1. Z i get, but seriously the FL5 just came out theres no way they would have gotten it for the game already

  2. They teased that the Z was coming along with the Siàn and the Urban Rebel. Weird that it isn't in the update.

  3. Varis kit is exactly how i'd imagine mine to end up like. So. Varis. Especially that hood, its the best part for sure

  4. Lmao nah thats NFS World 2 that comes out in 2069

  5. Yep. Literally not even an 86. I’ve seen this crap all over the mclaren forums as well. Scam link.

  6. Yup all over the RX7 subreddit too. It's annoying

  7. True. Target is the same. The job application involves recording yourself answering questions and uploading it. Like hey ... Why have a real face to face interview when someone can just stare at your talking head for five minutes with zero human interaction while you try and sound normal on a video and decide if your worthy. Ugh. 🤦🤷

  8. Bro fr when I interviewed for target i was like wtf is this shit not even a "zoom" call?

  9. Own the City's ending always catches me off guard

  10. Go to crutchfield.com and enter the vehicle information. They will tell you what fits, have recommendations, tell you what tools you need, and if you buy from them they will give you all the instructions on how to remove and replace things on that car.

  11. Follow up. Do you have basic automotive tools like a socket set with at least metric sockets? And screwdrivers? And can you solder connections? If so, you'll be in good shape. If not, feel free to ask questions!

  12. Sweet!!! I’m just kinda getting back into my old mini car building (1/24 scale slot cars). Always good times, props to you! 👍🏼

  13. Sorry for the late response but thanks man! Can't wait to get another rx7 started loll

  14. I still think MW2012 has the best soundtrack tbh and this imo feels like the worst

  15. I’ve got an RZ I can tell you some parts are hard to get in NA. That being said as the RHD cars become more popular it’s getting easier to get them

  16. I personally do prefer to get a RHD example. One because i have seen they are relatively less expensive and easier to find in better condition without costing a house.

  17. I’ve had mine for like 12 years, I got them before rx7 prices where lower. I do agree you can often find a lower mile better condition rhd car if you are willing to deal with the rhd stuff.

  18. Also that's really cool, 12 years! How has the experience been so far

  19. I hate to sound like that guy (and im not asking for a UG2 or MW05) but fuck i am not a fan of this soundtrack. I think i liked one song?

  20. See that sticker on the wing? Means it wont.

  21. Nahhh, Sponsorship doesn't mean exclusivity. The Hoonicorn has been in CSR2 and that car was covered in Forza sponsors. Pretty sure CSR just put their logo where Forza's was, so the same could be done for the Hoonitron.

  22. Lap ko pretty much circuit and speedtrap sprint race 💀

  23. NFS MW Literally has 3 types of events 💀

  24. Absolutely loved it back then. Still love it now

  25. Turn the music all the way down, open spotify, load eurobeat playlist and profit!

  26. It doesn't hit the same because it doesn't blend in

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