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  1. I uhhh, did this. Mind you I wasn't waiting for her to divorce I was just her friend. We vibed well and honestly the knowledge of knowing she was married meant I felt confident to be more myself because I never thought it was going to happen.

  2. Indeed, Spike talked, as well as the housekeeper that you never saw her face "Thomas!!"

  3. I watched two episodes this season after not watching any for about 20 years. Don't waste your time. It's still absolutely terrible.

  4. Tragic story but they could clean it, not shifting responsibility but my bungalows constantly getting mould in most the rooms and you have to be vigilant, a bit of bleach and a damp cloth kills it for a few days atleast. I can't really understand them fully blaming landlord though, that's bad levels of mould that even just wiping it with a tissue would remove most of it yet they couldn't do that? And if the properties getting mould like that it'll be back within a few weeks.

  5. yeah poor landlords have enough on their plate, right?

  6. I'm not sure it does have totla season cumulative like you say on the bootstrap-static? I think it just shows it for their last match played.

  7. They only just implemented it, so my guess is that the data will be cumulative from GW16 and onwards. Otherwise there would be no reason to include xG per 90.

  8. Are you doing another one for this week/going forward? Anywehre I can find them weekly?

  9. yeah let’s be honest they would both be in the squad if they were playing at exactly the same level in england. abraham probably as well.

  10. Abraham has been woeful this year, so I suspect you don't know what you're talking about?

  11. I'm here in the UK prasying it comes online in half an hour aka midnight... but not confident!

  12. PES never had a hay day just because you bought a copy when you were a kid lol.

  13. Turok was a good concept executed poorly. The games did not age well and the sequels were not well received.

  14. Well yeah because it's not a foul. If the kick doesn't impede the player it's not a foul. This is a dive.

  15. Nowhere near true. Just your opinion, but that's not what the laws of the game say.

  16. There's a guy on one of the game subs I follow and every. Single. Time. transmog and how much it sucks in that game is brought up he appears.

  17. "fake gamers" lmao, what do people even mean when they call someone that.

  18. Incredible thumbnail. Saved me a click.

  19. The video is just 20 minutes of that thumbnail in silence

  20. Has to be the least impressive signature move out there

  21. there's this cool thing called a sarcasm tag ( /s ) that exists since tone is lost in text. or you could just make better jokes.

  22. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I've seen the same thing. It's not like a blinking or constant red and green, it's like a twinkle. A bright white light with flecks of color that appear at random on different parts of it. It's hard to explain. I have a few pictures and videos I've taken of this if you'd like to see what I mean.

  23. Oh man, I try my best and I get beaten by a team that has Tielemans and Benrahma as perma-stays

  24. If you want to see how your own team would be doing if you'd done nothing since GW1, use this:

  25. If you want to see how your own team would be doing if you'd done nothing since GW1, use this:

  26. Daniel Ings is my week's punt - absolutely stupid but who knows eh, he could have got a couple against Chelsea.

  27. In Casino Royale he orders one stirred, and it poisons him, which I took to be the origin of why he always asks for it shaken from then on.

  28. I may be reading into it too much, but I don’t think the Rick in this episode was real. Crazy amount of gadgets/body modifications, odd dialogue and speech cadence, taking bullets straight to the head, fake/robot eyes, whistling r2d2 noises etc.

  29. I;m with you on this one, his voice seemed very off, and they did go OTT with the inspector gadget stuff.

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