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  1. So hire their colleagues to take pictures of them after work. See how well that goes.

  2. Wasn't there a paparazzi TV show for a while?

  3. I only saw it a few times, a really long time ago. TMZ sounds right, though.

  4. Was misinformed. They do have a few real bones.

  5. They have a fuckton of bones….all kinds of salmon do. Source: I lived with my dad for a summer in Ak when I was a kid, caught and butchered all kinds- Pink, red, dogfish, king, silver that I know of.

  6. The source I found said about 20 bones, mostly small.

  7. Life sentences!!! Tougher sentences for public servants, I agree

  8. If this is determined to be first degree murder the death penalty is on the table.

  9. And always has been. Whenever governments were first started, they abused some citizens for whatever reason.

  10. Not this time. He had handcuffs on for most of the beating.

  11. I’m sure this was staged. Notice how you can’t see the lid to see if the seal has been broken, and the angle of the grasshopper is perfectly oriented from someone pushing it down in there.

  12. There was no external seal. The only seal on pickle jars is the one inside the lid. It seals with the top of the jar. That's why there's a pop when you first open them.

  13. And that’s the seal I was referring to.

  14. You could tell from a decent picture if the lid was popped. A second picture of the top would tell the story.

  15. And then hovering around him while he's flailing around on the ground in obvious medical need. Even the EMTs were standing around lollygagging. That was incredibly difficult to watch.

  16. The EMTs might have been afraid to approach. They just watched a guy get beaten to death. That's pretty scary.

  17. The police are a gang already. Why don’t you understand that already?

  18. The government is the most violent gang there is.

  19. Non_american here, if her husband tries for divorce does he still has to pay something to her ?

  20. Probably not. If there are children, he has a good shot at sole custody.

  21. So what happens if they eat something else?

  22. Their gut bacteria need the leaves to digest. Maybe you could mix something with it, but they probably couldn't switch to something else completely.

  23. Or that they feed their babies what is essentially diarrhea, a goop of half digested leafs that they poop out

  24. They're not the only animals that do that.

  25. Op would be dead by now if it was.

  26. He's responding to some comments.

  27. If you don't know, you don't know. Don't speculate.

  28. That might be an average. I Googled it, and the estimates went from $100 to $2000.

  29. Who brags about their crimes on Facebook?

  30. There are several stories about people bragging, flashing stolen money and guns, and stuff like that over the last several years. They frequently get reported by Facebook friends. They are usually teens or in their early twenties.

  31. must be nice to be a manager and only spend 5 minutes at the end of the day to check that QR codes have been hit.

  32. Duct cleaning is kind of a scam 99% of the time. It's up there with brake fluid and transmission flushes.

  33. The people who bought my previous home had them done, and a missing iPhone was found. The phone belonged to the inspector, who was checking the house before the sale.

  34. The stuff on the ceiling fan is the same thing. Wipe it off to maintain balance.

  35. I knew people who called it sleep in the Navy years ago.

  36. I had a close relative who was type 1 bipolar. I hope you can keep on top of it and stay stable.

  37. I murdered my twin brother and twenty years later he tried to murder me as cancer in my chest. True story

  38. Absorbed him before you were born?

  39. Without trusting you a lot, she wouldn't. Your bunny trusts you a lot.

  40. So what you’re saying is, I should stop calling her Ragu when she’s bad? 😂

  41. He played death in a show a long time ago. Rocked it.

  42. You ever found yourself naked in an alley cornered by a band of mysterious shadowy drifter types looking to pummel you & make off with your belongings, even though you clearly have none, because you are naked, but luckily they don't have weapons and are just motioning with their fists in their palms like in old-timey films, insinuating a beating is about to take place, and it in fact wouldn't, if only you had anything to run them off with, such as a lead pipe, switchblade, or even perhaps a large weighty golden chain, studded with sharp diamonds?

  43. I'll trade 30 seconds for a good chuckle.

  44. Think of it as spending on the fun you have playing.

  45. The kind of bug doesn't really matter. An ongoing infestation of any kind needs to be removed. Call your landlord.

  46. Take your time picking a new gun. Try them for fit in your hand, weight, concealibility, etc. Then rent the best feeling ones if possible. Make sure they shoot well and are easy to use.

  47. Maybe unlikely given who it was handed down from. And the set of 4 identical utensils.

  48. Old or a school project somebody made. Even if it's silver, it could be a student project.

  49. Maybe a Tool for beekepers to remove the wax from the honeycomb

  50. They break chunks off by hand and put them in a bucket.

  51. One time this dude I talked to for one night sent me a dick pic completely unwanted, he asked for my number the same night and he started the conversation with a dick pic. my ex roommate took his number, set the picture of a middle aged man as profile picture (on WhatsApp) and texted him telling him (s)he was a truck driver from a city nearby and (s)he found his number written on the door of a toilet at a gas station. This guy freaked out and blocked her after trying to understand better the situation. We laughed so hard and I think she’s still blocked on his phone (it happened 5 years ago).

  52. Putting his phone number on men's bathroom walls sounds like a good plan.

  53. I'm definitely doing this to all random phone calls I get

  54. Sometimes, people get the wrong number. Only do it to people who are really obnoxious and disruptive. Don't waste time with robo calls. Anybody who calls their numbers gets put on the call list.

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