scary with mono and fluoro, but absolutely rock solid with power pro

  11. I get that he's pointing out knees as one of the factor's but feel like he's forgetting how big a factor grappling and takedowns are when it comes to thought process esp in regards to fights like Dustin where both fighter's are good all rounders.

  12. Agreed but his advice to Dustin wouldn’t have changed with the threat of a takedown. He just said change it up and rip the body when the opponent is covering his head.

  13. Literally my biggest gripe about MMA striking is that 95% of fighters head hunt like they're thirsty for blood lust when if they'd just mix it up to the body, arms, or shoulders they'd find much more success upstairs. I loved watching Eddie snatch Garth's body in their fight and when stipe went to the body on DC chef's kiss

  14. At this stage it's hard to say which substance is giving him withdrawl symptoms, b. Water???

  15. Honestly I think it’s effect of Kratom. I have a friend who takes in ridiculous doses like Bapa and he looks liks Michael J Fox when he has a utensil in his hand.

  16. Conversely, I feel it would be fitting to wait until Pete Rose dies to put him in.

  17. He hung from the 3rd floor window, reducing the falling height by 7ft; he did an insanely effective kick away from the wall to avoid a metal fence and concrete paving; he landed on soft grass… but, it’s a total mystery to me why his hips, knees and ankles didn’t explode on impact!

  18. I think he’ll be in some pain later when the adrenaline wears off. Also I think he just did a great job of absorbing impact. Took some with the legs and the rest with his butt on the grass. Impressive as shit.

  19. That last pic with the duck face my god. You have a wife and child. Have some respect for yourself, and 16 year old girls.

  20. The “Champions Who Lost Belts Without Defending Them” confused me at first. I thought it might include people like Rockhold who lost it on their first title defense. Would be curious to see that list.

  21. Joe “Bit Killer” Rogan. He needs to jack his stool up higher so all these jokes don’t keep flying over his head.

  22. I love that restaurant. The food is good the owner is great and the service is wonderful. Lots of fun Seinfeld memories inside and photos of everyone who has been over the years.

  23. Is the inside the same? I always thought the inside was a set.

  24. I don’t understand why they put the mic’s on performances like this. We all know they’re not actually singing.

  25. Think of the children!! Don’t shatter their image of Paula Abdul!!! 😂

  26. That was really sweet. She probably doesn't follow the band which is not required to do the job, I love the way he responded as well.

  27. Lol that’s hilarious. It’d be one thing if Lewis was solo. He’s in full gear with 6 camera men with proper credentials filming him.

  28. They both did good…big boy just needs a bit more training in his defense(keeping his hands up) and his stance , then he will be a serious problem because he has hella power and good fighting instinct….as for the smaller boy, despite getting knocked a good couple fo times he was eating those pretty good and kept getting up, and his fighting ability isn’t too shabby too…overall pretty good fight

  29. Lol you can do this but don’t take your helmet off

  30. Really soon to see this type of interview already. I’m sure he’s watched in it private but this takes some character. Props to Izzy

  31. Why do so many people tune RX-7s ? I love them but is it just the look or handling, trans, etc?

  32. A fucking men. I came into the comments thinking maybe her daughter was dead or something, which would still be a bad article. But nope, just some famous bimbo wishing her daughter a happy birthday as she should. Is everyone taking crazy pills???

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