1. Its smoke from Canada wildfires

  2. What's weird is I had this thought and looked at my phone amd saw a headline saying this, crazy its this far south

  3. I have the same with the frox and it pisses me off

  4. I just dismantled mine after I finished the quest. It was infuriating

  5. I usually mute gifs like this that have unnecessary audio but this may have been the quickest mute I've ever had


  7. I rebuilt that shit and fucking never went back. I should go take advantage

  8. I usually just say T O T K but I've caught myself saying tot Kay and I like that

  9. You know I've seen the memes and it's happened to me maybe twice and now I kinda need them and of course I haven't seen any in so long

  10. Let's be real, at least half of these are not kills

  11. It’s better and faster if you build the hoverbike and shoot a giant brightbloom seed onto it. This is cool, though. Hadn’t thought of this.

  12. Having a seed on your vehicle makes so much sense. I like this when I'm just walking so I don't walk off a cliff lol

  13. Did they make water work as a weakness for electric enemies? I keep forgetting to test that. Was so annoying in BOTW how you could one-shot fire/ice enemies with the opposite element, but nothing for countering electric ones.

  14. I always thought ice beat electric in BOTW, maybe I was wrong

  15. Don't recall that working, only against fire. Will screw around and test it for the hell of it though.

  16. It's totally possible I was just headshotting the Wizzrobes and thought it was the ice that was doing all the work lol

  17. It was very meta you could tell. I quite enjoyed that camp little storyline, It was weird.

  18. I did not pick up on that at all lol. Totally makes sense when you think about it

  19. Why can’t we all just let a 24 year old live their life without criticizing and assuming things that he deliberately asked for us to respect? Not much of a hard concept to grasp.

  20. "Interesting take considering that's his job" well if you didn't like doing your job anymore, you would also want to not do it???

  21. Ah man, I miss you guys. I love this whole team/fan base so much. It's really just such an important part of my life. Love you all. Go Bills

  22. This, I can read a room really fast and approach people as needed.

  23. Me too. Most of the time, I can just feel it before anyone says or does anything. It's almost like a scent. When you walk in, it's just there.

  24. It was one of those moments where I just half gave up and thought, what if I just do this?

  25. How are you keeping the balloon at that altitude?

  26. Hey I was calling the guy in the shirt a pervert

  27. I think pornhub tried to do this a while ago: they filmed a video on a beach filled with garbage to raise awareness to environmental problems

  28. I think I'll need to see this. To make sure you're not lying of course.

  29. As a moderate US citizen, no he shouldn’t run for a second office. I think he needs to just enjoy the rest of his life. He’s slurring his words here, and I believe he has cognitive decline as a good portion at his age would. But I don’t think he’s totally delusional like that bitch Marjorie Taylor Greene.

  30. I appreciate this. Yes Biden old. Yes Biden not again. Yes Biden better than them. Yes MTG bad. Yes MTG part of the biggest problem in American politics. It's very simple

  31. The lack of brain cells in this thread is unfathomable 😅 MTG is bad yeah, but I think the old child sniffer with dementia is worse. What a contradicting statement he made, it's almost comical.

  32. MTG is a wanna be reality TV star. I honestly don't understand how you can compare the two. Joe is not great by any means, but MTG and her little kabal of dissenters are far worse for this country than an old president that slurs a bit.

  33. Cool seeing this guy make something that isn't a giant chocolate dildo for once

  34. Is his last name pronounced breaker, so we can call him Neck Breaker?

  35. That would be dope but I feel like it's probably Broker

  36. This would be cool to see, I feel McDermott loves having his guy at thr mike (Luke, Edmunds) maybe it's just Milano now?

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