1. There are already chilling effects from these witch hunts.

  2. By the way, most those Chinese Americans researchers sued by DOJ involved in basic research, not IP based technology at all. DOJ should spend time to go after patent violators, not basic researchers. It is another example of technology ineptitude of US government. They couldn't tell the basic difference between those two and decide to use one side fit all strategy.

  3. I think you made correct choice. No way I will change from permanent job to contract job unless there is huge salary increase. In particular, with possibility of slowdown of US economy, contract job will be first to be cut.

  4. Don't think too much of it. It is life guard job. It won't affect your future Medical career in any way.

  5. Stay and also looks for other opportunities at the same time. Once you find a better one, then leave. If you cannot, you still got your old job.

  6. Go check to program at your current company to see if they waive the course fees if you pass the Serie 6 exam. You need to find out the exact condition your company will waive the course fees and work toward it.

  7. I guess if I pass they won’t charge me? But I doubt I’d pass. This exam is notoriously difficult.

  8. Have a little bit confident and faith. Serie 6 is fairly straight forward one. It is testing basic financial knowledge. I am sure with a little practice, you should able to do fine.

  9. Since you work in consultancy, basically that's contractor work. That's first cut for company/government when there is a recession since consultancy/contractor work are considered contingency works.

  10. Once you hand in the resignation letter, just leave the company. That's my view. Since they already know you want to leave, they will try to lay you off in the first sign of slowdown or make your life harder in the future since you force them to increase salary to keep you.

  11. I hate to say this. You have too high expectation of company recruiters. Most recruiters got hundred and thousands of resumes everyday for each good position. They don't have time to respond everyone's email. Most of time, their job is to sort the resume and pass along to the hiring manager. That's it. corporate recruiters don't hire people. It is hiring managers who pick the person.

  12. In general, AP/AR job starts around mid 30s while Accountant 1 starts around mid 40s as you described. Since it is a small company, maybe the company combined both roles in one and pay you as accountant 1.

  13. I'm near completion of my accounting degree, only a year or so left.

  14. I think you should be fine. Think this way, they just pay you a little earlier as if you already got accounting degree.

  15. I'm guessing they aren't mandating the vaccinations because their vaccine is as useless as tits on a bull.

  16. What you write is not correct according to latest study. Inactivated vaccine, specially three shots, do prevent severe disease/death. Also 88% of Chinese general population already got two shots so there is no general vaccine hesitancy in general population, only in elder population. Older population has vaccine hesitancy is not because they don't think vaccine work well enough but worry about side effect. mRNA has even worse side effect than inactivated vaccine and it is newer technology. I bet not many old people in China even want mRNA vaccine due to those two factors above.

  17. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2022/05/06/china-coronavirus-elderly-unvaccinated-lockdown/

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